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Not 'my Idaho anymore'

It's bad enough that Idaho ranks near the bottom of folks getting the vaccine, but now we have to ship folks out of state like 2-year-old Charlotte McCabe who had to be flown to Salt Lake for treatment because the anti-vaccination people are filling up our hospitals! Shame on you! All of you should share in the expense that created for the McCabe family! I would also like to add that our Lt. Governor is an embarrassment beyond words. She is like a teenager who can't wait to throw a party when her parents leave! Throw her out instead! This isn't my Idaho anymore.

Brenda Watson


Football and politics

This past weekend, the College of Idaho Coyotes upset the Montana Tech Orediggers. Behind until the final five minutes, the Coyotes scored, then scooped up a Montana fumble and scored again, and then, with just seconds left, intercepted a Montana pass and won it.

Nobody protested. No angry mob stormed the offices of the Frontier Athletic Conference or the NAIA hoping to keep the win from being recorded. No administrator at Montana tried to sue for a different outcome, or demand that game film be reviewed for bad calls.

There were other upsets that day. Boise State’s Broncos beat Brigham Young’s Cougars. Oklahoma’s Sooners beat the Texas Longhorns. And the Aggies of Texas A&M put down Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

Yet in a country where many people care more about football than about politics, nobody protested. Nobody refused to accept the outcomes of any of these games.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be as grown up about our politics as we are about our sports?

Charles Yates


Boise City Council

Boise public servants perpetuate their champagne tastes. Pandemic-weary Boiseans remain on beer budgets. A month after November 2’s election, we’ll again be reminded when escalating property tax bills arrive.

Fortunately, new City Council districts can be a damper on such continued profligacy.

Katie Fite would be a good place to start. I wish I lived in her Bench/East Boise district. I’d vote for her.

With Katie Fite on council, a more reasonable downtown events center/library project would have emerged. She’d have questioned costs and cascading impacts sooner, making the 2019 citizen “time out” vote unnecessary.

She’d have challenged the recent Ridenbaugh Place development, trading established, affordable neighborhood apartments for “luxury student housing”, giving average Boise tenants the boot.

She’d have better scrutinized the proposed Interfaith State Street mega-shelter and its impacts on neighborhoods — a mega-deal fraught with warning signs.

She’d have spotted the fallacy in the Murgoitio Regional Park shuffle — that Boise’s beloved parks aren’t as sacred as once imagined, vulnerable to the highest bidder.

David Klinger


Caldwell City Council

Florina Ruvio will bring a fresh new voice to the Caldwell City Council when she is elected to seat 2. Florina has lived in Canyon County for most of her life. Her youngest child is a student at Caldwell High.

Florina has long been involved in Children’s Advocacy, working with the Caldwell Health Coalition, 2CKids Succeed and other organizations throughout the state. Her knowledge of the problems facing Caldwell’s children and families will bring a new perspective to the council. Florina has good ideas to confront our rapid growth and the health and safety of Caldwell’s citizens. But of most importance, Florina pledges to listen to the concerns of Caldwell’s residents and will represent them well.

I know Florina to be hard working, smart and kind — all good qualities for a public servant. Florina’s slogan is “vote and be heard.” I urge you to cast your vote for Florina Ruvio on Nov. 2. Or vote early beginning Oct.18.

Penny Neely


Crisis standards of care

With Idaho entering "Crisis Care Standards" for hospital care a few weeks ago, it is well known that Idaho currently has very few available ICU beds. This is mainly caused by high rates of occupancy by seriously ill, non vaccinated residents. Another recent article highlighted that many of our residents are occupying hospital and ICU beds in neighboring states. The state of Idaho does not track these transfers. So, a more accurate reporting of available Idaho ICU beds would show us with negative beds, by a good number. If our neighboring states stop accepting Idaho Covid patient transfers, we will certainly experience a much bigger health care crisis than we are now. This affects every one of us. Please get vaccinated.

