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Jeers: To the Idaho Press for part of the content in the article on the front page of Sunday ‘s August 30, 2020 AD regarding the history of man’s love for animals. Most of the story was great. However, your community editor decided to use BCE in replacing BC when referring to man’s interest in animals going back to about 4500 years ago. At first, I thought it must have been a typo which is not unusual these days. But after checking and communicating with the author of the story I found out that she prefers to use BCE (Before the Common Era) instead of BC(Before Christ) which is the most commonly used today in this country. She also states that the use of CE(Common Era) instead of AD(Anno Domini, ‘Year of our Lord’) in dating historical events is the proper and accepted term used currently. Frankly, I was a bit offended with her reply to my inquiry as to why she chose to use this method of dating history. I’m not a bible thumper at all, but I was baptized a couple times and have read most of the Bible. My main point is that in these times of conflict and disagreement about such things as the removal of “Under God” from Our pledge of allegiance at the DNC and striking “God” from the taking of most oaths of office, why should we now remove Christ from our Calendar. Enough is enough. I’m an old guy born in September of 1945 AD not September of 1945 CE.

Tony Diehl, Boise


Many years ago, I as a white woman, lived in a all black neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. They were some of the nicest & best people I ever met. It breaks my heart to see the damage this BLM mess has done to such wonderful people.

where most of us use to just see people, now the blacks are looked on as bad & with disgust or fear. WAKE UP, -there are bad people & good people, bad black people& good black people, bad cops& good cops.

Now thanks to China we have the virus, intententionly or not. They did restrict travel within China , but allowed or sent approx. 6000 out world wide.

For 3 months, the left called all protesters rightful & peaceful, now they admit it is out of control and it’s TRUMPS AMERICAN. Lord knows he is seldom or ever politically correct. I for one am sick of political speek

Polosi’s house does not want to stay in town& do what owe elected them to do, such as get bills passed to help alll of us get the help we need to survive this virus, unless we send billions to States that did not

control their budgets. I don’t expect some one to step in & bail me out when I do wrong. I think that’s called responsibility.

In the past I have voted both democrat & republic. I watched the conventions of both sides. This year I will vote Republic.

Pat Cone, Eagle


In the front page article of your September 1st issue, there is a photograph of a child being given his Make-A-Wish experience. Directly next to the child is a man with his mask not pulled up over his nose. Masks are ineffective if not covering the entire lower half of the face. This sick child was put in danger, and this seems like a shocking and horrible oversight to me. If there was ever a time to make sure everyone was wearing their facial coverings properly, it was in the presence of this vulnerable, medically-compromised child. More information about the importance of covering the nose can be found in a quick Google search. I’m shocked and appalled that this went under the radar. Cute articles are nice and all, but they don’t mean anything if we don’t bother protecting sick children.

Samantha Nelson, Boise


I’m very thankful to the staff of the veterans hospital mental health unit because they care and the Canyon county police who checked on me thanks to the Rotter family who are helping me through this difficult time but also the veterans hot line and these people all make a difference in the lives of veterans. I have problems with voices in my head and nightmares but also I tend to see things in the hospital that no one else can see and I also tend to isolate but it doesn’t make me a bad person I just can’t cope with the world because I see it as twisted and upside down. I have a hard time because if you are suicidal like I’ve been than there is a stigma attached to you and you get stereotyped but there are 22 vets a day who take their life and 400 doctors a year and how sad. I had a cousin who was a combat medic overseas who committed suicide and two friends who took their lives and one was Oct.13 and march 13 of this year and I can’t forget them nor my cousin because they had so much pain that they couldn’t make it disappear. I’m drowning in depression and i’m broken and need mending and the reason I open up about myself because there are to many suicides and addictions and the band aid approach fails civilians and veterans and the system needs fixing. I’ve bounced through so much and seen guys on electric shock treatment and their brains fried and so so many who self medicated in the military that it saddens me that enough is not being done with mental health and warehousing and institutionalizing is not the answer and I have no solutions.

John Landers, Wilder

Perfect storm

Reading Dr. Pate’s article in the Idaho Press, I thought his comments should not be ignored. They should not be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. As a health professional and C.E.O of one of Idaho’s leading health systems, he has demonstrated his capability very well. He has overseen building very competent teams of doctors and a host of other healthcare professionals, including their nursing staff. The best teams anywhere in my estimation. Dr. Pate gave them the “room” to focus on their patients. I experienced this teamwork this past April 16 -21, 2020; 5 days in St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center; four (4) of those days in ICU.

The findings of my stay there were described as the “perfect storm!” The teams found 11 reasons for hospitalization, all of them serious. Physicians who examined me were there to, hopefully, first save my life and then provide me with my options. They made the recommendations. My wife and I have relied heavily on the recommendations of these health professionals to guide in making the best decisions for us. We certainly would have stumbled without their input.

Shirl Boyce, Jr., Boise


Not Joe Biden!

In response to Friday, August 28 from Jill Lawatch — Guilty

Jill, you’re 100% right, your friends reflect your opinions/goals! Joe Biden’s friend and political/partner Barack Obama is campaigning with and for Joe!

