Vallivue Video Board

A video board was installed at the Vallivue High School gym for fan experiences at the games. The board debut was Friday night.

It’s hard to miss.

The sports video board that sits right above the scoreboard in the Vallivue High School gymnasium that is. The board is eight feet high by 11 feet wide and is the first of its kind in the Treasure Valley.

It’s grand debut came during Friday’s game against Nampa.

“I’m just so proud and excited that we were able to pull off such an accomplishment,” Vallivue boys basketball coach Ryan Lundgren said. “It’s not just about the basketball players, but the students here at Vallivue. It’s something that everyone is going to experience and use from assemblies to volleyball matches. It’s going to provide anyone who comes to our gym to watch games, a memorable experience.”

The idea was one Lundgren had when he first took over the program in 2015. But serious talks didn’t take place until August with the knowledge that the school would be hosting both district and state tournaments that year. Still, the board appeared like it was going to be put off for yet another year.

The go-head, though, was finally given in the fall.

So Lundgren spent the next several months putting together a variety of fundraising events like father-daughter dances and youth basketball camps. He also went around the valley selling banners and advertisements before a sponsorship from Clock Tower Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Caldwell, gave him the final funding he needed.

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According to Lundgren, the cost of board cost between $20,000 and $30,000.

The video board was installed last Thursday with set up almost lasting 16 hours. Lundgren said he didn’t leave the gym that day until about 2 a.m..

The board is 150 diagonal inches and nine commercial grade video wall televisions in one. Vallivue showed it off for the first time Friday with live video displays of its sophomore, junior varsity and varsity games. The Falcons also used it for their varsity player introductions that night.

But Lundgren said that’s only just the beginning of what they plan to do.

Commercials with advertisers, crowd pumping videos and instant replays are all planned for the future.

“It looks incredible,” Lundgren said. “So a huge shoutout to our video program, Derek Self, his students and the community for making it all happen.”

Brandon Walton covers Ada County and College of Idaho sports for the Idaho Press.

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