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NAMPA BOWL: Scores for Jan. 31:

FRIDAY 4’S: Dee Allen 215=565, Cole Roland 225, John Chatterton 232-226=646, John Safford 605, Jeff Erdmann 246-227=697, Randy Quigley 265=648, Chelsea Aevermann 206=524, Jonnathan Real 235=609, Kathy Green 501, David Parnell 246-242=695, Brad Gallup 237, Ron Crumb 237=606, Mhason Stimpson 256-227=700, Derek Hollingsworth 231=606, Arielle Chatterton 535.

PEEWEES: Abby Johanson 75, Kayleigh Johanson 47.

PINBUSTERS: Jayden Finch 110, Bella Bly 73, Sadie Lawson 100, Annabella Staats 79.

STRIKERS: Parker Hoffman 220, Griffin Dunn 197, Gabby DeVinney 154=373, Tyson Goodwin 199-211=569, Shawaii Roberson 110, Maria Barbosa 213, Kye Stephens 132, Matthew Doramus 200-183-181=564.

VACATION: Alex Moore 235-265=690, Cheree Bartram 213=528.

MERRY MAKERS: Diana Murray 192=512, Darell Murray=562, Chuck Cooley=507, Anita Joiner 180, Rick Scott=507, Robin Hughes=512, Kevin Benjamin 235=530, Dave Allen=528, Dennis Davis 206-202=578.

MONDAY SUPER PEEWEES/PEEWEES: Makelti McCoy74, Beckham Chatterton 60, Riley Hyde 95, William McMaster 104.

SUPERSTRIKERS: Caleb McMaster 121, Brandon Peck 144, Destiny Watson 144=322, Adara McCoy 156-131-123=410, Benjamin Hermann 188-169, Josh Hermann 172, Katrina Colby 115, Gavin Colby 146, Riley Schoenecker 128, Skylie Schoenecker 141=340, Zachary Elstun 124=346, Kaidon Henry 156.

MIX IT UP MONDAYS: Steve Meek 247=640, Deb Wylie=508, Jeremy Abel 237-234-269=740, Candy Bennett 211.

PATHFINDERS: LeeAnn Jensen 210=542, Daleann Smith 218=568, AJ Smith 205=523.

NATIONAL: Glen Hasenyager=623, Rick Shippy 247=637, Chris Shippy 240-236=693, Darell Murray 246=613, Mhason Stimpson 238-268-248=754, Bruce Wegman 236=610, Jeremy Raybourn 269-232-232=733, David Dietz 237=641, Aaron Colson=604, Ryan Colson 236=656, Jonnathan Real 269=669, Steve Meek 276-233=714, Jeremy Adams 256-257=697, Jeff Korsen 227-231=633, Phillip Shippy 258-231=711, Bill Beckes 226=659, Larry Groesbeck 254=636.

GOLDEN SENIORS: Jan Rippey 205=523, Darell Murray=513, Gary Marshall 204=523, Jerry Wood 238=521, John Smolders 207=519, Dwayne Bair=509, Daniel Daschofsky=500, Margie Little 206=502, Debra Martinez 188, Les Mabbott 202=558, John Simmons 215=552, Chuck Cooley 213-201=604, Wat Chamberlain=502, Diana Murray 175, Ken Brown=502, Kevin Benjamin 211-209=589, Kathy Green 188-183, Sandi Olsen 237-215-245=697, Doug Lloyd 204.

EARLYBIRDS: Matt Judd 240, Vincent Bellino 248=613, Tamarra Schultz 212=510, Lamar Cafferty 216-267=664, Michelle Klemish=550.

SEICHI’S STARS: Pat Sandusky 224=540, Cheryl Tellers 177, Vicky Davison 177.

HIGH SCHOOL TOURNAMENTS: Nampa Bowl High School Club did well at both regional and district Tournaments. Regional had 39 teams and over 200 youth bowlers. Districts had 19 teams and over 100 youth bowlers. At Regional on January 26, Nampa Bowl’s girls team took second place in the girls division. In singles, Griffin Dunn finished eighth in boys division and Maria Barbosa finished eighth in girls division. At districts on Feb. 2, Nampa Bowl’s girls team took first, and two of Nampa Bowl’s boys teams finished in a five-way tie for second, with tie breakers, they finished four and sixth, respectively. In singles, Alexxis Antunez finished in fifth and Joey Wiederich finished in eighth. All five teams qualified for Idaho State team finals, and 20 of the youth bowlers qualified for Idaho State singles finals in Burley on February 18 and 19. Nampa Bowl High School Club included 28 youth from 10 different high school districts.

CALDWELL BOWL: Scores for the week of Jan. 27-Feb 2:

Sunday Nite Mixed: Keith Fuqua 257-611; Kris Garcia 278-667; Delbert Sturm 255-653; Kevin Owens 246-629; Colt Loon 256-657; James Burger 256-255-704; Shawn Reed 258-612; Nick Scherer 232-267-719; Heather Owens 203; Jason Serratos 240; Chris Maddocks 646.

Monday Seniors: Jim Bonilla 530; Greg Hardy 200-578; Wayne Oyama 209; Lynda Wilsey 210-516; Larry Wentland 224-213-203-640; Ray Wilsey 500; Merv Michael 502; Arlen Hebner 204-225-624; Bud Becker 518; AC Winslow 213-204-574.

Mon. Mixed Rewards: John Corral 620; McKayla Bobiner 549.

