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Vote Pickering

I’m voting for Alexis Pickering because, after 16 years, it’s time for new blood and bigger vision at ACHD.

Perhaps our greatest failure as a community is our failure to provide a transportation network with a diversity of mobility options. When we fail to plan our roads for all users we deprive people of a better quality of life, we further worsen congestion, and we create a more exclusionary community. Having ACHD commissioners who understand the importance of improving infrastructure for all modes of transportation would go a long way towards solving this problem.

Our community is growing and is all but guaranteed to continue to do so, and eventually we will have better bike, pedestrian and transit networks, it is a question of when, not if. It is better and cheaper to start planning for this future now: we need an Ada County Highway District commissioner who will take this into consideration when planning street designs so that we don’t have to rebuild our infrastructure multiple times. This causes seemingly endless construction and a greater burden on taxpayers, a future no one wants.

Let’s plan for a better future and elect Alexis Pickering this November!

Ethan Schweitzer-Gaslin, Boise

Vote Trump

Hurray for President Trump. He has done all that he can to keep illegal immigrants and the “asylum” welfare seekers out of The United States. Trump has done all he can to keep out the hoards of “refugees” that are also looking for endless welfare, food stamps, free housing, and Medicaid. Think about the millions of immigrants that will be pouring across the Mexican border if Biden and Harris are allowed to open the border as they plan to do. All of these people will begin receiving taxpayer paid benefits immediately. Biden and Harris will have the most liberal and expensive Socialist agenda in the history of this country. Free healthcare for everybody, free college tuition, free childcare, subsidized this, and subsidized that. How is all of this going to be paid for? Everybody wants something for free as long as somebody else pays for it. This cannot be funded by just taxing the rich and corporations as they claim. That is ridiculous. There is nowhere near enough money to pay for all of this spending by doing that. Having Joe Biden as President would be bad enough. But, think how much even worse it would be if Kamala Harris became President in the likely event that Biden will not finish the term. Look what a disaster california is today. Figure that for the whole country, and even worse. Hurray for President Trump. Even if you don’t like him, Trump is still a way better choice than the Doomsday team of Biden and Harris.

Robin Crawford, Homedale

Alexis for ACHD

Alexis Pickering will be an outstanding member of the Ada County Highway District. She understands the needs of people for safe neighborhood streets and will communicate easily with all constituents. Her background in health issues is a bonus, considering the larger environment that concerns us all. I have read excuses and promises from her opponent, who has had sixteen years to work on them. Time for a change, time for Alexis Pickering at ACHD.

Jeanette Von Alten, Boise

Vote Julie

If you haven’t already voted and you’re still trying to decide who should be elected to House seat 10A, I recommend Julie Yamamoto for the job. She was born and raised right here, so you won’t find anyone who’s more local than her. She was a teacher in both elementary and middle schools. She was a principal in both elementary and high schools. She has served Canyon County as both chair person on the Republican Central Committee and as a Republican State Committee Woman. She has done a lot of work in community services. She is a great asset to Caldwell and will represent us well in the Idaho Statehouse. So, when you cast your ballot, remember to vote for the correct Yamamoto. JULIE Yamamoto. Take her to the House.

Melodi Horrell, Caldwell


Regarding the upcoming election, it seems many didn’t see and hear Joe Biden say, “I will eliminate fossil fuels on day one” or am I confused as to what energy our vehicles and airplanes use? What about, “If you vote for me, your taxes will go up.” Really, I saw and heard him say that!

Then there is Kamala Harris, I watched and listened to an interview when she was absolutely giddy (high on life or a substance?) and stated she thought marijuana ought to be legal and if a woman wants to sell her body, that ought to be her right. I guess anything goes as long as it can be taxed.

Here is the biggest shocker of all, God and even Jesus are for “choice.” Yes, they absolutely are! Democrat’s platform just happen to bypass the bottom line. When you make the choice to have unprotected sex, YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE. Laws have to be passed to protect life.

As for our president, he is far from perfect. I only wish those of you who are would run for the office. One of you has my potential vote. In the meantime, let’s keep our transportation, improved quality of life (before the pandemic) and integrity. Oh and could we have our Canyon County paper back?! We already had a liberal state paper and I might add, it is more complete and even better at liberalism.

Sharon Maiden, Nampa

Fostering trust

I am chagrined, angered, and deeply saddened by the reprisals against the coalition supporting the victims of domestic violence and abuse. These support groups signed a multi-state and multi-organization letter asking for “greater investment in community resources,” and supported Black Lives Matter’s goal of having greater alternatives available. This movement’s goal is of ending the killings by some unethical law enforcement officers that we have all now witnessed. I question what is wrong with this goal?

