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Having come across an article issued by the Idaho Republican Party directly attacking the grass roots organizations United Vision for Idaho, United Action for Idaho, and the campaign, Rise Up Idaho, and being a proud member of these organizations, I felt compelled to respond, to set the record straight. These are far from what one could call left wing radical organizations as have been depicted.

I am widow, mother, grandmother, senior citizen, previously owned a small Idaho agricultural business for 27 years, I am not a democrat nor am I left-wing radical. I am simply an ordinary person like many other Idaho citizens concerned about the division in our country, tired of elected officials who don’t represent all Idahoans, feeling like my voice is not being heard.

Let me be clear, these so-called radical organizations are grassroots and nonpartisan organizations created by and funded by us. They spent eighteen months traveling across Idaho meeting with people across the state and asking what mattered, talking and really listening to citizens to find what issues were most relevant to them. Through these conversations with ordinary people, a record of their concerns makes up this Idaho people’s platform of issues. The mission is simple to allow all voices to be heard and to hold elected officials accountable to the people, help elect candidates of both parties who share these same values.

Please tell me where in this dialogue did local control, public lands, health care, social security, basic human rights for all people, regardless of color, gender, sexual preference, disability, sensible gun laws, school safety, pay equity, fair immigration laws become radical ideas?

I am left to believe that if you cannot win on issues, you must resort to smear campaigns and scare tactics. Stop labeling people and start talking and listening.

Karen Evans, Boise

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