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Skyview running back Atonio Fifita (34) carries the ball against Meridian during the game on Oct. 1

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Note: The Idaho Press does not choose the All-conference teams. They are chosen by the league’s coaches.


CO-COACHES OF THE YEAR: John Hartz, Eagle; Chris Culig, Rocky Mountain

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Atonio Fifita, sr., RB/LB, Skyview

CO-OFFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR: Ian Duarte, sr., WR, Eagle; Hunter Steaker, sr., WR, Rocky Mountain

CO-DEFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR: Gage Jones, sr., DB, Eagle; Mason Jacobsen, sr., LB, Rocky Mountain



QB: Jack Benson, sr., Eagle; RB: Kross Antonnacchi, sr., Meridian; RB: Deegan Martinho, sr., Eagle; RB: Taylor Marcum, sr., Timberline; FB: Dallas Currin, sr., Skyview; WR: Quentin Riley, sr., Meridian; WR: Mayson Lawyer, sr., Boise; WR: Camden Young, sr., Skyview; WR: Luke Luchini, sr., Rocky Mountain; WR: Garrett Lavin, sr., Timberline; OL: Jackson Fullmer, jr., Rocky Mountain; OL: Preston Slack, jr., Rocky Mountain; OL: Ty Henson sr., Eagle; OL: Charlie Mickelson, sr., Skyview; OL: Carson Messerschmitt, sr., Timberline; OL: Bridjer Bivens, jr., Meridian; K: Ethan Cutler, sr., Eagle


DL: Jameson Kocian, sr., Timberline; DL: Parker Weatherly, jr., Rocky Mountain; DL: Charles Judy, sr.. Skyview; DL: Corbin Meisner, jr., Meridian; DL: Corbin Meisner, jr., Carter Davis; LB: Nathan Reynolds, jr., Meridian; LB: Caden Kelley, sr., Rocky Mountain; LB: Max Gwilliam, jr., Meridian; LB: Tyler Ball, sr., Eagle; LB: A.J. Edwards, sr., Rocky Mountain; DB: DJ Juarez, sr., Rocky Mountain; DB: Judah Argon, sr., Meridian; DB: Brock White, sr., Eagle; DB: Colten Smith, sr., Boise; DB: Ashton Gardner, sr., Meridian; DB: Liam Reeves, sr., Timberline; P: Donovan Jones, sr., Eagle



QB: Malakai Martinez, sr., Meridian; RB: Art Williams, jr., Rocky Mountain; RB: Brandon Reese, sr., Eagle; RB: Lucas Leavitt, sr., Rocky Mountain; FB: Luck Hanchett, jr., Rocky Mountain; TE: Jackson Mason, sr., Rocky Mountain; WR: TerRyck Pennington, sr., Skyview; WR: Davis Thacker, sr., Meridian; WR: Anthony Bridges, sr., Timberline; WR: Ford Songer, sr., Boise; OL: Kall Renner, jr., Eagle; OL: Lucas Gaul, sr., Rocky Mountain; OL: Jameason Taylor, sr., Eagle; OL: Zachary Penner, jr., Rocky Mountain; OL: Adam Davenport, jr., Skyview; OL: Jon Wattles, jr., Timberline; K: Tino Galvan, sr., Skyview


DL: Kade Steadman, jr., Rocky Mountain; DL: Carson Pinkerman, sr., Meridian; DL: Dallas Currin, sr., Skyview; DL: Kall Renner, jr., Eagle; DL: Carsen Nilson, jr., Boise; DL: Bowen Hickman, sr., Timberline; LB: Kellen Hudson, sr., Timberline; LB: Jared Fuller, jr., Boise; LB: Gage Tanner, jr., Rocky Mountain; LB: Colton Fleshman, sr., Skyview; LB: Jeddiah Rathbun, sr., Eagle; DB: Troy Wilkey, jr. Rocky Mountain; DB: TerRyck Pennington, sr., Skyview; DB: Luke Britt, jr., Boise; DB: Micah Clyde, jr., Rocky Mountain; DB: Wesley Littleton, sr., Skyview; P: Tino Galvan, sr., Skyview


QB: Teagan Sweaney, jr., Rocky Mountain; QB: Wade Zenner, sr., Skyview; QB: Max Cutforth, jr., Skyview; QB: Braden Anderson, sr., Boise; RB: Alex Hess, so., Boise; RB: Jared Fuller, jr., Boise; WR: CJ Jacobsen, jr., Rocky Mountain; WR: Caleb Allen, jr., Boise; OL: Regan Magill, sr., Skyview; OL: Brock Peterson, sr., Boise; OL: Issac Allen, jr. Rocky Mountain; OL: Adair Moreno, sr., Boise; OL: Jacob Peck, jr., Skyview; K: Dawson Anderson, jr., Rocky Mountain


DL: Landyn Young, sr., Rocky Mountain; LB: Nio Fifita, sr., Skyview; LB: Ben Schulte, jr., Timberline; LB: Eli Mikita, so., Eagle; LB: Carson Gooley, so., Meridian; LB: Parker Fish, sr., Boise; LB: Tristan Martinez, sr., Meridian; LB: Preston Sansoucie, jr., Timberline; DB: Cael Tippits, sr., Boise; DB: Johnny Iordanescu, sr., Skyview

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