Here in Idaho the state Chiefs of Police Association, the state’s Sheriff’s Association, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Association have officially withdrawn their support from the State’s coalition against sexual and domestic violence. Calling for greater resources to combat domestic (or any) violence and abuse shouldn’t be construed, in my opinion, as detrimental to officers who are ethical and do their sworn duty to protect the public. All of these associations should be supportive of people who are victims of abuse and violence. I believe these Associations’ actions to be misguided and undermines the public’s trust in their dedication and ethics. It lends more credence to the view that there is institutional injustice if this is the action that these associations’ leadership takes. I don’t think this vindictive response is beneficial for anyone except abusers. It certainly does NOT foster trust in the integrity of our law enforcement leadership in Idaho.

Maudeane McKee, Garden City


Just some food for thought for those who feel Pres. Trump shouldn’t be appointing a Supreme Court justice just before the 2020 election.

“The week AFTER President Jimmy Carter LOST his 1980 re-election bid, he announced the judicial nomination of a CLOSE ALLY of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Ted Kennedy. The nomination sailed through the Senate, which confirmed the First Circuit Court of Appeals judge 80-10 LESS THAN A MONTH LATER, six weeks before Inauguration Day. That nominee, Stephen Breyer, now sits on the Supreme Court. ...Another bit of history: In 1980, [Joe] Biden voted to confirm judge Breyer.” Emphasis mine.

Maybe President Carter should have left that nomination to the newly elected president...Ronald Reagan?

From Wall Street Journal article by: David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Andrew M. Grossman.

Tom Hawksworth, Caldwell

Diana for 1A

“Vote for Diana Lachiondo”

This year, the choice for a candidate to support for Ada County Commissioner was an easy one. I’m choosing integrity.

I’m proud to support Diana Lachiondo for Ada County Commissioner. Diana has brought a strong work ethic, critical thinking skills, and a commitment to solving difficult community problems in her first term as commissioner. She’s principled but also a good listener who naturally brings people together. I’ve been impressed by her efforts to create more affordable housing, find ways to prevent family homelessness, and encourage a real plan for growth in our valley that doesn’t keep passing the buck to existing residents.

That’s who Diana has been her whole life here, and in so many roles: as a volunteer, a neighbor, a mother, a friend, and a natural leader. I’m absolutely thrilled to help re-elect her.

Caitlin Copple, Boise

Voting decisions

As a former governmental affairs executive I associated with elected officials daily so it was normal to be asked about candidates and political issues. My normal response was to ask them a question. What issues or policies are important to you? A list of issues and policies helps to clarify your voting decision verses voting for a candidate based on affiliation, hatred, emotions, media comments or a professor opinion. I challenge you to create your own list and justify why you support your candidate.

I encourage everyone to know why they are voting for a particular candidate. Again, what is important to you is bound to be different. My list helps me to identify my preferred presidential candidate and the reasons are listed below.

1. Trump is not a career politician.

2. Trump supports term limits, gun rights, law & order, religious freedoms and respects our flag/military/history.

3. Trump has exposed several “Deep State” federal agencies. These are key federal officials who abused their powers to support their pollical views. They attempted a coup against a dully elected president. Imagine having federal employees targeting you.

4. Trump is committed to securing our southern border.

5. Trump does not support relinquishing US sovereignty to global authority.

6. Trump cares and fights for the United States and the citizens of this great country not his political career.

7. Trump nominates federal judges that honor our US Constitution as written versus interpreting it to support an ideology doctrine.

8. Trump continues to cut Federal regulations, increasing our individual freedoms and strengthens our economy.

9. Trump fights for American worker by keeping jobs in America.

10. Trump has exposed the media organizations as conspirators of the democratic party providing bias headlines as news and lying to the American people.

Alan Helms, Meridian

Vote Galloway

As a junior in high school who has been homeschooled since kindergarten, I appreciate the stand that Codi Galloway is taking on school choice in Idaho. Ensuring that school choice is available to all parents is vital for any successful education system. Parents must discover the best option for their student.

Homeschooling is a flexible choice for many Idaho parents that allows students to have a curriculum tailored to their individual needs. No registration or sign up is needed to homeschool in Idaho, and the teacher decides on the selection of curriculum.

Charter schools are designed and operated by independent boards composed of parents and community members. They provide an excellent school choice that is free of charge, while offering a greater degree of independence than their public school counterparts.

Another free option for Idaho families, public schools offer students robust athletic and activity programs, guided by a diverse and highly educated teaching staff. Additionally, public schools are accredited to the Idaho University System, which makes the transition into college much smoother for most students.

Finally, private schools offer a wide variety of in-depth educational opportunities for students, free of regulation from the Idaho State Department of Education. However, most of them do charge a tuition fee, which is inaccessible for some families.

School choice is at the heart of making Idaho students successful. Strong proponents of diverse educational options are essential to protecting this Idaho tradition. I encourage you to support Codi Galloway for Idaho House of Representatives District 15B.

