On the sixth day of June, representatives of many nations gathered to commemorate the D-Day landings on coastal France to respect the memories of those who gave their lives in that undertaking.

All Americans should be embarrassed. As a service veteran I am affronted. As one both of whose brothers were killed in that war, I am sickened that my country was represented at that commemoration by a man who chose never to wear a uniform, a draft-dodger.

Our “president” stated there that he was not a fan the war he avoided in Vietnam. He needs only walk a few blocks from his office to find etched on long black walls the names of thousands of Americans who also may not have been fans of that war — but a war in which they gave their lives in the name of their country. At that occasion respecting America’s heroes, the United States was represented by a coward.

It is not that they could and he could not; it is that they did and he did not!

S. Kent Carnie, Lt.Col. (Ret), USA, Boise

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