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Homelessness is a major risk factor for human trafficking. Keeping people housed, in safe and affordable housing is one of the most effective ways to fight it. The Polaris Project reports that 1 in 5 renters, or approximately 20 million renters, are at risk of losing their homes by the end of September. When this happens traffickers will be waiting. Our nation’s vulnerable adults, including the elderly and disabled, must be protected. Keeping people housed is the best way to keep them safe and from contracting the coronavirus.

Which is also the best move economically. According to reports from Jesse Tree it costs the community over $53,000 in supportive, health and emergency services per person who is homeless. It costs $5-10,000 for a family to find new housing after they’ve been evicted. It costs less than $900 to keep a family in their housing and less than $350 per person.

Put simply, waiting isn’t going to make this problem go away or make it easier to deal with financially. We need to act now unless we want Americans to become just another statistic, lost to the casualties of the coronavirus. Congress must pass emergency legislation that includes $100 billion in rental assistance and pass a national moratorium on evictions. Sens. Crapo and Risch, how long are you willing to wait to pass legislation?

Jessica Specht, Boise

Big toe

To remnants of the free press and my friends, I say:

Ali Baba’s latest thief, Steve Bunion, is a canker on the big toe of Democracy.

Joe Bejsovec, Boise

Support Trump

The news media and Joe Biden, ignore the rioters in democratic run cities. Instead they refer to them as peaceful protestors. Rioters are defacing and burning buildings, harming citizens and police. BLM is an extreme let Marxist group. It is no longer about black lives. They don’t condemn the black lives that are lost in these cities everyday. Crime in these democratic run cities have gone up significantly in 2020. Will Joe Biden ever say anything about this. Will he ever speak unscripted and unprotected by the new media, before the election.

The poor and middle class are the ones to suffer, not the wealthy Hollywood stars or sports activist. Their neighborhoods and businesses are not being destroyed. They have bodyguards with guns. They have the biased news media to protect them. People can’t walk thru these cities or eat a meal without fear of being accosted by rioters in your face.

Pelosi’s “Heros Act” is packed with bail out money for poorly run democratic states. They want us to bail them out for the large salaries/pensions that bankrupted their state. They want us to pay for the destruction they allowed their rioters to do to their city.

The real power to fear is China. China is a threat to world power, economy and cybersecurity. Many of the wealthy in this country make money and are heavily invested in China. Apple, Nike, Bloomberg, the Biden’s, and the NBA made billions in China. These millionaires condemn in the US what they support in China. What hypocrites. Support TRUMP to rebuild America, Protect us from China, and give us Law & Order.

Carol Bolz, Caldwell

Got to go

Rights Violated!

Our God-given rights enshrined in our constitution are being violated by politicians and bureaucrats at every level. They have no authority to tell us what we must do, under the guise of protecting others, as we move around. These stop signs, stop lights and “unenforceable” speed limits have got to go!

James Bell, Nampa


Black Lives Matter is just as racist as anything that they protest against. Why not say All Lives Matter, or something inclusive and unifying such as that. Instead of the divisive, exclusive, and blatantly racist Black Lives Matter. Saying White Lives Matter is racist, right? How about painting that on public streets, in sports arenas, or wearing it on T-shirts? People make speeches decrying racism, but seem to think it is okay if they do it themselves. Raising a clenched fist to give the Black Power salute is just as racist as making a Heil Hitler Nazi arm gesture. Kneeling for the National Anthem is just wrong. The Idaho Press Tribune does everything it can to support the liberal political cause. There are always stories giving unconditional support for Black Lives Matter, illegal immigrants, and refugees. The newspaper only on rare occasions, grudgingly allows a letter or statement that supports President Trump. This bias is so obviously evident in how the Tribune prints the word "Black" capitalized, but the word "white" is in small case. This happens every single time, in every single article in the newspaper. Why is that? Doesn't that seem racist and biased? What if "White" was capitalized, but "black" was in small case. Just another example of if we do it, it is okay. But, if somebody else does the exact same thing, it is racist.

