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Bower for Seat 6

I am writing to voice my support for Nampa City Council Seat 6 Candidate, Jacob Bower. Jacob was born and raised in this community and understands the core values that have made Nampa a great place to live and raise a family, because those values helped shape who he is today. He is a person of integrity and I feel confident he will represent the people of Nampa in a responsible and strong way.

I have been impressed with Jacob’s knowledge on key issues facing our city and his desire to find common sense solutions to real problems such as: growth, public safety, business preservation and taxes. We need a leader like Jacob, who will help responsibly manage the inevitable continued growth of Nampa and ensure public safety is not compromised. Being a business owner, he understands the importance of preserving a free market with limited government interference. Jacob is also truly a fiscal conservative and will help keep the city budget balanced, limit tax increases, and not go after foregone taxes.

I am grateful to have been born and raised in Nampa, and I understand what makes so many seek out and move into our community. Undoubtedly, Nampa will continue to grow and I believe electing men and women who understand the values Nampa is built upon, will be crucial to maintaining them. We need a strong leader like Jacob, who will stand up in key and often unseen moments, to do what is right for the people of Nampa. He has my support for Nampa City Council Seat 6.

Jonathan Hughes, Middleton

New Middleton mayor

As we go forward we go forward our new Mayor is going to be faced the same budget problems all the families in our community face, that of living within our means. The leader will have to lead with the realization that balancing the needs and wants of various desires will not always be popular. Courage to say no with while showing respect is something that is something is learned through experience. Leadership is learned through experience, years of dealing with tough decisions balancing needs and wants of various entities while keeping the tax payers expectations in mind. We the citizens of Middleton can not afford to have a Mayor needs to learn these qualities on the job. We need someone that can start the job day one. Someone who does not need the job for a paycheck but has a desire to serve, someone has served as a councilman knows the working of city government, has served as a Canyon County commissioner and always worked in the interest of the citizens. Steve Rule has lived in Middleton a long time and Will Work for the Citizens of Middleton and only for the Citizens of Middleton. Even though will cost him financially he has asked to serve us . For these reasons I ask my fellow citizens to support Steve Rule for Middleton’s next Mayor.

Jim Taylor, Meridian

Work requirements add stress

In Idaho, we believe in working hard and giving back to our community. I work hard as a waitress, play by the rules and still struggle to make ends meet for my family. My income varies every month. I’m part of the “coverage gap” and have started to feel the effects of not being insured. I’m struggling to manage health conditions that could’ve been avoided with regular doctor visits.

I was excited when Idahoans voted overwhelmingly to support expanding Medicaid – providing health coverage options for people like me. I felt an enormous relief knowing I could finally qualify for Medicaid. Now that I’ve seen Idaho’s work reporting requirements proposal, I’m scared I won’t be able to access or keep the coverage I need to stay healthy and take care of my family.

The state’s proposal fails to consider people who have jobs with unpredictable hours, and schedules we don’t control. Taking away my chance to have health coverage doesn’t help me keep my job, get more work, or take care of my family. Instead, it means I continue to worry day in and day out about how to ignore health conditions and make ends meet.

Medicaid work reporting requirements will only add to the everyday stress I face working, raising kids, and managing the health conditions that put my financial stability at risk. Adding extra paperwork to my plate is just another opportunity for something to fall through the cracks. We all want to work and be productive – and the proposed work reporting requirements will only be a roadblock in our path.

It’s now up to the federal government to decide if Idaho will proceed with work reporting requirements for Medicaid expansion. Tell them to reject Idaho’s proposal by submitting a public comment to by November 2.

A’lana Marmel, Idaho Falls

Bower for Seat 6

Nampa Friends, I urge you to get out and vote for Jacob Bower for city council seat six. Jake is an Idahoan through and through. A local business owner and faithful contributor of his time and resources to the community. He didn’t just move here looking to bring east or west coast ideas that have been proven not to work. I have personally known Jake for a long time. He is a competitor, Nampa he will COMPETE on your behalf. So when you hit the ballot box vote Jacob Bower for city council seat six.

Brent Mai, Caldwell

No to McGee

John McGee’s past abuses of our public trust are enough reason not to support him for Caldwell City Council. McGee has officially kicked off his second act in politics with a run for Caldwell City Council seat #6. In the early 2000s, McGee had a promising political future that ended with jail time. After a particularly drunken night he stole an SUV and jack-knifed it in someone’s driveway. And before his probation was over for this offense he was arrested again for sexually harassing a woman who worked for the state senate in his office. The sexual harassment charge included exposing himself to her in his office at the State Capital.

