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After reading Sean McBrides ( The Movie Guy) review of the Two Political Documentaries that Dems will love, just further exposes the Idaho Press and their continuing left leaning bias. He states that one of the movies (The Way I See It) is an “effective indictment of the current President as it takes issue with Trump’s out-of-the-ordinary approach to his job”. Well duh! President Trump was not a politician when he ran for office, he was and is a businessman, hence the drain the swamp mentality which actually helped him win the election. People are fed up with the political status quo and he wants to clean house from the top on down. McBride mocks this approach because he lacks the vision for real, effective change in the political arena. Second book (All In:) McBride states the “ the film shifts to current day politics, EXPOSING contemporary Republican voter suppression tactics”. Really Sean? They’ve been fighting to get the word out to vote and for decades have been pushing for voter ID to insure all the votes are valid. Why is this such an issue? Proper ID is required to get a job, drive a car, buy cigarettes and/or alcohol, attend schools and many other things. One would think after 20, 30 or 40 years all US citizens would have had the opportunity to get a photo ID by now. The dems on the other hand are thrusting their mail-in voting agenda which has proven to be fraught with flaws, inaccuracies, lacking in verification and infected with fraudulent ballots being cast. Absentee voting, in person voting (using face masks and practicing social distancing) and prudent oversight is what will make this election actually count.

Karen Celli-Byrne, Meridian


On 09/16/2020 my grandson and I stopped at the River Lodge motel in Island Park Idaho. While unloading the truck, I noticed a young lady talking on the phone and her oldest daughter outside of their room. I asked her daughter if she knew of any grocery store or drive in close where we could get dinner. By this time, Whitney Gregory, I believe her last name is correct, was off of the phone and told me we didn’t have to go anywhere and that we were invited to eat with her family. I was shocked that this lovely woman would ask us to join them when she had no idea of what kind of people we were. She told us she had enough food for an army and we were more than welcome to join them. Her children were very well behaved and her oldest was named Cloee, 11, Tyler, age 6, and her middle daughter age 8 but sadly I don’t remember her name. This has not happened to me in years where someone I don’t know would invite us to join their family and they had no idea what kind people we were. Sadly, I wanted to thank her again the next morning before we left, but apparently she had already headed back to Emmett. If anyone sees this this letter and knows Whitney, please tell her again how thankful we are for what she and her kids did for us. It’s great to know there are still people in this world who are kind and very friendly to others.

Randy Harris, West Haven, Utah

Vote Ferro

Toni Ferro is running for State Senate for District 10 against incumbent Senator Rice.

As a Caldwell High School graduate, Toni has deep roots and caring about the people of Caldwell and Idaho. One way in which this is expressed was in her efforts to support Proposition 2, the Medicaid Expansion program, to cover tens of thousands of Idahoans without health care coverage. Let’s take a look at her background and experience.

Having achieved her PhD in Engineering, teaching undergraduate students, and working in the high-tech and engineering fields, Toni has gained experience in: forecasting, budgeting appropriately, teaching, and the relationship between education, society, and technology. This background is valuable because most of our legislators are not able understand and address these issues with the level of knowledge that she would bring.

You will recall that Idaho citizens passed Proposition 2 in order to expand Medicaid to ensure more Idahoans had the life line of health care. Although his constituents joined most Idahoans in support of Proposition 2 to expand Medicaid coverage, Senator Rice, nevertheless, supported five measures which would have reduced coverage accessibility to Idaho citizens.

Not only did Senator Rice disrespect his voters’ wishes for Medicaid Expansion, he then supported measures to make it more difficult for initiatives to get on the ballot. He and other legislators voted to constrain Idaho voices. Fortunately, Governor Brad Little vetoed their bill.

Toni values the people of Caldwell and of Idaho. She understands the importance of health care, quality education, technology, and good-paying jobs. She knows how to listen and to lead. She has respect for the will of the people and will work to support—not undermine—their values and needs.

Visit ferroforidaho.org and see for yourself what she can bring to District 10 and all of Idaho!

Christine Sugg, Nampa


The New “Green Deal” what they are not telling you.

All sources of energy have limits that can’t be exceeded. The maximum rate at which the sun’s photons can be converted to electrons is about 33%. Our best solar technology is at 26% efficiency. For wind, the maximum capture is 60%. Our best machines are at 45%. So, we’re pretty close to wind and solar limits. But we need energy all the time. The solution we’re told is to use batteries. Again, physics and chemistry make this very hard to do. Consider the world’s biggest battery factory, the one Tesla built in Nevada. It would take 500 years for that factory to make enough batteries to store just one day’s worth of America’s electricity needs.

A single electric-car battery weighs about half a ton. Fabricating one requires digging up, moving, and processing more than 250 tons of earth somewhere on the planet. Building a single 100-Megawatt wind farm, which can power 75,000 homes requires some 30,000 tons of iron ore and 50,000 tons of concrete, as well as 900 tons of non-recyclable plastics for the huge blades. To get the same power from solar, the amount of cement, steel, and glass needed is 150% greater.

Then there are the other minerals needed, including elements known as rare earth metals. With current plans, the world will need an incredible 200 to 2,000 percent increase in mining for elements such as cobalt, lithium, and dysprosium, to name just a few. Where’s all this stuff going to come from? Then there’s the waste. The International Renewable Energy Agency calculates that by 2050, the disposal of worn-out solar panels will constitute over double the tonnage of all of today’s global plastic waste. Worn-out wind turbines and batteries will add millions of tons more waste.

James Graham, McCall

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