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The Idaho Press asked readers to respond to two questions about about transportation in the Treasure Valley:

What is your biggest transportation hurdle in the Treasure Valley?

What action would you like to see officials take?

Here are the responses received by the deadline:

Truck requirements

Biggest transportation hurdle: Interstate 84

Action to take: Whoever powers that may be to pass a law to require truck traffic to use the right-hand lanes when travelling on three- and four-lane freeway, such as from Nampa through Boise. Washington state requires it.

Ivan Harris, 87, Nampa

Working together

Biggest transportation hurdle: Getting out of my Star development onto State Street or Star Road because traffic increased with population growth, and the resulting spike in home building proliferated the number of humongous construction trucks that further jam traffic. Because West Ada County has become one huge construction zone, there are no longer any short cuts to get to I-84, Meridian, or Boise. Eagle Road is a war zone and NOT safe any hour or day of the week. I no longer attend some events because of the unsafe traffic backups and have replaced my Boise shopping with Amazon Prime as have other citizens — a negative economic impact that should concern officials.

Action to take: Ada County Highway District and Idaho Transportation Department working together better. Building a bypass (perhaps Floating Feather Road with an extension) around Star so the town center can stay intact. Getting commuters off I-84 and parallel roads by running a commuter train service between Caldwell and Boise along the existing railroad tracks, with public bus service from the Old Boise Railroad Station to strategic points. Getting outside professional help to plan smarter. Dedicate escalated funding to make the road system adequate and safe.

Lynn Davis, Star


Biggest transportation hurdle: Passing on the right at highway intersections where the two-lane road is widened to two through-lanes each way. Examples: Karcher Road (Hwy 55) at Midway, Lake, and Indiana. Dangerous passing and confrontational merging cause anxiety and unnecessary risk.

Action to take: Stripe the road and add signage saying “no passing” and “right turn only," and enforce it!

James Runsvold, Caldwell

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