There is no reason why we need to place our public trust in McGee again. Caldwell is a vibrant, bustling, diverse city because of the people who live here. We have a host of smart, dedicated, and passionate citizens to choose from when we decide who our elected leaders will be. It is wonderful that McGee’s friends, family, coworkers, and church members support him and that he is thriving professionally. However, we need to consider this election an opportunity to move Caldwell forward by electing City Council members who are worthy of our public trust.

Toni Ferro, Caldwell

No more bonds, levies

We have heard this refrain many times in our lives and I don’t give a darn who came up with it. “There are only two sure things in life, death and taxes”. Might I add a third? Nampa with their never ending bond and levy proposals. For new schools mainly. I have a proposal which will go as far as you can kick a brick. You know the families who live here and how many children they have. It is simple. Tax the ones who have children.. Instead of taxing me. Out.

Michael Duncan, Nampa

Retain Stout

Now is the time to get out and vote early to retain Chairman Chuck Stout to the Caldwell School Board of Trustees in Zone 4. Chuck Stout has brought longterm stability to the Board as the District moved through administration changes. He has been a steady hand to lead us through tough financial times, all the while, looking forward planning for our future growth.

As a parent of a girl who wants to become an engineer I greatly appreciate the support Chuck has given to the Robotics programs at both Middle Schools and Caldwell High school. The engineering my daughter experienced through Caldwell’s Robotics programs has opened her eye to the many opportunities in the different fields of engineer.

Chuck, I would like to thank you for looking out for those students who may not be destined for college. Your support for vocational programs and their expansion here in Caldwell has given many students the opportunity to get a living wage job with benefits leaving High School. Our welding program is one of the only in the state that can certify a student as a professional welder at graduation!

Lastly Chuck, I would like to thank you for all the time you have invested over the pasted 8 years to make Caldwell Schools a better place to learn.

I hope you will Vote to Retain Chairman Chuck Stout as our School Board Trustee for Zone 4. The mature diplomatic hand of quality proven leadership is hard to find. It’s even harder to replace.

Please go out and vote early at the Canyon County Election office today!

Russ Beardsley, Caldwell

Vote for Jake

I am a huge supporter of Jake. He is an extremely responsible and successfuly business owner who truly cares about the community and how decisions as a leader affects Nampa residents. He knows what it takes to build a respectable business. He will always have our best interest. He will make decisions to keep our economy strong. I vote for Jake!

Jade Anderson, Nampa

Bageant for Boise

I had a very positive experience interacting with one of the candidates for Boise City Council this past weekend and wanted to share that experience so other voters who be able to make a more informed decision. After receiving an email message from Patrick Bageant’s campaign (a candidate for an open seat on the Boise City Council) , I responded with a question about his position about the lawsuit the city of Boise has filed to uphold their right to “arrest” homeless people sleeping in “public places,” around our city. While I appreciated his candid response to my specific query, what I really appreciated is his choice to contact me via telephone to discuss my question, rather than just replying to my email. What followed was about a 20 minute discussion about what we each felt were some of the most important issues the city needs to address at the current time and the competing priorities of some of those issues. I found him to be very knowledgeable, very committed to learning more about the issues city council members will be asked to consider, and very receptive to input from a variety of individuals who might be able to better inform his decisions on each of those issues. I concluded from my conversation with him that he is exactly the type of individual I want representing me in our city’s government and the future of our community and just wanted to share that information with others as you consider your choices for our upcoming city-wide elections. I would be happy to respond to questions others may have about our conversation.

Andrea Leeds, Boise

I support Simison, Vuittonet

I would like to encourage voters in Meridian and in the West Ada School District to vote for two extremely ethical, effective and committed men. I have worked with both Robert Simison and Mike Vuittonet in the past.Robert is the very best choice for Mayor of Meridian. He knows and understands the workings of city government and is dedicated to doing everything in his power to ensure that the city continues to prosper and serve the needs of our citizenry, I have lived in Meridian for so many years, watching it grow and develop into a vibrant and safe environment and know that Robert is the best choice for Mayor.I have worked for many years with Mike Vuittonet in his capacity as a West Ada School District trustee when I was superintendent of the district . He is unfailing in his care and commitment to the students and staff of the district. Both of these men have watched and helped manage the growth in the community and district. They are knowledgeable, dependable, supportive and fiscally conservative. Both the city and school district will be well served by electing these two gentlemen

Christine Donnell, Meridian

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