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I am writing in regards to the Idaho Press Tribune article Big City Coffee dated October 31 regarding the BSU location that has closed down. I am sad to see such an article and that BSU would break the contract with Big City Coffee a small business locally owned, due to her stance in supporting the local police department. I looked on BSU’s website that lists classes offering criminal justice. There is a statement BSU has listed on the criminal justice class offered stating “There is no place for the racial injustices that have historically and continuously plagued Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC). Boise State University’s Criminal Justice Program actively stands against racism and oppression in any form.” Does breaking the contract of a small business mean opression? I believe BSU may have not have full criminal justice classes in the future.

Terri Aja, Caldwell


I was disappointed that the Boise State students were able to pressure Big City Coffee’s Boise State location to shut down over a police support flag. A few questions I would ask those students. Let’s first review the facts. And, please pay attention if you think you are indeed “diverse” in your thought. (Which I would challenge mightily). The owner of the Coffee shop’s fiancé is a disabled cop, struck by 5 bullets from a criminal. Her brother is a a firefighter. She is flying a flag in support of cops and front line providers, who protect all of us.

Do you want any police? If not, then are you OK with all of us just carrying our own weapons to protect ourselves? Hmm. Thought not.

So, I need to know: how is this support of the police against the support of Black people? How does this, per the BSU Inclusive Excellence Student Council “send a poor message to Black students” or “silence black students”?

And, if we are truly diverse in our thinking and support, can’t we also support groups that liberals might not agree with? Isn’t that the point of diversity? Allowing both views? How is supporting Black Lives Matter any different than supporting Blue Lives Matter? Both groups seem to be targeted, and both are valued. I am just asking you to think about how you define diversity. Unless, as it seems, the only diversity is views on the left. And, otherwise, the conservative voices are demeaned and shut down.

Cynthia Riley, Eagle


Jeers to a fellow YMCA member: I have a Biden/Harris bumper sticker on my car. When I returned to the car after my swim at the west Boise YMCA this past Thursday afternoon, I found a handwritten note on my windshield, with the following ironically polite, but distinctly un-American message:

“Please dont (sic) bring California Politics to Idaho.” When we moved to this area three years ago (from Ohio) , I had been under the impression that Idaho was one of the United States of America, and that people here were known for being “nice”. Was I mistaken?

Joel Brotman, Eagle


Man versus a Movement

The “Man” Trump who believes America is Good. Biden a man who is controlled by a movement that believes America is Bad. I do not think it is any more complicated than that. For the multi-culturists’ and their revolution to change traditional values and principles they must destroy the institutions that teach those values. BLM the organization, represents a revolution that wants to tear down our institutions. The most important of these institutions is family. Also important is religion, education (which they have mostly destroyed already), and community life which they have replaced with government bureaucrats. The taking down of statues is about destroying America’s past. America has brought more freedom and more prosperity to more people than any country in the history of mankind. We must delegitimize BLM the organization, not the sentiment of BLM. Absolutely Black Lives Matter, but they just don’t matter to the organization. They don’t care about Mr. Floyd, the black businesses they have destroyed or the blacks who are being killed because they have forced the police to back off.

Abortion impacts African Americans at a higher rate than any other population group. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an Abortion Surveillance Report. 36 percent of all abortions were obtained by black women. When you use those percentages, it indicates that of the over 44 million abortions since the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling, 19 million black babies were aborted. That is an average of 406,000 deaths per year. More than Covid-19. Kayne West is right, BLM the organizations doesn’t care about Black Lives. Joe Biden supports the BLM organizations movement. Joe Biden is controlled by a movement that believes America is bad! Don’t let them tear down our institutions.

Jim Graham, McCall


This letter is to express deep disappointment and frustration with the BSU Administration over their apparent rubber stamping of the decision to remove Big City Coffee from their campus location. When faced with the protest by a very few students regarding the owners support of local police, they refused to honor and stand behind the contract they had entered into weeks earlier. This was done after the shop owner had already made a significant financial investment in needed equipment and had hired approx. 20 students for their opening.

