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Never Trump

As a Never Trumper, I am not surprised the President has nailed down his WOAT President status and will be written about for generations by historians and business schools. He will be known as the only President of the United States who was not up to the task of leadership in an American emergency by leading them in a deadly, economy busting country tearing ditch. The term of employment for the Presidency is four years and most of the supporters talk of all his accomplishments before he had a chance to show how good he could manage a major problem. Historians in the future will not be able to understand why such an underperformer had such a large following. I am not concerned that the President will not help in the transition. Many of the programs have been hollowed out because the President could not get people to sign loyalty pledges and fill the positions or could not get his picks through a Republican Senate for confirmation. I do not imagine the President will have too much to pass on to the new President of any use. Most of the people who left this administration and wrote books were not exceedingly kind about his management style or ability. They all cannot be wrong. I wonder where all the great election lawyers are to help with the election problems. Rudy? Jury nullification? That is the best the President has? On a positive note for the President, he was able to outdo his mentor Senator Joe McCarthy.

Richard Schauer, Boise

Last thing

A request of Governor Little, please do not become ill. The last thing in the world Idaho needs is for McGeachin to become acting governor, even for five minutes.

Steve Broden, Boise


We have resided in Idaho for 44 years, refugees from rapidly deteriorating California. At first the Statesman was a good and informative read! However, as lifelong registered Democrat supporters, it became apparent that the editor moved in the DNC office 20003 Washington DC! The Statesman was all about the saintly Democrats and sinful Republicans! We studied Political Science, American History, American and Worldwide governments systems AND our Constitution! It could be said that we are more the “centralist”, “constitutional” open minded voters

We gave up on the Statesman years ago, but missing the morning daily paper we elected to try the Press and we came away sort of “half fed”! True there were some attempts at old fashion Journalism early on but at times it appears the Press is out to “nail Trump”! There was “fairness” being displayed in the editorial sections with, again what appears to be token letters from the right to almost balance the left’s abundant hate, but the pure acidic vitriolic, one sided witches brew spewing forth from the “honorable” Jim Jones and Judy Ferro (who?) makes us wonder how come the paper is not dissolving before our very eyes or at least smoking?

We are going to keep the Press until at least 1/21/21 to see who gets sworn in.

But you can be darn sure that either man will be OUR president!

We are not the “losers” but America might be.

Robert & Monica Taylor, Boise

Editor’s note: The Idaho Press does not reject letters based on the political opinions expressed, nor do we choose news stories based on political leanings. We are focused on providing coverage of the Treasure Valley community.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

I write today to ask your audience how wearing a mask will make their bodies healthier?

I am confused why the CDC (and other agencies) is/are spending all the CARES Act money meant for education on masks and social distancing when those suggestions won’t make any person’s immune system better in any way. We still have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, depression, and other illnesses killing millions of people each year. If the CDC would remind the public of what they need to do to be truly healthy then it would protect the public from the coronavirus AND all these other illnesses.

True health is: eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, getting sleep, getting sun, breathing properly, socializing/reducing stress, reducing toxins and soooooo much more. I pray my fellow Americans will wake up and choose each and every day to make their health a priority.

Gideon Ot, Nampa


I’m thankful this year because all my family and friends whom I care about and who care about me are still in my life; I didn’t get COVID and only three of my friends did and survived (I did quarantine once); my brother sent me two N95 masks so I feel safer when shopping even if I may not be; I’m thankful that I never gave COVID to anyone else if I’d had it.

I’m thankful I still have my home, can pay my mortgage and utilities each month (not everyone could), that I don’t have to be anxious about where I will sleep tonight or any other night; that I’ve been able to contribute food and money to the food bank instead of having to ask for food; I hope that those who’ve been in need have been able to receive it.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to communicate with friends and family, attend meetings, take educational courses, and attend church services online. I don’t feel I’ve missed much except some hugs even if these could not be done in person.

I’m very thankful for the companionship of my two loving dogs!

What are you thankful for?

Dena Duncan, Boise

ExpectationsTo Our Idaho delegation in Washington, D.C.: When you stand silent beside the Russians in refusing to acknowledge the results of the Presidential election you are supporting the attempted coup by Donald Trump to remain in office and undermining the heart of our democracy. You were elected to defend the Constitution, not tear it apart. The Cult of Trump has created a huge gulf between the people of the United States and the time to heal and move forward slips away day by day as you all refuse to condemn this unfit, unstable and unelected President. The stench of your lack of support for a peaceful transfer of power will not be easily washed away. I expected more of you.

