Stadick for Caldwell City Council

Too many times True and Factual information to the Voters is not forth coming to help us make good choices on Elected Officials. Chuck Stadick Caldwell Seat #6 the incumbent has severed Caldwell Taxpayers and Citizens very well for last 4 Yrs. His Long and Consistent Business Career with Simplot’s has given him the Conservative, Budget, and Open- minded Leadership for City Council. Caldwell has done a good Job creating & re-building a viable Downtown, but at a High Taxpayer Price Tag. So many times, we see Mayor’s support candidates that are” Yes People” for City Council. Consequently, their make-up becomes Past-city Employees, Future City Employees and/or Mayors. Independent thinking Candidates like Chuck provide a Diversity and Check and Balance to government. Sometimes “Elected Officials” lose sight of being Public Servants and Advocates for the People whom elected them. Chuck has been a Dedicated, Consistent, and Conservative Taxpayer Advocate. Unchecked Government can lose sight of what’s “ Needed “ as opposed to what’s “ Wanted “and taxpayers don’t get the Best Bang for their Bucks. Chuck’s opposing Candidates come from Liberal Arts Colleges, which don’t always teach the Values and Benefit’s of Conservative Business Capitalism. Liberals will often say 1 thing and Vote another way, Not Chuck. Voters Beware of Candidates with Pretty Faces and Smooth Talk. If they Dance around answering the Difficult Questions, they probable Lack Integrity, Transparency, and Good Leadership Qualities. The Concerned Citizens Committee of Canyon County reached out to the 3 -Seat # 6 Candidates for Interviews only Chuck Stadick participated at the designated place. Please Caldwell City Voters let’s have a Record Turnout on Nov. 5, So we can Truly Say the Voter Majority has Spoken, not the Minority.

Larry Stevenson

Support C of I's success

As a graduate of The College of Idaho, I am elated with the results of the recent U.S. News & World Report College Rankings. Our upward jump of 51 spots in the past two years is the biggest move of any college in the nation. We are again the top school in Idaho and are ranked in the top 120 in the U.S.

But I am even more excited about our No. 4 ranking in the entire nation (and best in the West) in the new category of “Social Mobility.” This category represents the ability of a school to take students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, many of whom are first-generation college students, and help them graduate in four years and move to a higher socioeconomic status. It is also key to helping students find careers of purpose and meaning. This is what the “American Dream” has always been about.

Sadly, social mobility in the U.S. has become more difficult and our middle class is shrinking. With automation and artificial intelligence, a college degree will become more important, perhaps even essential for success. The College of Idaho’s unique, broad-based PEAK curriculum prepares students to be nimble and responsive to rapid changes in the marketplace. New and exciting careers which do not exist today await students in the years ahead. Those who gain critical-thinking and collaborative work skills, as well as the creativity to innovate, will flourish.

Students live in a world of rich diversity, and competence and familiarity with different cultural backgrounds will be critical to their success in the global workforce. With students from 88 different countries on our campus combined with 60% Idaho students, there is no better environment than The College of Idaho for students to find their purpose and achieve their own version of the “American Dream.”

Marcia Wing, Boise

The real tragedy

Every self respecting, educated American must be appalled at the vile, vulgar, obscene, profane words and boorish behavior with which the current president of the United States litters his conversation, rallies, tweets, conduct. Granted, all but a handful of past presidents, when the pressure of office became too much, lacked sufficient self control and sophistication to avoid resorting to occasional profanity, sometimes even vulgarity, none was even close to being as vile as the present occupant of the White House. The real tragedy is, that his example has permeated our culture and foul language has become increasingly prevalent among politicians, on television, with the news media, even among children. What is equally disgusting is that his supposed Christian supporters only smile and, by accepting his behavior and language, endorse such boorish conduct...There is much more to being an effective president than intelligent language but surely as a nation of over three hundred million we could find a person who is both qualified for the presidency and who respects others, our culture and the language

Lilburn Wesche, Boise

Who's right?

As President Donald Trump is seemingly spiraling to impeachment, this study believes Trump could easily get re-elected in 2020. Donald Trump is one of the best storytellers in recent political memory because of his skill in manipulating the emotions of the audience.

Trump enraptures and titillates his fans, true believers, and other followers. Trump terrifies, upsets and enrages his detractors, critics and people of conscience. America is in a period of high immigration numbers, and we have a president who has tapped into the anxiety many Americans feel.

The route to the middle class has gotten harder. Many Americans are looking for someone to blame. Bernie says billionaires and a rigged system. Biden says nothing cause he has no mind. Half-caste Warren? Go take a job at an Indian Pizza joint. Illegal immigrants, criminals or job thieves !

