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Especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, lymphedema patients must have the medical supplies they need to safely manage their condition at home. The Lymphedema Treatment Act (S.518/H.R.1948) is a bipartisan bill that will improve insurance coverage for medically necessary, prescription compression supplies. Without this central component of treatment, lymphedema patients are at significantly increased risk of infection and hospitalization. With more than 450 cosponsors, the Lymphedema Treatment Act is the most supported healthcare bill in Congress and should be passed into law this year.

Nikki O’Leary, Boise

Vote Hanson

I have known Rebecca Hanson since we attended the College of Idaho in the 1970s. She is an intelligent, compassionate person who has real-life experience as a parent, teacher and longtime volunteer for the Caldwell community and beyond. She will be an excellent representative in Seat 10A of the Legislature.

Rebecca understands the importance of public education—a good education for all, not just for those

who can afford to maneuver through the “lottery” system of charter and private schools. She can identify with the concerns of all members of the educational system, and will listen to parents, teachers and students who have an important stake in the process. Rebecca recognizes that Idaho needs to utilize sources other than property taxes to augment funds available to our schools. We don’t need to be 51st in the nation for per-pupil spending.

Rebecca also knows the importance of a living wage for many Idaho residents. Too many people cannot live on the pitiful minimum wage offered in Idaho. When evaluating the cost of essentials such as housing, food, insurance coverage for auto/home/health, which are just the basics of existence, persons who are able to work full time should not have to hold two or three jobs to make ends meet. This situation affects the overall economy of our state, because minimum-wage workers cannot afford to spend money that goes directly to businesses in their communities.

Our State Legislature needs Rebecca Hanson’s skills and energy to make progress on urgent issues of education, health care, taxes, wages and housing. Our current legislature has consistently failed to address these problems, but instead push the same old bills and resolutions that get nowhere because of their illegality or constitutionality. Rebecca Hanson will work on common-sense legislation that meet the very real needs of Idaho families.

Madeline Buckendorf, Caldwell

No thank you

How horrible it would be if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were elected. How many millions of immigrants and refugees will come to the United States from all over the world. How many millions of “asylum” seeking illegal immigrant caravans will flood across the border. All of these people looking to collect lifelong welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and taxpayer paid subsidized housing that the Democratic Party is willing to pay them. Thank God for President Trump trying to slow down this immigrant invasion. This country has enough citizens in need now, without having to import more. The National Debt is already over 26 TRILLION dollars. How will the liberal entitlement agenda of Biden and Harris be paid for? All of the ridiculous demands by the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are apparently supported by Biden and Harris. Does any clear thinking and rational person really believe that defunding and disbanding the nation’s police departments is the way to go? Along with getting rid of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Border Patrol? No thank you, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. HURRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Randy Carlson, Meridian

The future

Treasure Valley cities and businesses are paving the way for an electric future

Driving along Idaho’s highways, it’s easy to understand why some question whether electric vehicles, or EVs, truly are the future of transportation. Personal EVs currently make up only a small percentage of vehicles in Idaho. But our roads may not be the best indicator for what’s in store for the future. For that, we need to be watching the leadership of businesses and local governments.

An increasing number of fleet managers are replacing worn out fossil-fueled vehicles with electric ones. People want to support groups acting on climate change so businesses and communities are responding by electrifying fleets.

But there’s more to it than just good PR and goodwill – there’s an economic case for electrifying fleets. Researchers at the Idaho National Lab have shown that EVs can save owners thousands of dollars compared to fossil-fueled alternatives. And battery and charging technology is only improving, meaning this gap will continue to widen.

Here are the groups that are leading this effort:

• Republic Services, which provides trash and recycling services to multiple Treasure Valley cities, is purchasing 5 electric garbage trucks.

• J&M Sanitation, the trash and recycling service provider for the City of Kuna, is purchasing 3 electric garbage trucks.

• The City of Boise has a fleet of 8 electric vehicles.

• The City of Meridian has applied to purchase an electric fire truck.

• Valley Regional Transit, the Treasure Valley’s public transit agency, is bringing 12 electric buses online in the coming years.

These groups are showing what’s possible for electric fleets and paving the way for an all-electric future. Transitioning to electric vehicles helps combat climate change, protects our local air quality, and builds our region’s resiliency to withstand future uncertainty.

Austin Walkins, Boise

Just one

Jeers to anyone who votes for an incumbent to Congress on either side of the Isle!!! They can do enough damage with ONE!!!

Judith Nelsen, Nampa


Cheers to Mr. Rex Dent for his letter to the editor entitled “values” which appeared in the September 4, 2020 edition of the Idaho Press. I believe that Mr. Dent, in his letter, expresses the sentiments of many, if not the majority, of your readers. The Press has taken a hard turn to the left which has appears to coincide with the tenure of Editor Holly Beech. While it is a given that the Associated Press supplies the slanted news which is published by the press, at least the Press could choose to not publish so called news from the AP that is obviously the reporters opinion of what he/she would like the news to be and may or may not be fact or truth. A case in point: The press has proven Mr. Dent’s observation with the article on the visit to Kenosha by President Trump and Joe Biden in the same edition, that covers a half page extolling the virtues of Joe Biden while scattering a few disparaging comments about President Trump in the article.