Karen Phillips, Nampa


Jerry Falwell Jr., the ex-President of Liberty University, a private evangelical Christian school is being taken to task for his beliefs. It’s common for people to have different beliefs, sexual preferences, and points of views on how to live life. No one likes to be judged for being different. Everyone is different in some way. We shouldn’t treat or judge people who are different from each other. No one wants to be judged on beliefs. Many evangelicals make reference to Martin Luther. In the 16th century Martin Luther and his followers, who stressed justification by faith in Jesus Christ and based their faith on Scripture alone, were known as Evangelicals. The foundation to evangelists is from the reformation. What Martin Luther professed when asked a few questions dealing with the subject of a wife, “What was a wife to do when she found herself married to an impotent husband? Luther’s answer: she should seek a divorce and marry one more suitable and satisfying. But what if the impotent husband should not agree? Luther’s answer: then with the sufferance of her husband—he was not really a husband anyway, but merely the man dwelling with her under the same roof—she should have intercourse with another, perhaps the husband’s brother, and the children from such a union should be regarded as rightful heirs.” So to judge Jerry Falwell Jr. for sitting and watching would be wrong as he was only following a belief that was set there by the founding father of evangelical beliefs. For people who aren’t evangelists we need to be open to their beliefs and be of service if they request it. This in many ways could be a win win with benefits for the wife and the individual chosen.

Daniel Romero, Nampa


I've been observing the ever-profane, increasingly violent temper tantrum the folks in the Blue Jerseys have thrown over the last four years, and the way it has been defended by the mainstream press. We've been told that it's just the national, expected reaction to El Presidente.Yes, if Big Orange and his cohorts in the Red Jerseys weren't so confrontational and bombastic, none of this would be happening.I have a good analogy for this. A mother and her spoiled, petulant young son enter a grocery store. Sonny demands Mom buy him a candy bar. Mother boldly says "No! We can't afford it, and your behavior hasn't earned you a candy bar."Sonny then starts grabbing bottles off shelves and smashing them to the floor, overturning shopping carts, punching other shoppers and screaming "You're an (expletive) Nazi, Mom!" over and over again.Once the stunned mother has extricated Sonny from the store, a group of know-it-alls walks up to her and says, "This is all your fault, Mom. You have plenty of money, and if you just would have bought the candy bar, none of this would have happened."Guess which represents the Blue Folks, the Red Folks, and the press?But I must confess, this idea of embracing mob rule and abandoning due process is beginning to grow on me. Let's face it, waiting for an impartial legal system and investigations to conclude is, like, sooooo boooooring, OMG! It's much more fun to abandon patience, logic and reason and allow raw, unbridled emotions to run away with you!And, if you play your cards right, you can score a free TV and pair of Nikes out of the deal.Let's go burn down a flower shop and throw it up on Facebook Live!

Phil Bridges, Nampa


House Speaker Scott Bedke was right when he said it was not “apples to apples” when comparing the melee at the Special Session of the Legislature with the “Add the Words” demonstrations a few years ago. Let’s compare:

Demonstrators’ Damage to Property

• Special Session – Yes

• Add the Words – No

Demonstrators Pushing Past the Police

• Special Session – Yes

• Add the Words – No

Crowd Behavior

• Special session – Screaming, shoving, ramming

• Add the Words – Quiet, respectful

Arrests on 1st Day of Demonstrations

• Special Session – None

• Add the Words – 44

Total Arrests

• Special Session – Handful

• Add the Words – 122

Demonstrators with Guns

• Special Session – Yes

• Add the Words – No

The Legislature has the power to control parts of the Capitol and direct the Idaho State Police to make arrests. So here is the recipe to all citizens who want to enjoy special consideration for their grievances: (1) be as belligerent as possible to both the legislators and the police, and (2) carry guns so you create an element of danger.

