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Phil Bridges letter in the September 6th edition refers to the President of the United States as "Big Orange". It makes me wonder what name he had for Barrack Obama

Skip Gantner, Boise

The flag

I am one of those Americans who flies our nation’s Flag every day and night (lit from above) with a bald eagle perched on top of the pole. Why do I fly the American Flag? Quite simply, I do so because of love of country. Our Flag is a symbol, a tapestry of stars and stripes, representing the story of a nation created by American patriots who rebelled against authority to form a new nation. These brave men and women sacrificed their lives and fortunes to do so. To quote William Tyler Page’s The American’s Creed, “…I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it; support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its Flag; and to defend it against all enemies”. This is why I fly my Flag.

Barbara Grant, Boise


I was sad to read about Rory Cope's tragic accident. As one who raised two boys my heart grieves with his parents and grandparents who have lost a dearly loved child.

There may be reactions from the public of outrage and blame for this incident, but I would like to remind everyone that these types of incidents for the 1.5 - 3 yr old age group are not unusual. Every year stories can be found of children in this age group falling off balconies, walking down railroad tracks, walking into water over their heads, poisoning themselves, etc. It is inherent in their learning process to experience new things with all five senses. All it takes is a moment of distraction to lose track of these dear little ones.

I urge everyone to support the whole family during this remorseful time and remember the bright little boy that we only got to meet briefly, even if only through the newspaper articles.

Scott White, Caldwell

Vote Just

As a lover and a user of Idaho’s spectacular outdoors, I have long admired Rick Just, both for his good work at Parks and Recreation and his insightful writing about Idaho’s history and public lands.

Now Rick is running for the State Senate in District 15 in West Boise. I can recommend him to you without reservation.

There’s not much I can say about Rick’s opponent, because he doesn’t do much. He pretty well just occupies a seat that should belong to the people of District 15.

Rick won’t be like that. He’ll work proactively to meet your needs for quality education, property tax relief, affordable healthcare and the right to hunt, fish and recreate on our public lands.

Rick is a man of integrity. As 5th generation Idahoan on both sides, he has deep roots in family, community and public service. He’s done so many things it’s impossible to list them. Please go to electrickjust.com to learn about him and his many accomplishments.

Please consider Rick Just when you vote for the State Senate in District 15. Thank you.

Jean McNeil, Boise


In 1987 The FCC ended the Fairness Doctrine for radio and television stations. Many believe this was the beginning of partisanship in America. This policy had been in place since 1949 and had required all who used airwaves to present controversial issues using honest equitable and a balanced presentation. Broadcasters followed this policy because it was the right thing to do and because they could lose their license to broadcast if they did not. The policy was ended in 1987 because the Reagan administration and the F.C.C. said there were many more media outlets than there were in 1949 and that alone would result in a balance. It wasn't too long before talk shows became the norm on A.M. radio and usually followed a consistent conservative viewpoint. In 1996, Fox News arrived claiming to be fair and balanced, but was anything but. In the early 1990's ABC commissioned a study on news. Much to my and their surprise, television viewers saw no difference in Network Anchors and Geraldo Rivera who was searching for treasure and conspiracy theories on TV. The medium had finally become the message. Since then, we have seen social media outlets that do not require balance or truth. In fact, they can be manipulated by foreign governments. It is no doubt impossible to reenact The Fairness Doctrine. We can however demand truth from our elected officials and their minions on radio, television and social media. We can fact check what we see and hear. We can ask media do the same. We can vote liars and their supporters out of office. We are a nation that believes in truth. We have the First Amendment so journalists can act as a check on Government at all levels. We can also fact check.

Larry Chase, Boise


I am a pacifist. I have peacefully demonstrated against war since the Vietnam war when I was in college. I am also the daughter of a decorated WW II Army Air Corps pilot and the wife of a 22 year veteran of the Air Force. I respect and honor their service and the service of all who choose to sacrifice to secure a free world. I love my county. To call the 1800 Marines who gave their lives in France “suckers” and “losers” is the most despicable thing I have heard said by someone who says he is an American. I hope this country comes to it’s senses and boots him out of our White House.

Jamie Shropshire, Boise


Jeers to President Trump of this statement

A new report details multiple instances of President Donald Trump making disparaging remarks about members of the U.S. military who have been captured or killed, including referring to the American war dead at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018 as “losers” and “suckers.”

