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Inside Edge on Mindset of a Leader

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes new resolutions. If you’re like most leaders, you’re already setting goals and making plans to help your organization reach new heights in 2022. But it all begins with mindset.

How is mindset key in unlocking success with your new goals?

  • Mindset shapes behavior, and behavior drives results; it’s up to you, as a leader, to define a learning mindset that begins this process

What does a learning mindset look like?

  • Challenges are not avoided; they’re embraced
  • Obstacles are not dreaded; they’re overcome
  • Criticism is not ignored; it’s a tool to improve
  • The success of others is not threatening; it’s inspiring

This learning mindset allows you to harness the power needed to create real change in your organization and achieve the goals you’ve set.

How does mindset give you the power to change?

  • By normalizing the acceptance of failure and focusing on learning and growing from it, you create a new paradigm that can lift your team to success
  • By harnessing effort, your team can learn to persist in the face of difficulties, developing talent and enhancing performance

Lead your organization to success by creating a culture founded on a learning mindset. You’ll be surprised what a difference a small shift in mindset can make in achieving the goals you have set.

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