Jeannette Bowman, Boise


A few months ago I submitted a letter for publication. In my letter I took issue with people (mostly republican) who vote for legislators that refuse to address concerns like property taxes. Instead they have no problem wasting time and taxpayers money on passing unconstitutional legislation opposing transgender people. I received an immediate response from one Wm. Logsdon Sr. This gentleman took issue with my premise but instead of attacking my argument, he did what Republicans do best, he called me names. He accused me of being “uninformed” and stated that the Governor had vetoed these bills. Mr. Logsdon Sr. I may be uninformed, but I do know that our esteemed Governor signed both of those bills. Thus we continue fighting in court issues already deemed unconstitutional. As for calling me a “fruitcake”? I have resided in the beautiful state of Idaho for nearly 50 years. Most of my friends are Republicans and nearly everyone has called me much worse. But like you, they have trouble attacking my arguments.

Michael Boyle, Boise

Good work

Even though I am a never Trumper, I must give my props to the RNC running Trump 2020. You got many of your starters back on your team from the last elections, like Fox News, the Russians, Chinese, and the US 30 % people. Also, you are changing out Tea Party members with QAnon people. QAnon people looks like the future of the Republican Party. Your plan to discredit government institutions like the FBI, CIA, CDC, FDA, Justice Department, NATO, and others plays well with your discrediting Institutional Racism. I have noticed that Trump 2020 has a reputation of not caring or not showing good sportsmanship. I have a recommendation that may cover many of these bases. A Presidential Pardon of Hillary Clinton or President Obama would show that you have moved on from the controversial 2016 election. The law and order things are good so keep it up. Maybe you can get some of the caravan people to go on Fox News and say that the hundreds of thousands of people made it into the United States and are heading for the suburbs. Such opposition big deals of wearing masks, social distancing, and of course the big one, testing is being well covered under your thinning the herd policy. It looks good for 300,000 herd reduction by Christmas. Probably the hardest sell you have is to convince the 30 million unemployed people that the economy is back, and they should thank the president for the big run-up in their stock portfolio. Many of the people who got the extended unemployment benefits threw it away on food, paying rent or house payment and did not get on the stock market rocket ship. They're bad. Well, keep up the good work.

Richard Schauer, Boise


The article in the Tuesday paper, September 1st, 2020, Americans Divided etc

about the St. Louis couple brandishing firearms. The black lives matter demonstrators were not peaceful, but did threaten this couple to burn down their house, kill them and their animals.

These " demonstrators " were nothing but thugs.

I se this paper is going very much to the left since Holly Beech has become editor. Sorry to se it go that way, as it was pretty honest before.

Karl Betar, Meridian

Special treatment

One has to ask themself if you belong to a certain religious affiliation that you're owed preferential treatment. Another question would be does one Commissioner put their religious affiliation ahead of Taxpayers' interests? The Cyn Cty Commissioners latest Sunnyslope rezoning rejection seems to confirm the above statements in my judgement. If a government official is associated with any project presented to the Board for approval, that Commissioner should recuse themself. Was another recent rezoning decision rejection process fair to the homeowners/taxpayers/farmers who opposed the 130 acre housing/commercial development north of Lake Lowell for good reasons and it would've protected agricultural land had it NOT been approved? Was the Sunnyslope Zoning Rejection approval process fair to the Troost Family for affordable housing? One Commissioner said and I quote, "This is not about affordable housing, this is about protecting agriculture land. This area should continue to be agricultural land." Why is one project proposal good for saving agricultural land and another isn't? I'll ask again, does it depend on who you know and your church affiliation? The 130 acre housing development just happens to be within a mile of a religious organization related to one of the Commissioners. How many other decisions has one Commissioner influenced that involved agricultural land development in the past and perhaps in the future that would have this kind of bias over homeowners, taxpayers, farmers and developers? This kind of bias is not appropriate in Government. The most honest and appropriate action for one Commissioner should have been to recuse themself from these decision-making processes.

Chuck Stadick, Caldwell


I'm writing to urge everyone to support unions. In this uncertain time, public approval of labor unions has grown stronger. Two of every three adults -- 64% of Americans -- approve of labor unions, a popularity matching the highest approval ratings for labor unions in 50 years, according to Gallup.

If we stick together, we can come out of this crisis stronger and better positioned for the years ahead.

