Monty Pearce


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Occupation & relevant work experience

Rancher- raises purebred Angus cattle and Quarter horses. I have served 12 years in Idaho Senate.

Question: 1

What is your education background?

B.S. degree in animal science with a business minor from BYU.

Question: 2

Have you ever filed bankruptcy for yourself or for your business? If yes, please tell us when and the circumstances.


Question: 3

Have you been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony charges? (Traffic citations not included) If yes, what were the convictions and the circumstances?


Question: 4

Have you served in the military? If so, when, for how long and for what branch?


Question: 5

Have you been a candidate in any other elections? If so, what and when?

Ran for the Idaho House in 2000.

Question: 6

Are you involved in any community causes or organizations? If so, what are they and why?

Question: 7

Please name the organizations or groups that have endorsed you so far in this election. Also please list any conflict of interest situations that you would face if elected.

Idaho Chooses Life, NRA, Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, received Ag All Star from Food Producers, recognized by Idaho Water Users and Farm Bureau for 100% voting record with both of them. In a citizen legislature there are many areas for conflict of interest but I do not have any areas where I would receive special benefits.

Question: 8

What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

Question: 9

What kind of legislation would you support that would help increase wages in Idaho?

Taking back our Federal lands. Natural resource jobs are very high paying jobs. There are presently six companies trying to come to Idaho to mine that would pay the average worker over $100,000 a year, but with Federal government regulations it will take seven to ten years to get them here. Also, timber jobs were good paying jobs and we could begin to rebuild the timber industry if we had control of our forests.

Question: 10

Which components of the Governor's Task Force on Education recommendations do you most support, and which do you most oppose? Do you support Gov.Butch Otter's plan to implement them in a 5-year plan, or should it be done in a more timely manner?

Question: 11

Would you support a tax on purchased made online as a means of leveling the playing field for Idaho's brick-and-mortar businesses?

Question: 12

Should Idaho continue implementing Common Core standards, or should the state reject them? Please explain why or why not.

Question: 13

What's your take on public defense reform in Canyon County and throughout Idaho?

Question: 14

Do you support sending the mentally ill and chemically dependent to treatment centers instead of jail/prison?


Question: 15

What to you think can be done to limit methamphetamine trafficking through Canyon County and the Treasure Valley?

Question: 16

Did you support Gov. Butch Otter's position on establishing an Idaho health insurance exchange? Why or why not?

No. Idaho should not have assisted in the implementation of Obama Care.

Question: 17

Would you support a bill to allow communities the opportunity to vote on projects via a local option tax?


Question: 18

A transportation task force in 2010 estimated in will take about a quarter of a billion dollars annually to fund needed road improvements in Idaho. How much more money do you believe the state should add to its transportation budget, and how should the state go about raising it?

We probably need to use some general funds and look at additional ways to raise revenue from transportation users.

Question: 19

What should Idaho do about Medicaid expansion?

We should not expand Medicaid but we need to revamp our system of assisting people with lower income.

Question: 20

Do you believe Idahoans' Second Amendment rights are threatened? If so, how?

We always need to be prepared to protect our second amendment rights as there are groups like Mayor Bloomberg and the UN that are seeking to remove our 2nd Amendment rights.

Question: 21

What is your stance on the 'Add the 4 Words' protests and the lack of a hearing for that group?

I dont believe in giving any group special rights. They did receive a hearing in State Affairs a couple of years ago and were not happy with the outcome. I think it would be good to give them another hearing in the near future.

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