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B.J. Rains has covered Boise State athletics for the Idaho Press since 2013 and is a three-time winner of the NSMA Idaho Sportswriter of the Year Award. He appears on KTIK 93.1 FM The Ticket every Friday at 4 p.m. for the Blue Turf Sports report.

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BJ Rains

Well only two corners see the field at one time, while three, four and even five wide receivers could be on the field for a given play. That's a big difference. Also, he was likely behind others on the depth chart at corner and not likely to see the field anytime soon.

BJ Rains

Boise State announced him as part of the signing class.

BJ Rains

That's a good question, Casey. I'll look into it. I don't think they can know that until they see how many guys they sign. Thanks.

BJ Rains

We were both at the same press conference today and had the same access to coach Petersen and players. The news of the day was obviously Southwick. I'd hope we would have the same stories, or one of us wasn't doing our job. Not sure what you are trying to infer.

BJ Rains

BJ Rains commented on Freshman Baltazar leaves BSU

Casey, I was alerted of Baltazar's departure Monday evening and did all I could to look into the situation. We printed what we could get confirmed by our deadline. I can assure you that the reason for his departure is being investigated, but sometimes you can't get all the answers in three h…

BJ Rains

Casey thanks for the comment. Sounds like a big number of assistants will be leaving to join Petersen at Washington. Julius Brown would be the most likely to come back with Harsin in my opinion.

BJ Rains

BJ Rains commented on FINAL: BYU 37, Boise State 20

This was our quick scoring update that we posted last night during the game. Our complete game story from last night with quotes, etc., that ran in the paper can be found here: http://www.idahopress.com/sports/boise/bsf-football/provo-problems-turnovers-contribute-to-broncos-loss-to-byu/arti…

BJ Rains

We talked with coach Petersen today about the changes made to the offense and I'll be writing about that for Thursday's paper. I'm also scheduled to talk with coach Prince on Tuesday. The offense has been simplified and that was certainly evident on Saturday. They did it to make it easier fo…

BJ Rains

BJ Rains commented on Next in line for the NFL

Thanks for reading guys. I believe it was referring to defensive backs. The story was in reference to the number of defensive backs taken the recent years, not overall players.

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