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Crossed a line

Our Republican legislators crossed another line with the W Ada School Board. They signed off asking for full opening of schools despite the CDH guidelines, It seems the Idaho Republican party believes they are smarter than the medical and scientific researchers. What is wrong with following recommended guidelines instead of criticizing the public officials charged with the safety of our public including children, teachers, support staff, etc?? Sorry, I only caught 3 names of the supporters: Scott Grow, Mike Moyle, and Lori Den Hertog.

Teri Ahrens, Eagle

3 observations

1. Donald Trump’s golf

During his first campaign, Trump was sharply critical of Pres. Obama’s golf, which averaged a little less than once every 2 weeks.His comment (several times) was that he probably would be too busy working to golf at all. As of August 15th, he managed to slip off 287 times. The art of the deal guy was even golfing both weekends when the white house was attempting to negotiate the new virus relief plan!

2. Russ Fulcher and lead.

In talking about trade with China, Fulcher was talking about the lead mines in North Idaho. He commented that even the lead for our pencils came from China. We have not ever used lead in our pencils in this country. The material has always been graphite! Maybe he means the lead in the paint on the pencils, though lead in paint has been outlawed in the U.S. since 1978.

It is reassuring to be represented by someone so knowledgeable!

3. Heather Scott

When my brother Tom and I were lobbying the legislature to remove the legislative retirement carveout, we met with Scott. Previously we had sent two-page explanations as to what we were doing to all legislators. When we mentioned to Ms Scott what we were talking about she remembered the write-up and gestured that it was on her desk somewhere, along with a myriad of proposed bills, etc. In making her gesture Ms Scott exclaimed that she didn’t understand any of that, she just voted no! Now her reading has improved to such an extent that she can interpret the Idaho and National constitutions to the far right of the far right, and the kids who love to play with their guns.

It is a very strange world!

Jim Haddock, Meridian


I am chagrined that President Trump and Senator McConnell announced the day of Justice Ginsberg death that they would move forward with a rapid appointment. We should be honoring her memory and taking a moment to grieve. But no, the Presidency and the Senate has become so partisan and so crass that we no longer bow our heads in prayer to the soul of a great leader. This seems extremely odd coming from the Republican party. Justice Ginsberg’s dying wish was to let the newly elected President select her replacement. This is what Republicans chose to do when Trump was elected. It seems a fair and honorable request to meet a dying icon’s last wish. I fear if the Senate moves ahead with a rapid replacement our country will shred down the middle. Great leaders have a strong moral compass. I hope in this moment in history we will find a few great leaders in the Senate who honor Justice Ginsberg’s dying wish rather than rallying the troops for one more hollow victory. I fear those leaders are not in Idaho.

Julia Robinson, Boise


As a Vietnam vet, I was disappointed that some of my fellow brothers-in-arms (including RINO Jim Jones) would take the word of a cowardly anonymous person over people that were actually there, regarding the Atlantic article claiming President Trump denigrated our wonderful troops? Even John Bolton, who certainly isn’t a fan of President Trump, said the article was “simply false”, and yet some people still believe the Democrat fawning media’s BS! These vets must have forgotten the recent history of the press and the military, especially how Democrat John Kerry and the press lied about the conduct of U.S. soldiers fighting in Vietnam!

What is President Trump’s record with the military? I have seen President Trump consistently salute the men and women outside the Presidential helicopter in newsfeeds, while Obama wouldn’t give out the same respectful salute, instead offering a “Latte Salute”. President Trump also appointed a highly capable defense team that systematically addressed military deficiencies inherited from the Obama/Biden years. President Trump “worked with Congress to forge an overwhelming bipartisan vote of support” for the VA Mission Act, which replaced Obama/Biden’s flawed Veterans Choice Program, with the vote in the House being 347-70, (Paul Ryan as speaker) and the Senate vote at 92-5 (Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader). Wow, look at the parties working together for a change...pay attention Nancy and Chuck!! I can personally say this new Act works great for all the veterans I know, and it provides a lot more care! While signing this bill, President Trump said, “They put everything on the line for us, and when they come home, we must do everything that we can possibly do for them, and that’s what we’re doing.” This is hardly the actions, nor sounds like a man, who calls our dead soldiers suckers and losers!

Robert McLean, Meridian

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