Claycomb coyote hunt

To lure in this coyote, we used an electronic call, a Montana Decoy Jack rabbit and a waggler type of decoy (see it off to the left).

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Many of you have stored away your rifles for the winter and are spiraling down into a dark depression now that hunting season is over. OK, maybe I’m being a little bit of a drama queen. But if you’re near the edge, back away because we’re right in the middle of one of the funniest, high-speed shooting seasons of the year and you don’t want to miss it — varmint hunting!

If you’ve never varmint hunted, you’re missing out on a great hunt. The favorite target is coyotes because they’re the most plentiful but bobcats, foxes and raccoons are also fair game. Let’s go over what it takes to be involved.

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