So who's right ? If you're a die-hard Socialist its NOT the President... and here's where the rubber meets the road.

Socialism is not an option. It has failed elsewhere. Impeachment should start with entire Socialist nation ruining our America. Its now a pit of failed democrat policies, failed politics and failed direction.

All the democrats do is tear down, lie lie lie and spook the electorate before Halloween even starts.

I feel real sad watching a country I defended in Vietnam, my dad defended in WWII and my grandfather from Italy did the same in WWI.

The early 1900's Depression is back. Its referred to as Socialism. Was then and is now. Nothing we can do or say will change it.

Hitler lives on in this Socialist Democrat Party. We are bankrupt with $22 trillion debt....and liberal Socialist democrats could care less.

Dozens of country's have taken this road. Consumed with debt...they collapsed.

God Bless the America we had !

Dano Savino, Nampa

Vote out Risch

In a press release Senator Risch asked us all to go along with Trump's new found policy to allow Turkey's autocrat to attack the Kurds, our allies in the Syria conflict. The Kurds were holding thousands of ISIS prisoners and lost thousands of lives for us in Syria. Trump consulted with no military or foreign policy authorities after talking to Erdogan.

What has this un-vetted decision wrought? Turkey attacked our Kurdish allies killing and displacing many, ISIS fighters escaped, and the Kurds ended up making a deal with Syria and Russia, thus giving Russia even more hegemony in the Middle East. Plus, who will ally with us now that the world has seen how quickly we drop an ally to destruction? Great foreign policy guys.

Risch has consistently supported the GOP-Cult of Trump's pro-Russia, pro-North Korea, anti-ally stances. The GOP-Cult of Trump is dangerous for our state, our nation, our democracy, and our Constitution. If we care about any of these and the rule of law, we must vote our the GOP-Cult of Trump starting with our own Risch, Simpson and Fulcher in 2020, Crapo in 2022, and the man who was never a Republican but now owns them, Trump.

Dallas Chase, Boise

Church and state

Please don’t try to impose your religion on me. Some religious people seem to believe that “religious liberty” means they are free to compel acceptance of their personal religious notions by everyone else. They don’t understand what neutrality regarding religion means. They want their particular religion promoted and supported in government, courts, public policies, and public schools. Instead of posting ten of the over 600 Jewish “commandments,” how about posting the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution—the Bill of Rights. “Secular” simply means nonreligious, not antireligious. A church is religious. A grocery store is secular. A synagogue, religious. A public school, secular. A mosque, religious. A bakery, secular. Our constitution, secular. Our government, secular. That means it belongs to every citizen, not just religious citizens. Religious people can’t even agree on what this god-thing is that they all claim to believe in. Millions of worshippers think their god is the real one; their religion is the true one; their church or denomination is the most doctrinally correct one. Throughout history and today, religious people—at increasing levels—criticize, despise, scorn, hate, vilify, injure, and even murder, other religious people. And they condemn nonreligious people to whatever hell their gods created. Many religious people preach love, but practice loathing.Then there are some people who value caring, compassion, honesty, kindness, rationality, and thinking above ideology. I prefer a FIRST philosophy: Facts, not faith; Inquiry, not indoctrination; Reality, not religion; Science, not superstition; Truth, not tradition. Many years ago, for a college class assignment, I wrote a personal mission statement. I still try to live by it, including: consider alternatives, appreciate the positive, offer to help, judge according to knowledge, evaluate evidence, nurture friendships, stop and think things through, drive safely, and decide to be happy.

C.J. Stoddard, Nampa


Privatization of the U.S. Postal Service would have a negative impact on America, especially in Idaho, where most likely, a private business would limit deliveries and charge higher prices in order to make a profit.Congress needs to act now to abolish the unreasonable burden, on the USPS, of pre-funding future retirees health benefits, 75 years in the future, at 5.4 billion dollars each year. The people of America, no matter where they live or work, deserve quality service at the most affordable rates.

John Paige, Pocatello

Skyview should be 5A

My name is Geoffrey Heideman. I am a senior at Skyview High School, and in my government class we have been asked to be more involved in our government/ community. Thus, I have decided to email you about how Skyview needs to be brought down from a 5A to a 4A division in sports. The main reason I can see for Skyview to be a 5A school is our women's volleyball team which is spectacular. If that is the only reason, then we must realize that the rest of Skyview's athletics, in relation to other 5A schools, is suffering. Skyview needs to be moved down to a 4A division so that we may have an even playing field across all our programs.