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Monday Scratch: Nick Scherer 226-262-684; Colt Loon 232-644; Tim Schuler 225-618; Scott Campbell 254-636; Doug Adamson 226-639; Tanner Loon 231-628; Corbin Flechsig 620; Dean Hayashida 234-243-665; Delbert Sturm 247-655; Jason Serratos 225-234-682; Kris Garcia 247-638; Brian Hammer 622; Kathi Adamson 512.

Tues. Early Bird: Michelle Caddy 226-501; Donna Bull 527; Phyllis Jewett 505; JoAnn Behr 528; Gretchen McGee 502; Cindy Tollman 522; Kaylyn Tollman 232-581; Margie Little 204-503.

Tues. Nite Trio: Erik Porter 248-225-667; Jeff Williams 233; Cliff Grose 604; John Safford 604; Kevin Kalmbach 231-279-716; Dee Tollman 612; Nathan Tollman 268-245-736.

After Lunch Bunch: Arlen Hebner 542; Sam Nava 503; Bud Becker 212-576; Steve Clymer 500; James Haymond 202-503; Jay Brown 207-584; Ray Horrace 211-516; Dale Eis 210-527; Rusty Larson 528; Georgia McMillin 551; Rich Day 512; Cindy Tollman 510; Virgle McAbee 228-577; Dee Tollman 236-236-633.

Men’s City: Corbin Flechsig 256-247-236-739; Brian Rapp 257-636; Jeremy Abel 236-639; Brian Hammer 245-225-620; Colt Loon 234-237-255-721; Kevin Erskine 279-256-758; Delbert Sturm 264-650; Kris Garcia 255-248-677; Russ White 227-255-682; Cameron Reeve 231; Scott Campbell 645; Jacob Tollman 2241-644; Kris Decker 611.

Wed. Night Ladies: Debbie Holoway 575; Kimberly Erskine 522; Susie Winder 550; Shari Greenwalt 204-202-575.

Ladies Thurs. Night: JoAnn Behr 535; Debbie Sturm 243-576; Michelle Welch 206-522; Kathy Abel 513; Vicki Larsen 228-567; Tanya Shafer 202-517.

Nevada Travelers: Mike Priore 227-234-639; Shawn Reed 225-627; Tim Schuler 225; Brandy Schuler 204-560; Andy Allison 236; Corbin Flechsig 267-695; Josh Smith 236-607.

Caldwell Bowl Junior Bowlers

Wed. Youth: Stone Stills 137-172-413; Aiden Bleak 95; Alyssa Hebner 156-347; Megun Murkle 134-379; Korey Wilcox 133-126-131-390.

Sat. Pinblasters: Michael Mikelson 120; Josh Greer 139-145; Hali Moe 173-166; Zack Garcia 186-527; Craig Founts 135; Kiara Dorsey 131; AJ Moe 128; James White 111; Dana Sturm 187-179-512; Amelia O’Krakel 164; Krista Farrar 161-175; Daniel Sturm 501.

Sat. Trailblazers: Stacey Ricks 98-104-77; Kyle Ricks 119-101-85-305; Matthew Edgett 107-108; Karli Post 98; Mya Beregeson 83; Seanathan Whittaker 87.

Special Note: There’s still time to sign up for the Robert J. Black Youth Open Tournament on Feb. 9th and 10th. This is a scholarship tournament open to all sanctioned youth bowlers. All participants who bowl both days are guaranteed a scholarship. The price is $40 per bowler for both days. Contact Harold Whismore at Caldwell Bowl 208-459-4300 for more information.

VAN PATTEN NAMED STUDENT-ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: University of Nevada senior Mitchell Van Patten has been named the Wolf Pack Student-Athlete of the Week for his performance at the Patriot Rifle Conference Championships. Van Patten, from Nampa, Idaho helped the Pack earn its best finish at the PRC Championships taking third place in a field that featured six top 20 teams.

Van Patten won the air rifle event and took third in smallbore. Van Patten shot 594 and was fifth heading into the finals of air rifle but shot to the top of the leader board in the finals to win by a slim margin of 247.9-247.8 over TCU’s Casey Lutz.

In Saturday’s smallbore Van Patten earned his second trophy of the weekend placing third with a score of 584.

OFFICIALS NEEDED: The Third District Softball Officials Association are looking for new officials to join an outstanding group of men and women dedicated to the excellence of high school Softball.

The Third District will train and certify thru a series of meetings and on-field clinics. Assignments will be flexible with existing commitments, and is family friendly. Most games start at 5:30, allowing those who work till 5pm, the opportunity to work games this spring. In addition, high school seniors are eligible to officiate IHSAA softball contests again this season. We are also encouraging local college students to register and come out this spring. This is a great way for students to earn extra money, and learn a lifelong vocation.

If you are ready to “take the field”, please take the first step by contacting Randy C. Lyons, District III Softball Director, at 697-9814, email: rlyons@homedaleschools.org or Ted Pettet, District III Softball Commissioner, 830-8250, email tpettet@payettecountyrec.org The state Rules Meeting and Clinic will be held on Monday, February 11th, 7pm, at Middleton High school College Lecture Hall, across from the main gym.

VALLIVUE YOUTH SPRING BASEBALL: Online Registration for the Vallivue Youth Baseball Spring Season is currently underway – visit our website at vallivueyouthbaseball.com to sign up your son or daughter (Ages 4-15) for the upcoming season. Registration ends March 8.

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