Barack Obama’s political mentors: Barack Obamas father, Frank Marshal Davis, Charles Ogletree, Bill Ayers, George Soros are Communist that hate America!!!

Barack Obamas senior advisor’s Valeri Jarrett’s family were admitted Marxists.

Barack’s Spiritual mentor: Reverend Jeremiah Wright – for over 20 years, Barack Obama listened to Wright’s “God Dam America” sermons!

Barak’s Idols:

Hugo Chavez – United Socialist party of Venezuela.

Fidel Castro – transformed Cuba into the first communist state in the Western Hemisphere! Barak Obama rewarded communist Cuba by opening up travel.

Team Obama/Biden’s accomplishments: Mexican drug dealers received guns. Americans adversaries gained military strength. Americans added to social programs. Americans lost Jobs to outsourcing.

Team Obama/Biden/Clinton ability to keep Americans safe.

Benghazi – In the most dangerous place in the World for Americans, left with minimum security, 4 Americans died! Blaming the coordinated attack on a video/film demonstrates their pathetic assessment/cover-up skills!!!


Warned: When Benjamin Franklin was asked, what kind of government the delegates had created. His answer was “A republic, if you can keep it”.

Projected: Russian Nikita Khrushchev stated that democrats would take America to communism!

History: Democracy’s/republics fail in approximately 200 years! It happens when the government is obligated to feed/provide for more of its citizens then it can support, and were well on our way!!!

Follow the Flow Joe doesn’t know it yet, but Barack Obama will be Joe’s new Communist CZAR and Valerie Jarrett, Biden’s Marxist CZAR! Cuba will be their model for our American!

Jill, it’s called a Pattern!!! What more is there to say?

Martin Duarte, Meridian


I am thoroughly enjoying the exploits of “The Two-Wheeled Wanderer” articles by Ted Kunz. Thanks to the generosity of folks from our area who gave to help build the Castlewood Laboratory, the people of Libuyu have a chance to further their education. Good luck to Ted as he continues his journey.

Lucile Summerlin, Nampa


Who would’ve thought that Jim Jones who use to periodically rattle his saber at gasoline dealerships for price fixing as Idaho AG, would become an apologist for identity politics? I think (it was so long ago) Jim was a Republican? Times change he now sounds like he has TDS and the women of the world like Kamala Harris are coming to his rescue and our nation’s ???? I think secretly he just wants to protect Biden and likeminded senile old men. God deliver our nation from the Democrats of all stripes... and the RINOS.

Stephen Long, Nampa

Vote Ferro

Please vote for Toni Ferro for District 10 Senate! Our State Legislature needs her skills and energy to make progress on urgent issues of education, healthcare, taxes, wages and housing. Our current legislature has consistently failed to address these problems and — worse — has focused on issues that benefit few or none and have cost taxpayers dearly in lawsuits and wasted effort.

Why is the supermajority party afraid of our initiative process, which seems to be the only way voters can get action? Over 60% of voters supported expansion of Medicaid – a lifesaving action for many – and even more critical during our Covid crisis. And yet after years of inaction, our Legislature steps in only to block the full implementation of this measure. Idaho shouldn’t be near last in the US for education spending and near first for suicides!

Trained as an engineer, and with years of high-tech project experience, Toni has the skills to address our issues in a modern, practical, non-partisan way. She knows Caldwell, listens to voters, works very hard and has the energy to get the job done. Please remember her on November 3rd!

Rex Hanson, Caldwell


One more chance before I cancel my subscription... When subscribing initially to the Idaho Press, I was told that the Idaho Press was a local paper that represented local values. While I have enjoyed the local stories of the Idaho Press, I have not appreciated the unbalanced coverage of the AP stories selected and published. All the stories covering national politics are either pro Biden or anti Trump. I understand that this may be the only type of stories the AP publishes, but I expect the Idaho Press to pursue alternative view points and represent both candidates. If I want what the Idaho Press is covering I can subscribe to the Statesman or the San Francisco Chronicle. I pray that our city does not go the way of Portland and San Francisco. The Idaho Press is not representing any balance similar to those cities newspapers.

Rex Dent, Boise


I’ve grown up in the Treasure Valley, lived here all but two years when I was away at grad school. Lately I’ve noticed that rules, signs, laws,and often speed limits mean nothing to some people.

Today driving to work there was someone texting while driving. Speed limits mean absolutely nothing to some people. An example, driving south on Maple Grove, speed limit 35. I’m either tailgated and sped around or passed by drivers who are driving 5-10 miles an hour over the speed limit. Someone even gave me the finger for driving the speed limit.

When there is red painting on curbs, or signs that say “No Parking” it doesn’t mean “for everyone but myself.” Red curbs are there for a purpose. Some streets have them because the street is not wide enough for emergency vehicles to drive thru if someone parks there.

During this time of craziness, just be cautious and courteous. Signs, speed limits, laws and red curbs are there for a reason.

Kelley Smith, Boise

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