Thank you for your time,

Geoffrey Heideman, Nampa

Support veterans

Our veterans accepted the responsibility to defend America and uphold our values when duty called; the least we can do is to make sure that they are properly cared for in their times of need. Unfortunately, our military veterans are often hit with surprise medical bills after receiving emergency treatment from non-Veterans Affairs facilities. We should do our best to make sure that this practice of surprise billing ends. A law currently being debated in the Senate, The Lower Health Care Costs Act, is not in our best interest and should be rejected by our leaders in Washington. Even though this bill aims to lower health care costs, there are unintended consequences, especially in rural areas like the ones that 1/3 of Idahoans live and where access to primary care is not always a guarantee.

As Congress debates a remedy to surprise medical billing, it must not forget the importance of preserving patient access to emergency lifesaving care, particularly in America’s rural communities that tend to have an older population and a higher percentage of veterans. As rural populations continue to age, there will be increasing pressures on rural providers to meet the demand for suitable access to vital health services. Air ambulance services are an essential part of healthcare access in these communities. Not only can air ambulances get patients to the proper facilities in a fraction of the time, they also provide higher levels of care than the typical medical transport. Making sure these services are covered is essential to solving the surprise billing issue impacting our veterans and many other Idahoans and the Lower Health Care Costs Act does not solve that problem. Insurers and providers should work out the payments amongst themselves, without involving the patient, for services they needed in most often a lifesaving emergency.

Dick Turner, Meridian


Observation: “EEK, EEK, EEK,” says the new House mouse. “It’s the CIA, the FBI, STATE DEPARTMENT!” “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

Question: What do you get when the blind follow the blind?

Reflection: “It’s like lemmings following the Great Lemming Leader rushing to death and destruction.”

Silly Realius Mouse, “Squeak, squeak, squeak.”

Joseph M. Newcomer, Nampa

Not these days

Well, they've finally done it. They've finally shown their true colors. Oh, red is their color all right. They swaggered into a closed session being conducted according to designated rules of governance that they had sworn to uphold (on the Bible, remember?), to specifically interrupt the duly prescribed procedure like the gangsta wannabees they really are. And why? To show their unquestioning obedience to their leader instead of allegiance to their country as a whole, and the Republicans and other conservatives who voted for them. Comparing this to the 2016 Democrats sit-in, that happened on the House floor during a public procedure and had legal, traditional precedence doesn't cut it.

So, I ask their voters. Is this what you voted for? Really? It wasn't even an act of civil disobedience Oh, no. It was an arrogant bullying act, designed only for the purpose of displaying complete disrespect for their country and everyone in it, and they brought the "media" to record it. Do you think they won't treat you with the same disrespect at some point? Huh! They just did! That's what power is about, isn't it? The power given to them when they were elected. Is this why? Really? If so, then go ahead, re-elect them and see what happens. This is just the beginning.

As for Fulcher, it may be his first term but that obviously doesn't matter. Not these days.

Irys Gibbons, Nampa

Thank you, Mike and Patty Mussell

There are times when you start reading an editorial opinion and almost instantly realize the person’s negativity has a personal edge. Why else would Sophie Myers aim such a negative message at a couple of folks who have poured their sweat, money and reputation into Nampa’s struggling downtown. Over the course of 30 years, as Nampa’s Building Official, I watched and lent a hand, as the City helped the downtown businesses set up a Business Improvement District (BID), improved the infrastructure and committed resources to assist the downtown. But what was missing was the private investment needed to keep the economic development going. But there was an exception and it was Mike and Patty Mussell. They’ve accomplished a great deal with very little help from local investors. They’ve created viable office and retail space that’s spawned businesses with employment opportunities. The Masonic Temple had been sitting unoccupied, (except for a Bingo game on Tuesday nights), for a couple of decades when the Mussells brought in a signature restaurant and created some quality office space. McClure’s Machine Shop was an old, tired, industrial building that was remodeled and made into quality office space. Then there’s the old Nampa Library, a building (2 buildings actually) I knew only too well as the City’s Facilities Director. It had been offered to every developer in town and no one would take the risk. Now the beautiful bank building will serve future generations as yet another historic landmark is saved from becoming another blighted and dilapidated building. Those who’ve been around long enough to remember the struggles of downtown Nampa, appreciate what Mike and Patty Mussell have done and I for one take exception to Sophie Myers inclination towards conflict rather than optimism. She obviously has never taken the time to

Dennis Davis, Nampa

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