Paul Markowitz, Boise

Vote Biden

I have heard and read that people are voting for Trump, even though they know that he is unfit for office, because life begins at conception. Ok, I understand and respect that view. What I don't understand is the fact that it seems to end at birth. The same party that claims to be "pro-life" is cutting back funding for after school programs and the snap program. They are cutting back environmental protections, so we may not have a planet that supports life soon. They are separating children from their parents at the border, and putting them in cages. Some children have died in those cages. They are against raising the minimum wage, to a livable wage, so that parents can afford to rise their children and provide for them. I am voting for Biden because I believe that life should continue past the fetal stage!

Michal Voloshen, Boise


The Ball Ventures Ahlquist (BVA) proposal for zoning change to allow for a 16-story, 232’ office tower at 4th and Bannock downtown would forever change the city’s historic East End. This area, currently zoned R-O (resident-office), is a mix of low structures and condominium buildings. BVA has requested a rezone to C-5, which would allow unlimited building height. The project proposed at 4th and Bannock would cover the entire Idaho Central Credit Union property and approach the height reached by the US Bank building.

The first five floors of the proposed tower have been designed as a 460-car, above ground parking garage. Garage traffic would use Bannock St and the bicycle corridor that runs from East End to downtown. This number of parking spaces is twice that required by the city. Current high-rise buildings have underground garages with freight delivery ramps. No underground garage has been proposed for freight delivery to the many offices and businesses that would occupy such a massive high-rise. Review of Blueprint Boise, the city’s comprehensive plan, indicates that this project would violate multiple policies.

Simply put, a zoning change to unlimited height is not the right change for East downtown. East downtown cannot support traffic associated with a high-rise area without destroying the current design and ambience of the neighborhood. East downtown represents one of many neighborhoods that make Boise the attractive city that it is. Is losing the beauty and ambience of Boise’s East downtown really necessary?

The Boise Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to review the BVA request for zoning change at a meeting at 6 pm on October 12, 2020. If you are concerned, make your voice heard by attending in person or by Zoom. Letters can be sent to cacord@cityofboise.org or delivered to City Hall by October 2, 2020.

Nancy Kois, Boise

Deserve better

I submitted this to Senators Risch and Crapo, and Congressman Simpson:

The current issue of The Atlantic magazine includes an article claiming that President Trump called people who served in the military as “dumb” and that people who lost their life in the service of their country were “suckers and losers”. The accuracy of these claims has been confirmed by multiple media outlets, including Fox News, the Washington Post, the AP, and CNN. I note that you have not offered any comment on these statements. By not expressing your disagreement with these sentiments, you provide tacit approval.

My father served in World War II; do you agree with Mr. Trump that he was “dumb”? I lost several good friends in Vietnam; do you agree with the president that they were “suckers and losers”?

I’ve written to you several times in the past; on each occasion, you replied with a carefully worded letter which avoided taking a clear stand in support of or disagreement with the issue I wrote about. If you do not plan to provide a clear statement in support or opposition to the president’s disgraceful opinions, please don’t bother to reply. The thousands of Idahoans who have answered our country’s call to serve, many of whom were killed in foreign lands, deserve better.

Richard Simon, Boise


Our Constitution, according to James Madison, “delegates few and clearly defined powers to the Federal Government.” (18 specific powers) “ Principally on external objects as war, peace, negotiations, and foreign commerce…” emphasizing the necessity of reserving the remaining powers to the states and to the people.

The most important means of exercising our power as citizens is through our vote. Such power is and should be reserved for citizens. It is very important therefore that we strive to be informed as to the governing philosophy of those for whom we cast our vote, especially their recognition of individual responsibility for our own properties and affairs. Taking personal responsibility and placing it upon the government is a recipe for loss of freedom and of individual compassion for others.

“We have staked the whole future of our new nation, NOT upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to GOVERN OURSELVES according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments of God.”-James Madison (emphasis added)

Those Commandments call upon us to individually choose to reach out in compassion to our neighbors, fellow citizens and foreigners in our midst. Let us NOT look to those candidates who wish to “let the government do it”. Nations who have done so have consistently failed their citizens and diminished freedom mainly because it diminishes their desire to achieve their best.

When each does his part because he chooses to do so, we create “a more perfect union.” May we make that our choice!

Thomas Tingey, Caldwell

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