Homedale vs. Timberlake

Homedale quarterback Daniel Uranga (7) gets set to fire a pass during a 3A state semifinal game against Timberlake on Nov. 16.

Note: The Idaho Press does not choose the All-conference teams. They are chosen by the league's coaches.


OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Daniel Uranga, sr., QB, Homedale

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Spencer Fisher, sr., LB, Homedale

SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Nelson Lomelli, sr., Homedale

COACH OF THE YEAR: Matt Holtry, Homedale



QB: Brett Spencer, so., Weiser; RB: Karsen Freelove, sr., Homedale; RB: Zack Ziegler, sr., Fruitland; RB: Layten Tolman, sr., Weiser; WR: Jake Collett, sr., Homedale; WR: Isaiah Krohn, jr., Parma; WR: Caleb Harris , sr., Weiser; TE: Spencer Fisher, sr., Homedale; OL: Gage Northrup, sr., Homedale; OL: Brady Trout, sr., Homedale; OL: Danny Camacho, sr., Parma; OL: Weston Jeffries, jr., Fruitland; OL: Angel Magana, sr., Weiser; K: Angel Magana, sr., Weiser


DL: Thomas Symms, jr., Homedale; DL: Trent Shanley, sr., Homedale; DL: Camacho Danny, sr., Parma; DL: Weston Jeffries, jr., Fruitland; LB: Jake Collett, sr., Homedale; LB: John Breshears, jr., Homedale; LB: Zack Ziegler, sr., Fruitland; LB: Matt Morris , sr., Weiser; DB: Ricardo Hernandez, sr., Homedale; DB: Isaiah Krohn, jr., Parma; DB: Marcus Barinaga, jr., Fruitland; DB: Brett Spencer, so., Weiser; P: Angel Magana, sr., Weiser



RB: Hayden Kincheloe, so., Homedale; RB: Tony Gonzalez, jr., Parma; RB: Marcus Barinaga, sr., Fruitland; RB: Jack Burke, so., Weiser; WR: Nelson Lomelli, sr., Homedale; WR: Dominique Quijano, sr., Homedale; WR: Kooper Von Brethorst, jr., Weiser; TE: Tim Reed, sr., Weiser; OL: Keagan Christensen, jr., Homedale; OL: John Breshears, jr., Homedale; OL: Sean Wilhite, so., Parma; OL: Ryen Duke, sr., Parma; OL: Rylee Willet, so., Weiser; OL: Nate McDaniel , sr., Weiser; K: Nelson Lomelli, sr., Homedale


DL: Gage Northrup, sr., Homedale; DL: Greg Gissel, jr., Fruitland; DL: Willy Shirts, so., Weiser; DL: Rylee Willet, so., Weiser; DL: Dayton Turrentine, jr., Weiser; LB: Jacob Walker, jr., Fruitland; LB: Layten Tolman , sr., Weiser; LB: Tim Reed, sr., Weiser; DB: Milo Mertz, jr., Homedale; DB: Nelson Lomelli, sr., Homedale; DB: Kooper Von Brethorst, jr., Weiser; P: Danny Camacho, sr., Parma



QB: Joe Henngler, sr., Fruitland; RB: Dawsen Fox, jr., Homedale; RB: Trent Shanley, sr., Homedale; RB: James Takatori, jr., Parma; RB: Dylan Stelling, jr., Fruitland; RB: Deano Rodriguez, sr., Payette; WR: Matt Pierce, jr., Parma; WR: Blake Garcia, sr., Payette; WR: Josh Heinggler , sr., Fruitland; TE: Arnulfo Llamas, sr., Homedale; TE: Thomas Symms, jr., Homedale; TE: Gabe Ramos, fr,, Payette; OL: Blake Walker, jr., Homedale; OL: Tate Oberg, so., Parma; OL: Marcus Robins, jr., Parma; OL: Mark Church, so., Fruitland; OL: Aden Simmons, so., Fruitland; OL: Sid McHenry, sr., Fruitland; OL: Joe Carl, so., Payette; K: Austin Smith, sr., Fruitland


DL: Hayden Kincheloe, so., Homedale; DL: Sean Wilhite, so., Parma; DL: Marcus Robins, jr., Parma; LB: Ryen Duke, sr., Parma; LB: Sid McHenry, sr., Fruitland; LB: Ulysses Valdez, sr., Payette; DB: Caleb Smith, sr., Homedale; DB: Garrett Elordi, sr., Homedale; DB: Tyler Myers, jr., Parma; DB: Dylan Stelling, sr., Fruitland; DB: Josh Henngler, sr., Fruitland; DB: Tyus Husky, sr., Payette; DB: Sy York, sr., Weiser; P: Braxton Quintero, sr., Fruitland

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