I personally reached out to President Tromp expressing concern with this action and seeking additional clarification on the decision but was simply presented with the canned BSU press release.

After failing to get a reasonable response to my inquiry and learning that BSU had offered to reimburse the shop owner, it struck me that this suggested an acknowledgement by the Administration that they had errored in this action and may have been attempting to placate the shop owner as a result.

Such selective and arbitrary exclusionary treatment of anyone by the BSU administration must face the light of day and future State as well as local funding support should be seriously re-evaluated. The Campus does not and should not be allowed operate in a vacuum of arbitrary and even possibly illegal actions. Equal rights is supposed to be for all and not just those that comply with the prevailing political agenda on campus.

Victor Dominguez, Boise


I read the Letter to the Editor printed on 28 OCT entitled “Newcomers”. The author described some of the tragic changes to Meridian, and Idaho in general, caused by the flood of newcomers pouring into Idaho from out-of-state. I could not agree more with this assessment of how Meridian has been completely ruined by all of these people moving here. I also read the reply to this letter by Martin Dale, a self-described “one of many Idaho transfers”. In his letter “Not sorry”, Dale immediately insults Idaho by describing our cities as “hick towns”, and how we should all be grateful to the invasion of newcomers for saving us. Somehow being from some “actual large metropolitan areas” allows Dale to know what is best for those who have lived in Idaho for generations, and if we do not like it, we should move away. These pompous and arrogant statements are so typical of newcomers such as this man. Dale claims that he and other transplants moved here for the “small town charm”. Well Dale, that ship has sailed. The small town charm that you seek has been totally destroyed by the unrelenting hoards of newcomers such as yourself, and instead is being turned into the same cesspool that you came from.

Mark Pierce, Meridian


As an alum of BSU and occasional customer of Big City Coffee, I have a couple of observations. Big City Coffee is a well-liked business for obvious reasons: local, creative, great menu and atmosphere, and all comers are welcome. And they are content with natural competition. People are free to make their own coffee shop choices. I don’t see “Hate Starbucks” or “Hate Dutch Bros” signs on their walls....On the other hand, Inclusive Excellence at BSU is a misnomer. They are obviously not inclusive. “Include us but not them” should be their hashtag. Clearly they are committed to dividing the community, not including the community. “Accept us by hating them” never built a community.

Richard Shaw, Caldwell


Jeers to the administration of BSU for knuckling under to a small group of leftist activists. These snowflake students felt threatened that the owner of Big City Coffee because she supports police. The students in general preferred to have Big City Coffee replace the departed Starbucks, but this small minority feels threatened. This follows BSU disallowing Chick Fil A and Boise Police on campus because the activist students felt threatened. This is preparing students for the real world where they feel threatened by every micro trigger? This does not reflect Idaho values and should cease.

Larry Olmsted, Nampa

Clean energy

Whether it be as a lure for new businesses, the target of a nearly $1.5 billion federal investment in the region or part of the shifting strategies of Idaho’s tried and true utilities as the Statesman reported last week, it’s clear clean energy has an important role to play in the Gem State’s future. But without a workforce up to the task, Idaho will fail to capitalize.

Sadly, the economic lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic has had an immediate negative impact on the clean energy sector. Employment in the clean energy industry grew for five straight years to over 3 million Americans in early 2020. Near 2020’s end however, almost half a million clean energy workers—including nearly 1,500 in Idaho— are still out of jobs from the pandemic. By helping them get back on the job, we’ll also jumpstart one of the country’s fastest growing, pre-pandemic employers.

Clean energy is vital for our future and we need a post-pandemic economic plan that spurs energy innovation, continues to lead on driving down carbon emissions, invests in 21st-century infrastructure, and extends tax cuts for job creators. It’s important that Idaho’s leaders, including senior U.S. Senator Mike Crapo who co-chairs the Senate Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Caucus, continue to advocate for clean energy, as doing so it’s essential to our state’s long-term well-being.

Brook Allen, Meridian

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