Patricia Kelley, Boise


My son, single father of a 10 year old, took her to The Village in Meridian on Saturday night to enjoy the lights, the music, the fountain, and holiday spirit. They always observe the Ada County mask mandate. He is an essential worker and she was just finishing quarantine after being exposed to covid.

As his daughter was playing, he stood near one of the heaters. A group of 6, none masked, were near him. One of the women kept giving him the stink-eye and then started to cough — in his direction. Deliberately. He observes the mandate to protect her and others but she coughs deliberately at him? Whatever happened to the golden rule? To treating others as you wish to be treated? To think of others above yourself?

If she is sick and coughing, she should be at home. If she is not sick and coughing deliberately toward my son, she is just a horrible person. It’s not funny. At all. It’s just meant to be provocative and is extremely rude and stupid.

Sue Fillman, Meridian


Here we go again, Democrats still have not accepted the 2016 election, now Republicans won’t accept 2020 election. So, let us call for a complete, transparent & available audit of all 50 states.

It can’t cost any more time or money than the Russian investigation & the impeachment.

For the future of our country, we should have all state legislatures & governors meet, vote & agree on any future elections as to process, rules, time limits, requirements of ID, signatures & citizenship.

All voter polls must be cleared of any deaths or address changes.

We proclaim to be the United States, so let us unite on how elections are held.

Any demonstrators be they Republican, Democratic, white supremacist, young, old, black, white, caught destroying, looting, stealing or burning should receive a minimum 5 years in prison.


Pat Cone, Eagle


“Now we take Georgia, and then we change America”! That idiotic statement from the Democrat Senator of New York, Chuck Schumer, should scare the be-geeies out of every American and more so with Georgia voters because on Jan. 5, 2021, there will be a run-off election between two Republican and two Democrat that will determine the control of the Senate and the future democracy of America.

What are the “WE CHANGE” of Mr. Schumer? Attack on the foundations of the Constitution. Pack the Courts with their own “Hate America” individuals where the Christians need not apply. All open borders. No border walls. Joe gets to stay in the WH basement. Subservient to Europe, China and Russia as a globalist. Fund the World Health Organization as controlled by China which Joe has first-hand working knowledge of. Apology tour. Taxpayer funded abortions. Abolish coal. America is not great. Reset back to the DC swamp. Joe, Hillary, Obama and the media hacks telling 75 million Americans that they are: Chubs, Deplorables, Sexists, Racists and demanding them to now bow down for unity while attacking them. Raise taxes. Authorized and supported the destruction of Democrat cities/states for months and months. Defund Israel. Joe, the Regent administrator controlled by Mr. Obama and his corrupt cronies will be dumped for his rapid mental decline. Joe is listed as felon-criminal suspect in Ukraine. Defund the police/military. Financial bailout of the corrupt democrat-run cities and States that supports tyranny, pillaging and murder. John Durham’s Spygate report on the absolute corruption and treason activities of Obama and his corrupt cronies will not be allowed to see the light of day. John Durham, be like Edmund G. Ross as he did in 1868.

Galen Kidd, Boise


Jim Jones is obviously free to express whatever opinions he chooses as an opinion columnist, but it is alarming to think that someone so quick to state conclusions without examining or even acknowledging evidence served as an appellate judge or attorney general. (“Could Trump Win in the Electoral College or House” 11/22/20, p C9)

I won’t presume to debate him on the fine points of the law, though such distinguished legal scholars as Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley disagree with some of his points; and while his categorical “no conceivable path to reelection” seems overstated, everyone agrees the president’s path to reversing the apparent result is difficult at best. It is also true that few have found it productive, over the years, to bet against Sidney Powell.

But Jones’ statement that there is “no evidence of notable fraud” is beyond preposterous. Even what we know already is overwhelming and shocking circumstantial evidence of widespread, systemic, coordinated fraud, and we await Trump’s legal teams promised court filings. If they are able to present the evidence they claim to have, we will have proof that Biden’s “win” was as fraudulent, and orchestrated by some of the same people, as Nicolas Maduro’s 80% landslide in Venezuela. If that is true, we have been the victims of the greatest political crime in our nation’s history.

Stephen Leonard, Boise

Editor’s note: There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. Voting officials from both political parties have stated publicly that the election went well and international observers confirmed there were no serious irregularities, the Associated Press reports. On Friday, a federal appeals court in Philadelphia rejected the Trump campaign’s latest effort to challenge the state’s election results.

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