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Treefort is coming in a little over 60 days and, if that’s not enough to get excited about, the festival just announced the complete music schedule and more music, tickets and venues.

“We added a Wednesday Main Stage for added outdoor space due to COVID,” said Festival Director Eric Gilbert “and there were some new places that opened up around town and some businesses that have been here for years and are coming on board. They’ve all been excited about it and we’re excited about having more outdoor space.”

This year Treefort will expand to over 40 venues and have 11 Forts. People can view the entire music lineup and hear bands at and folks can also download the Treefort App to plan their own festival schedule.

New venue additions are KIN, Mad Swede Brewing Hall, Lost Grove Brewing and Boise Presbyterian Church. And a bonus for teens and young adults is that this year over half of the venues are open to those underage.

In addition to opening up a Wednesday Main Stage there are also a limited number of single day and single venue passes. Gilbert said the nonprofit wanted to make sure the festival was accessible to everyone, even if they can’t make time for, or afford days-long passes.

The early-birds and locals-only tickets are sold out. Still available tickets are: A five-day discovery for $250, available until Sept. 1; a five-day bedhead for $290, available Sept. 1 until festival; a five-day zipline for $420; a five-day U21 for $150; single day tickets, Wednesday-Sunday for $100; and main stage, Wednesday-Sunday for $50.

“We’re really excited and live music has been coming back to Boise and it’s been great seeing the community again, not just seeing them over the internet” said Gilbert.

“At Treefort there’s such a great sense of community and there’s been a palpable feeling of excitement coming from the bands. It’s been a lot of fun to watch Boise come back to life and Treefort is ready to be a part of that.”

Treefort 9 begins in 69 days and if that isn’t exciting enough, people can now peruse the entire music schedule, check out where the new venues are and get tickets.

This year, Treefort has 11 Forts, and over 430 artists slated to perform. The schedule is on the Treefort website where people can listen to playlists and decide which bands they have to see and folks can also download the Treefort App to plan their festival time. A full event schedule will be released next month.

Treefort takes place at over 45 different venues in downtown and an exciting bonus for those who are under age is that over half of them are open to all-ages. The new venues are KIN, Lost Grove Brewing, Mad Swede Brew Hall, Western Proper and Boise Presbyterian Church. The main stage will be up at the usual location and performances will begin Wednesday, Sep. 22 at 4:30 p.m.

The festival has also opted to open up a limited quantity of single-day and single-venue tickets. The early bird and local only tickets are sold out. Available tickets are: a five-day discovery for $250, available until September 1, a five-day Bedhead for $290, available September 1 until festival; a five-day ZIPLINE for $420; a five-day U21 for $150; single day tickets, Wed-Sun, for $100 and main stage, Wed-Sun, for $50. People can purchase tickets at the Treefort website,

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