Dick Dickstein, Eagle


Do we really need to suffer through the half-truths and distortions that Jim Jones engages in while describing his dislike of President Trump on such a frequent basis? I am sure Mr. Jones probably provided a service to the State while in the judiciary, but his editorial opinions are a service to no one. They are redundant harangues infused with prejudicial interpretations and slants on the facts—nigh on to total distortions. As such, they are sophomoric rants that are of no use to anyone. Please offer us something in your Opinion pages that are of more intellectual value, regardless of which side of the political spectrum they are derived.

Chris Oakley, Boise

Trump 2020

Jim Jones is a political Hack! Once again the Tribunes’ political hack Jim Jones has shown us his political bias and dishonesty. In his most recent article about the Covid-19 virus he does nothing but criticize President Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Jim knows that the President cannot tell the Governors how to run their states, but he alleges that Trump should have forced a National policy on all States. He also fails to mention that the media and Democrats were the ones who criticized him for stopping the flights from China. He ignores the fact that Nancy Pelosi was saying to throw a party in China Town and Chuck Schumer was saying to go out and eat and have a good time during that same time. Trump did everything the scientists ask him to do which is exactly what Biden said he would do. He also omitted the fact that a huge percentage of the deaths were a result of Democratic Mayors and Governors ignoring the rules and placing Covid-19 patients in Senior care centers. He also ignores the fact that the Biden-Obama administration left the reserves of PPE’s and ventilators depleted. He had to go to the private sector to get the needed supplies. Jim’s obvious biased article tells you everything you need to know about him. One has to wonder if he is this dishonest in his political commentary, how honest was he while he was in the judicial system? Any time you see an article by Jim Jones, you can chalk it up as a political hit piece with little or no accuracy. Why the Press Tribune gives him commentary status is beyond me. I guess you have to be a liberal hack to get the extra word limit. Vote Trump 2020 and keep America strong.

Fred Helm, Meridian

Vote Biden

“It is what it is.” That was Trump’s response when he was told that there were now 180,000 deaths from Covid. I don’t blame him for the virus, but he has failed to protect us from its spread. He takes no responsibility.

Trump is attacking the environment and is in denial about global warming. I would like my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have a planet on which to live. But Trump puts corporate profits ahead of clean air and safe water.

Trump has friended our foes and alienated our allies. How can he possibly call Putin a good guy when Putin is a dictator who poisons his rivals? Trump not only ridiculed Sen. John McCain’s service, he has called our military heroes “suckers and losers.” We must expect more from our commander-in-chief.

Trump’s support of white supremacy groups is deeply disturbing. He is fanning the flames of hate and injustice. He is not trying to calm the waters but, instead, is roiling them. These are not the words and actions of a leader.

Trump’s latest gambit is to threaten to do away with the payroll tax. If that were to happen, it would mean the end of social security. Such a short-sighted, thoughtless act would leave so many of our seniors hurting and vulnerable. We deserve better.

We need a president with government know-how and the experience and judgment to lead our country during turbulent times.

Please make the right choice in November and restore sanity to our country. Please join me in voting for Joe Biden.

Carol Bearup, Twin Falls


Who to believe? If you only listen to one side of an argument you will only believe that one side, left or right--right or wrong.

The recent brouhaha over John Ratcliffe’s refusal to appear before the House Intelligence Committee is the latest round in the war between Trump and the rest of us.

According to one source, “Ratcliffe is providing cover for Putin’s influence operation and that Trump has spoken to his pal Putin at least three times since May.” The Week, magazine, Sept. 21, 2020.

There, I have exposed my not so-secret agenda. Is anyone old enough to remember Mad Magazine’s strip “Spy vs Spy?” Ralph Reed of the right wing Faith and Freedom Coalition, is urging all clear thinking conservatives to vote for Trump. In doing so Reed is exposing his not-so-secret agenda.

I saw an interesting debate on the internet as to whether or not Trump is the Anti-Christ — or not!

To your tents, Oh Israel! Read your scriptures. What think ye? Is Romney the folk hero of the old folk prophecy that at some time the constitution would hang by a thread and the Elders of Israel would come to the rescue?

Are these the end-times that our Christian harbingers are predicting?

I love that old time revival hymn, “Whose on the Lord’s side,who? now is the time to show.?”

Time to choose sides!

Ray Heidt, Homedale

Vote him out

As a veteran of three tours of duty in Vietnam between 1968 and 1970 I understand two things clearly.

First, those who sent me and my brothers to Vietnam misused our patriotism, ordering us to fight in a war whose purposes they never understood. But second, they never called us losers, or suckers. They did not demean us. They spoke of us with respect; they honored our service.

A “commander in chief” who does not do that, but instead ridicules and trivializes our participation in our country’s wars, is not worthy of the office he holds. He makes a mockery of the troops, of the military, and of the chain of command whose top position he occupies.

When Ronald Reagan affirmed that ours was a noble cause, I believe he referred less to the war we fought than to the character of our willingness to serve in that war, and to stay the course regardless of our private opinions about it. Like all who have served in America’s military, and like the leaders who have sent us into harm’s way ever since 1776, our hearts were in the right place.

Having worn the uniform of the United States proudly, I know that our troops would obey the orders of their commander in chief, even though he so flagrantly and shamelessly holds them in contempt. They would go to their deaths on the orders of a leader who does not value their lives. That would be the final insult.

On November 3, vote to replace the current “commander in chief” with someone more worthy of the heavy responsibilities of that office.

Charles Yates, Caldwell

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