Democracy is an amazing political philosophy, when you stop and think about it. It’s the idea that, together, we can best care for ourselves and each other. Working people, when we form labor unions, draw upon that same noble principle.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that unions of nurses put nurse-to-patient ratios on a par with pay and benefits during negotiations, because nurses care about patients and want a caseload that allows them to deliver that care. Unions of journalists advocate for quality community-centered news. Likewise, teachers consistently advocate for students and communities.

When working people speak up, we all benefit.

Leland Heinbach, Nampa

Never Risch


Senator Risch last week had an editorial in the paper warning us about China's antics, but I question his motive. Was he trying to distract us from the Covid 19 problems and the fact that he voted against America Cares Act. This bill passed with majority bipartisan support in both the house and senate? I know the US Postal Service has also been at the forefront of most of his constituents minds of late. No mention of these issues.

I guess Risch has been too busy sleeping through congress to follow what's important to his constituents back home. We have been able to watch him sleep on the job, but while he has been in the Senate he has been good himself. September 2009 Risch's first federally mandated disclosure of assets listed 19.290 million dollars according to Spokane Review article. The CBS News website as of today lists Senator Risch's net worth at 109.034 million dollars, number five of the top ten richest senators. Wow it looks as if Risch grew his portfolio 465% from the 2009 to the 2019 federal reporting requirement.

How has your portfolio performed during this time frame?

For Me it is time for someone new.

Richard Cummins, Boise


JEERS to the Idaho Press Tribune for capitalizing the word "Black" every time it appears in the newspaper, but leaving the word "white" in all small case letters. Why is this blatantly biased and racist presentation necessary? Why are both words either capitalized or not capitalized. Obviously, this says a lot about the somewhat less than equal and fair treatment of differing political ideologies by the Press Tribune.

Robert Taylor, Homedale

The torch

The Idaho we knew in 2019 has officially passed. Where has it gone? Those that stood for right and wrong have passed on. The torch they passed has fallen and there is no one left who is willing to lift it.

The court has ruled the part-time (3 months) legislative body can spend 10+ million dollars for private offices. The new, empty 9 months of the year, offices will be located on the first floor of the state house. This move forces out the state treasurer. How much will a new location and the move cost? Who cares? Certainly not legislators. I’m sure this body will soon make the case for being a full-time legislature. Keep in mind this is the same group, when informed a battle, a fight, was coming to Idaho, packed their bags and ran. Now they hoot and holla’ the governor should have done this, done that. Cowards, yellow belly cowards, all of them.

“Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Idaho’s trees are on fire and there is no one left at the fire hall.

Rosanne Smith, Moyie Springs

Vote Biden

One is known by the company he keeps; people he admires. Trump doesn’t have a good track record, with his indicted buddies and coziness with Putin.

Anyone supporting Trump is defending his constant lying; bullying; unlawful acts; deceit; obstruction of justice into anyone investigating him. I bet if Trump were thoroughly investigated (personal life and business dealings), he’d be in Federal prison. He calls himself a “law and order President”. Truth is, he hasn’t much knowledge of our laws, and furthermore, violates them, and obstructs justice every chance he gets.

In a documentary, aired on PBS before the 2016 election, about Steve Bannon, they told of Bannon and Trump’s plan to cause chaos and hopefully, a civil war in the U.S. We’ve seen evidence of that in Nazi and Confederate flags flown and white supremacist actions. It’s no wonder we are seeing so much police brutality. Early on, Trump told the police to rough people up. We need to train police officers better; not to use chokeholds, nor shoot people in the back.

Trump has no standing criticizing and sanctioning other countries for human rights violations when he doesn’t respect human rights. He has no respect for Americans (such as during the government shut down. He didn’t care if Americans lost jobs and homes). His treatment of immigrants is despicable. He claims to be pro-American businesses, while he badmouths ones he views as against his interests and bankrupts farmers with tariff wars.

He hides scientific facts about coronavirus, so we won’t know how bad the pandemic is; showing what a bad job he’s doing as a leader. He’s fired so many that he’s appointed. It proves what bad judgment he uses, picking them in the first place.

Vote for Joe Biden, a decent, caring human being!

Judy Smith, Caldwell

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