Elijah Zeller, Meridian

Vote Smith

My good friend Gary Smith is running for the Idaho State Senate — District 17... and I would like to strongly endorse him for this position! Gary has had a very successful career of proven & effective leadership and would be a strong voice representing the people of District 17. Gary is a man of honesty, high integrity, hard work and good character.

Gary has been the Manager of a large Boise retail business, served on the Boise City Council, was Chief of Staff to an Idaho Governor, was Director of the Idaho Department of Insurance and was an Executive with a Major Idaho Healthcare company. Gary has both the business and life experience along with the compassion needed to be our State Senator. With his extensive background in Insurance & Healthcare management, Gary will be a very effective voice in finding successful solutions for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for all Idahoans.

Gary is also very community minded... always giving his time and energy helping others. Currently he is Board Chair for the United Way of Treasure Valley & Vice-Chair of the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County... previously he was on the Junior Achievement of Idaho & Red Cross Boards.

Please join me in voting for Gary Smith to the Idaho State Senate — District 17!

Larry Halvorson, Boise

Vote Pat

With less than two weeks away from the 2020 election, it is important for us as citizens of the great state of Idaho to take inventory of where we stand as a state and how we plan on taking our steps toward the future. As a former classroom teacher, I have always felt that our students are the best chance we have to reach our full potential as a society. With everything that has happened this year, it is imperative that we provide our students and teachers with the best resources to, not just bring Idaho from depths of educational performance, but to lay the foundation for prosperity that our kids deserve. Pat Soulliere understands the stakes that are on the line. Pat Soulliere understands that in order to get quality teachers, we need provide competitive pay and not reduce teacher salaries. Pat Soulliere understands that we cannot continue to rely on levies to build schools. There is a better way forward that does not involve simply cramming more kids into smaller classrooms. The class of 2021 is facing an existential crisis like no graduating before. With a global pandemic that is ravaging our nation’s school districts, including West Ada School District, we cannot rely on politicians who have never valued education to problem solve this education crisis. Teachers are not being selfish because they want to be safe; teachers have been asked to educate, counsel, provide, motivate, and nurture our children, and now we are asking them to put their lives on the line in order to continue their calling to educate the students their charge. Pat Soulliere understands that teachers have performed, a sometimes thankless task, with empathy, dignity and compassion. It is high time we elect someone who will return the favor.

Don Boles, Boise

Vote Davidson

Idaho law (IC §67-6501 et seq) requires commissioners, city council members and planning and zoning commissions to “promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the state of Idaho as follows: (a) To protect property rights ……..(b) To ensure that adequate public facilities & services are provided to the people at reasonable cost … (g) To avoid undue concentration of population and overcrowding of land. (h) To ensure that the development on land is commensurate with the physical characteristics of the land. I believe and Ryan Davidson believes in the fundamental property rights of people living in neighborhoods. We both believe in following Idaho law and exercising the discretion to deny a rezoning to higher density when it leads to overcrowding. Join me in voting for Ryan Davidson for Ada County Commissioner.

John Tomkinson, Star

Thank you

Cheers to idahovotes.gov. and the United States Postal Service. I received and returned my absentee ballot by mail and was able to track that it was accepted and verified. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night... Thanks Idaho and USPO!

Rebecca Proctor, Boise

Leadership change

For much of this nation’s history, voters have chosen to change leadership in Washington on a regular basis. This created opportunity to improve or overturn legislation previously passed by the opposing party. The back and forth held both parties in check and served this country well.

Then came the Great Depression. The election of 1932 brought Franklin Roosevelt to the presidency and huge Democratic Party majorities from 1933-1947. During this time Democrats passed legislation that impacted virtually every aspect of American life. Democrats have controlled Washington at least three other times since. They’ve taken full advantage of these opportunities to pass self-interested legislation. They have also worked to modify our government to ensure their perpetual advantage.

At no time since 1932 have Republicans controlled Washington. Put another way, since 1932 Democrats have had multiple opportunities to pass partisan legislation, but at no time since 1932 have Republicans been in a position to be a true check and balance for these activities. For 88 years, we have effectively been a one party nation. The size and scope of the federal government is the direct result of Democratic Party action. The result is unaccountable bureaucracy and unchecked spending on an enormous scale. It is a very dangerous place to be for any nation.

This explains much of the current political mayhem. Millions of Americans recognize their government no longer serves them. It also explains the talk of making Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia states or packing the Courts, none of which is intended to best serve the average American — only entrench liberal Progressive hegemony. The Democratic Party has stopped seeing its job as serving the People. Only We the People can change the trajectory. And time is running out.

