I'm living in the wrong time to be female. We have Roe (for now), but Roe only means I can legally terminate a pregnancy if my state's restrictions aren't too draconian, and if I can find a clinic with a provider available. If I lived in Missouri, I might be seeing the close of the state's last clinic, because the state won't renew the clinic's license. In Alabama, Missouri, Ohio, and Louisiana, anti-choicers have banned abortion, challenging Roe. Exceptions for rape or incest? Nope. Wrong damn time to be female.

In our 21st century, a female is just a walking womb—a parasitic mass of cells has more value than the fully-formed thinking individual. I can't understand why other people think they should make my medical decisions. Now we have the Denial of Care Rule, and anyone, from the janitor to the doctor, can deny treatment to anyone for any reason. That's really about weaponizing religion, to discriminate under the guise of religious freedom. That's not American; that's theocentric.

Abortion is a church-state issue: your religious views are trashing the wall. What gives you and your religion the right to control my life? You believe the wocka-wocka of a vestigial heart confers personhood. I believe it's nothing in comparison to the beating of my fully formed and functioning heart.

Mary Payne, Boise

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