Cynthia Riley


'Stop the madness' 

Senator Crapo has it right. We do not need the U.S. government knowing every dime or transaction we do through our banks. If this is allowed where does it stop. If things like this keeps up, when will we have to produce a passport just to cross a state line. This is socialism at it worst. A government that is freedom of the people, does not need this kind of reporting. Even Democrats that are not socialist should be afraid as hell about this move to control banking. Dems cannot control their own spending, but they want to know exactly what we are doing with ours. We as freedom loving Americans do not need or want this kind of control over our lives. And I do believe that all non-socialist Dems and freedom loving Republicans believe the same. Keep up the good work Sen. Crapo and any small government Senate and House members that will work with you to stop this madness.

Marvin Wiedenfeld


Crapo's roundtable

The coverage of Sen. Mike Crapo’s "business roundtable" in Boise brought deep disappointment at his demagoguery. The reactions (to various straw men) show the effectiveness of the campaign, even without his overblown "biggest violation of personal privacy ever proposed."

Some of us are old enough to remember the USA Patriot Act and its follow-ons that Crapo endorsed four times.

I have worked for wages and run businesses in Idaho for 45+ years and I have NEVER had a reason to distrust the IRS, nor a problem with the mandatory reporting of financial info from employers, banks and other institutions to the IRS. I have honestly complied with the tax code to the best of my ability.

It irks THE HELL out of me that our system enables cheating on a large scale, and that Crapo sees defending cheats a higher priority than law enforcement. The Republican minority’s tireless obstruction and non-participation is a recipe for disaster. It's not worth keeping your job if you've sold your soul to the devil.

Thomas von Alten


Crapo's 'math is a little fuzzy'

I enjoyed Senator Crapo’s article decrying Proposed IRS Reporting Rules, dated Oct. 13, almost as much as the comics section. In the article, Senator Crapo suggests “an invasion of Americans’ privacy.” What, by requiring businesses pay their fair taxes like all of us individuals do? The senator goes on to say “he doesn’t trust the IRS.” How about you hold a hearing about THAT? The article goes on to state that the difference between the amount of taxes owed and the actual collected – is around $600 BILLION a year? And we needed to raise the National Debt Ceiling? I think the senator’s math is a little fuzzy?

Errol Waters


Nampa City Council

It comes as no surprise that our nation is at a crucial point. There is a push by the left to abolish our American values, to re-write history, and our way of life. What America needs now, more than ever, are principled leaders. Leaders with experience. Men and women who are unwavering in their faith in God and their convictions. Citizen-servants who are in office only to represent and serve the very people that elected them, not to serve themselves. Randy Haverfield is one of those men. Randy is one of those leaders in our Nampa Community who has proven himself to be a man of experience and conviction. I have been blessed to call him coach, mentor and friend. We, the citizens of Nampa, need Randy Haverfield on the Nampa City Council again to continue to fight for our Nampa values and way of life.

Please vote for Randy Haverfield on Nov. 2, 2021

Jaron Crane


Nampa School District

I strongly support and recommend Patrick Tanner for the Nampa School District Board of Trustees Zone 5 seat. Patrick has devoted his career to education and student success. He has a history of service in Nampa and the surrounding area, and he currently leads a strong student support team at the College of Western Idaho. Patrick cares deeply for students and works daily to fully engage them to encourage long-term success in school and beyond. Patrick is a true community leader who focuses on building a team with needed perspectives, strengthening his ability to make sound decisions for a broad population of students. Finally, he listens to the community to identify strengths, needs, and ways to enhance educational opportunities for all students. Patrick Tanner would be an asset to the Nampa School District and I encourage you to vote for him for the Zone 5 seat in this coming election

Annie Hightower


Nampa School Board

I am writing this letter in support of Brooke Taylor for Nampa School Board, Zone 4. I have known Brooke for many years and one of the things I have always admired about her is the enormous energy she brings to community issues. Our children is a topic she is extremely passionate about.

Brooke Taylor is an easy choice. She is energetic, smart and deeply committed to the children of Nampa, their parents and the schools.

Brooke will make an outstanding advocate for our children.

I strongly believe that her skills and wherewithal in the championing of accountability, openness, and transparency will be a tremendous asset for the entire student population.

Brooke Taylor presents a breath of fresh air and I feel her concern of students is genuine and sincerely welcomed. She knows this district and knows what is needed to make it one of the better districts. We need Brooke on the board as she is responsive and sincere when dealing with students, parents, and faculty.

Please support her on election day.

Mary Fortik


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