Dan Bridges, Boise


As a never Trumper I think I know why President Trump is running his campaign as if he is a Biden supporter. In the business world, a Book of Business is gold. It is a bunch of people who will buy your product with little or no work on the holder of the Book. It is like an insurance agency, florist, CPA or restaurant, any business that wants to sell the people on the Book multiple times. Many times, when you sell a business, the Book of Business is the most important part of the sale. As a businessman, President Trump compared the Presidency and a news network, say like TRUMP NEWS, and saw he can make much more money at TRUMP NEWS. President Trumps Book of Business is about 30% of the United States. That is HUGH. Selling his ideas, his products, and his kid’s handbags 24 hours a day. No more pesky news conferences where people he does not like asking questions he does not like. When the President did not do well in construction, he went into two casinos. When he did not do well in Casinos, he went into reality TV. When that ran its course, he went into the Presidency. When that did not do well, he left and took the United States Book of business with him. Brilliant plan. So, I think he is running terrible a campaign to keep his base so he can move them into his next business

Richard Schauer, Boise

Vote Lachiondo

“Ada County Commissioner”

A great deal of attention right now is focused on the presidential election. This is absolutely an important race, but we would all do well to remember the importance of local politics and its impact on our everyday lives. In the two years that she has served as Ada County Commissioner, Diana Lachiondo has demonstrated deep knowledge about how the county budgeting system works and her commitment to making Ada County a better place to live.

Her post-partisan voice is refreshing, and she’s focused on the big issues: advocating for a better plan for growth, speaking up for public safety, and responding to COVID-19 with scientific evidence and careful reopening plans. She is truly a voice for the people of Ada County, has worked tirelessly and will continue to do so. She deserves your vote on November 3.

Jan Schlicht, Boise

Vote Bayer

I support the re-election of District 21 Senator Regina Bayer because she has consistently demonstrated her support for the citizens of her district. She has taken action to end orders that restrict healthy individuals from attending local businesses, schools, and places of worship. Senator Bayer knows and understands the Constitution and Idaho law which guide her conservative principles both in and out of the Statehouse. She is an involved listener who cares about all Idahoans. Regina has worked hard for Idaho and will continue to do so for the betterment of our state. Regina is a God fearing woman and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. It is my honored to be her friend and I am urging you to join me in re-electing State Senator Regina Bayer.

Clayton Carter, Meridian

Vote wisely

It appears to me that we have a clear choice this election, between a crass President Trump, who gets things done, versus faltering Biden, who hasn’t done much for our country in his 47 years in office! Let’s look at a few pros and cons for these two men, because the media won’t tell us:

President Trump helped woman and minorities (especially black families), through more jobs, record low unemployment and booming economy (until Covid virus). He took Obama/Biden’s flawed Veterans Choice program and replaced it with a far better program . He’s trying hard to control our borders, no thanks to roadblocks set up by Pelosi and the Democrats.

Pros for Biden: He voted against forced bussing (didn’t want his kids subjected to a “racial jungle”)?

Now the cons: Biden has a long history of being a racists; he hasn’t helped the economy (although his relatives have grown rich from government, Ukraine and Chinese money); he sides with people in his party, who don’t like America; he’s a proven plagiarist; he’s prone to lying; If his health fails, we get socialist Kamala Harris as President!

The cons for President Trump; he’s not a polished politician (refreshing); he handled the Covid-19 virus poorly. Really? He relied on the scientists, and doctors, who flip flopped repeatedly on guidelines, and the majority of the deaths came from Democrat controlled states/cities; He divides our people. Well, actually, it’s the Democrat’s divisive actions doing that, from backing the racist, Marxist BLM (Burning, Looting, Murdering) and Antifa “peaceful protests”, and holding back stimulus money to get their way, and not help the country. I could also point out the racist history of the Democrat party and more, but I only have 300 words.

Your choices: Freedom for all, or socialism/Marxism under ruling elite! Vote wisely!

Robert McLean, Meridian


First I commend all of the people who gave their time to help with the voting process.

Jeers to whomever put nobodys at the top of the ballot. Had to scroll down to find Donald J Trump.

Michael Duncan, Nampa

Vote Diana

Diana Lachiondo has shown tremendous dedication in her first two years as Ada County Commissioner. She deserves the honor of continuing her efforts in the upcoming election for a four-year term.

Among her many accomplishments are getting the county to assess impact fees on developers, committing to holding property taxes to 0%, working with the Sheriff’s Office and coalition to improve the county jail overload, and has taken on so many other issues.

The Commission is a very important link between the Ada County cities and the state. They balance a $280 million annual budget and manage 2000 employees. Diana works indefatigably to improve our citizens’ lifestyles by keeping us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, beginning a plan for coordinated growth in Ada County, and starting a public-private partnership to end family homelessness. Diana has earned a second term and I am proud to vote for her.

Cay Marquart, Boise

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