Homedale vs S. Fremont FOOTBALL

Homedale running back Hayden Kincheloe (23) evades a tackle on a run against South Fremont on Nov. 14.

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Note: The Idaho Press does not choose the All-conference teams. They are chosen by the league’s coaches.

3A Snake River Valley Conference

CO-OFFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR: Hayden Kincheloe, RB, Homedale; Brett Spencer, QB, Weiser

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Weston Jeffries, DL, Fruitland

COACH OF THE YEAR: Matt Holtry, Homedale



QB: Jaxon Dines, Homedale; RB: Jack Burke, Weiser; RB: Willy Shirts, Weiser; RB: Jacob Walker, Fruitland; WR: Zander Allen, Payette; WR: DJ Green, McCall-Donnelly; WR: Mason Strong, Homedale; WR: Kooper vonBrethorst, Weiser; TE: Thomas Symms, Homedale; OL: Todd Beatty II, Homedale; OL: John Breshears, Homedale; OL: Greg Gissel, Fruitland; OL: Weston Jeffries, Fruitland; OL: Rylee Willet, Weiser; K: Mahonri Rushton, McCall-Donnelly; RET: Mason Strong, Homedale


DL: Greg Gissel, Fruitland; DL: Beau Shields, Weiser; DL: Cooper Stokes, McCall-Donnelly; DL: Thomas Symms, Homedale; LB: John Breshears, Homedale; LB: Mahonri Rushton, McCall-Donnelly; LB: Jacob Walker, Fruitland; LB: Willie White. Homedale; DB: DJ Green-McCall-Donnelly; DB: Eli Heck-Homedale; DB: Isaiah Krohn-Parma; DB: Milo Mertz-Homedale; DB: Brett Spencer-Weiser; P: Mahonri Rushton, McCall-Donnelly; P: Thomas Symms-Homedale



QB: Abe Rodriguez, Payette; RB: Beau Carr, McCall-Donnelly; RB: Cooper Stokes, McCall-Donnelly; RB: Willie White, Homedale; WR: Josh Brown, Homedale; WR: Eli Heck, Homedale; WR: Milo Mertz, Homedale; TE: Bryce Crimin, Weiser; OL: Willy Haun, Homedale; OL: Cole Musgrove, McCall-Donnelly; OL: Tate Oberg, Parma; OL: Tyler Pope. Weiser; OL: Blake Walker, Homedale; K: Martin Ceballos, Payette; RET: Nick Swank, Weiser


DL: Todd Beatty II, Homedale; DL: Willy Haun, Homedale; DL: Chris Mott, Payette; DL: Tyler Pope. Weiser; DL: Dayton Turrentine, Weiser; DL: Willy Shirts, Weiser; LB: Keegan Christensen, Homedale; LB: Gideon Lowen, McCall-Donnelly; LB: Eric Torres, Weiser; LB: Rylee Willet. Weiser; DB: Josh Brown, Homedale; DB: Fernando Camacho, Parma; DB: Brayden Christoffersen, Homedale; DB: Kooper vonBrethorst, Weiser



QB: Luke Barinaga, Fruitland; RB: Hunter Forbes, Fruitland; RB: Dawson Fox, Homedale; RB: Tony Gonzalez, Parma; RB: Aden Simmons, Fruitland; RB: Dylan Stelling, Fruitland; WR: Rylan Binford, Homedale; WR: Colt Murdock, Parma; WR: Tanar Ward, Fruitland; WR: Ty Waynetska, Payette; TE: Keagan Christensen, Homedale; OL: Andrew Alvarez, McCall-Donnelly; OL: Parker Barnes, Fruitland; OL: Joe Carl, Payette; OL: Elijah Carter, Weiser; OL: Mark Church, Fruitland; OL: Brenden Deaseleer, Payette; OL: Malachi Hoobery, Weiser; OL: Kyler Kunde, McCall-Donnelly; OL: Easton Lighten, Fruitland; OL: Jesse Lockett, Weiser; OL: Obed Palacios, Homedale; OL: Marcus Robins, Parma; OL: Sean Wilhite, Parma; K: Uriel Neri, Homedale; K: Willy Shirts, Weiser


DL: Marcus Jones, Fruitland; DL: Tate Oberg, Parma; DL: Obed Palacios, Homedale; DL: Omar Rios, Homedale; DL: Marcus Robins, Parma; DL: Sean Wilhite, Parma; DL: Skyler Young, McCall-Donnelly; LB: Beau Carr, McCall-Donnelly; LB: Hunter Forbes, Fruitland; LB: Lane Roberts, Fruitland; DB: Ashton Boyd, Fruitland; DB: Alex Gonzales, Fruitland; DB: Carter Johnson, McCall-Donnelly; DB: David Juarez, Fruitland; DB: Tanar Ward, Fruitland; DB: Dylan Stelling, Fruitland

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