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This week, we asked readers for their take on the impeachment hearings, specifically:

Are you following the impeachment hearings closely? Why or why not?

If you were around for past impeachment hearings, how does this one compare?

What outcome do you hope for, and what outcome do you expect?

Here are all of the responses we received by the deadline:

‘Fear of retribution’

I have watched almost the entire impeachment hearings from the very beginning. Regardless of how one feels about the charges, this is an extremely serious, even historic, event, and deserves our full attention.

I lived in Washington, D.C, at the time of the Nixon impeachment and followed the Clinton impeachment. The partisanship in this hearing far outstrips that of the previous two. I am angered, ashamed, and embarrassed by the blatant lack of attention paid by many Republicans — including those who fall asleep, do crossword puzzles, read books, and otherwise demonstrate that they have no interest in actually hearing the case.

I would hope for all Senators to honor their oath to be impartial, despite strong indications to the contrary. Sadly, I expect the Republicans to vote for acquittal out of fear of retribution, without regard for the facts or any interest in witnesses.

Rick Simon, 74, Boise

‘Democracy depends on it’

I have been following the impeachment hearings, starting with the initial investigation and testimony, through the presentation by both sides in the House of Representatives, and now the trial in the Senate. I feel as if we are living in the twilight zone…facts no longer matter, the truth is totally subjective. Partisan politics rule the day. What is to be gained here? Who really wins? I cannot even imagine what this blatant disregard for truth and democracy mean for our future.

I’ve written to both of our Senators to request that they abide by the oath they have taken to “…do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws…” I got no response from Crapo, and a received form letter from Risch emphasizing that impeachment may be undertaken for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” He then goes on to state that he will comment when he has cast is official vote as a juror in the Senate trial. I implore our elected representatives in the Senate to invite and objectively consider substantiated facts – including testimony from witnesses and review of relevant documents which were barred in the House hearing. The future of our democracy depends on it.

Valerie Ruxton, 63, Eagle

‘Pursue the truth’

I have watched 90% of the House Inquiry and 70% of the Senate Trial. It is my duty to know the facts. I did not follow previous impeachments closely.

I hope that the Senate will subpoena the necessary witnesses and documents and allow Justice Roberts to rule on depositions to render a fair and complete judgement of the Articles provided by the House. To honestly and bravely pursue the truth, and try the case before them fairly, with the best interests of the country and the health of our democracy guiding them – as their duty requires – is enough.

Article two is obstruction of congress. Therefore, if anyone in the Senate does not vote to subpoena witnesses and documents and allow for the fair judicial review necessary to completely flesh out the Impeachment Articles, I will believe that senator had no interest in pursuing the truth and doing what is right for the country.

I expect a partisan circus of lies and partial truths from the defense, and cowardice from the Republican senators. I hope four Republican Senators will do their duty. I hope Justice will prevail.

John Reynolds, Boise

Trial needs witnesses

1) Are you following events? I followed the hearings in the House and the initial statements in the Senate, but I’m starting to fade. Without the witnesses and documents necessary for the Senate to make a true judgement, it is just a rehash of the reasons to have a trial, not the actual trial called for in the Constitution.

2) Compare to previous. No input

3) What do you hope, expect? I hope the President will be removed from office. What he tried to do to Ukraine was wrong, but his ongoing attempts to cover up his wrongdoing are even worse. Most Republican Senators don’t seem concerned or even interested. We need to take account of what their priorities are. Is it with the Constitution they took an oath to protect; or with a Party to promote its agenda over all else; or with a President who demands personal loyalty “even if I shoot someone on Fifth Avenue”.

Our votes in November should be based on their willingness to stand up for the nation and justice rather than a Party or a President.

Daryl Ann Yandell

‘Compulsive lying’

1. This impeachment will set precedence for the rest of our country’s history. If we can’t impeach a president for treason and corruption, then that means we can’t impeach anyone. It paves the way to dictatorship and massive abuse of powers.

2. I was too young to remember. Send like these charges are so much worse that in retrospect Clinton should’ve gotten a medal of Honor for only lying about one thing, versus the current compulsive lying president.

3. I hope for conviction. I hope he is removed from office and charged for state and federal crimes and goes to jail for the rest of his life. While I expect an acquittal, I’m not going to write it off yet.

Lauren Studley, 34, Boise

‘Aloofness of it all’

I am a Nampa Citizen and it will be short answers. I am 87 and soon 88 and I was born in Caldwell. I can’t tell you how the impeachment compares with the past three even though I have been around for all three now, but when younger I didn’t pay any attention to the other two, just too busy, shamefully. This one seems so very unfair and the Republicans are so invested to hold themselves silent. I have watched from the very start of the Inquiry and still watch every day all day until it is over. I am ashamed that Risch fell asleep in the Trial, I saw the sketch in the Press. The Republicans aren’t hiding the aloofness of it all. What kind of people don’t want witnesses and documents in a trial. I am afraid that they are hiding something. I am still hoping they will want to find the truth.

Barbara Snead, 87, Nampa

Can’t call this a trial

Yes, I’m watching the Senate proceeding. I fail to call it a “trial.” No witnesses, no new information, no documents? All of which are being suppressed by the White House? And voted on by the Republican controlled Senate.

I’m watching in amazement, as I did with the Clinton affair and the Nixon cover-up, yes he resigned before he could be impeached, but he still created a major problem that he knew was wrong.

Now, today, we have a more serious problem. Trump has cast the USA into a state of both cover-up and obstruction of justice. He has even admitted on live TV. “Get over it?” states his close aide.

As the world turns, he continues to place he own personal benefit, above the interest of all else. When will it stop? Only when he is removed from office.

If not, he will continue to denigrate our democracy and our status on the world stage to benefit his pocket book.

It is a sad state, that our “trusted” elected officials cannot rise to the level that history requires.

Wayne Page, Meridian

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