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What’s worse: A socialist democratically elected as president or a capitalist harming our democracy?

Several weeks ago I was told I should vote for Trump because we can’t have a socialist president. My response was that Trump would hold true to so many insinuations he’s made that he would declare the election “rigged” and deny defeat. I believe in capitalism — I’ve never been mistaken for liberal tendencies. But I love democracy more than capitalism. And Trump’s kindling of distrust foreshadowed the present flame.

And here we are. As I type this, I’m reading about two Republican who attempted to block a Michigan county’s certification for Biden. “Faithless electors.” Who would have the audacity to do that? I guess maybe if you believe the other side is “rigging the system,” right?

On Nov. 4, my concern became that Trump would claim fraud and, without offering any evidence, would invite people to “come forward” with information to corroborate his otherwise unsubstantiated claims. Who claims fraud and then hopes to come up with proof? Trump, of course. And it resulted in many ridiculous anecdotes across social media along with some to be considered seriously. If you don’t believe my slant on the lack of evidence of fraud, I ask you to read the decisions from the lawsuits. Shut out the noise from polarizing pundits, social media and other sources. Just read the paperwork from the lawsuits. There have been a few irregularities here and there which cannot be deemed fraud or, if so, only on a handful of individual basis, with nothing to indicate rampant fraud of many thousand by Democrats, as Trump asserts. So, here we are, with a capitalist torching our trust in a democratic election. But it’s reversible. Just shut out the partisan noise and read for yourself.

Alan Malone, Nampa


I strongly oppose the cell tower in the midst of that awesome reflection and creation of our God.

Alasya West, Eagle


Devan Hromcik’s plea for help by asking others to wear a mask would have been more effective if she actually wore one herself. I guess the “very contagious disease” can’t be transferred during a photo session.

A little hypocritical don’t you think?

Dick Bonin, Meridian

Editor’s note: The photographer had on mask and maintained a distance of more than 6 feet.


I am writing in regards to the urgency for Congress to act quickly to help people facing financial hardship and boost the economy. As Nora Carpenter, president and CEO of the United Way of Treasure Valley, wrote in the Idaho Business Review, “Policymakers can reduce the economic challenges many veterans face through expansion of the federal EITC to workers not raising children in the home and to younger adults.”

Both the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) encourage people to work while also helping them gain the much needed financial footing. In 2018 these credits lifted 8.9 million Americans above the poverty line. These credits are needed even more now as the unemployment rate is estimated to be greater than 9 percent well into next year.

Senator Crapo, as you are the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, please take action to expand the CTC and EITC as part of the next federal emergency package.

Kris Paulson, Boise


Months after the terrible death of George Floyd, the country continues on a collision course to dismantle our social fiber. President-elect Biden, and other top Dems have offered the olive branch of peace and unity, while on the other hand their foot soldiers Antifa, and BLM, continue to attack Trump supporters in the streets. This is the civility the left has asked for. RIGHT. The actions of the socialist do nothing to inspire the confidence of the conservatives, while mandating regulations that are not to be questioned, but to shut up and obey! They (socialist) when caught in the act of not adhering to the rules they impose are quick to blame others. They demand respect, but give none. The Republicans can always find incriminating evidence of wrongdoings by the left, but fail to follow up to prosecute because Republicans are impotent!! They go along, to get along, never having grown a spine to take on the left. At one time there was a party who would not be intimidated, they were the Tea Party, which better served the conservatives. Now we have “defunding the police”, burning & looting, destruction of monuments, with the socialist condoning these actions. Those of us not partaking in the “political circus” will have to defend ourselves as the socialist unleash their brand of the “Great Reset” and “reimagine” of the plastic world they live in. To think at one time other countries called on the U.S. to monitor their elections from fraud, knowing how we prided ourselves with our Constitution and our fair elections. We have now become a third world Banana Republic, because the moral majority did not take a stand, and have the stomach to defend our God given rights!! Better to die standing, then live on your knees.

Gene Martin, Emmett


Dear Governor Little,

I decided to become a teacher because I love working with kids. My undergraduate degree took five years, I was a music major so there were a lot of one credit classes to take. After I finished my degree, I went on and worked on a post-graduate degree. That’s seven years of getting degrees to teach. Not just that, every five years teachers need to acquire six credits to recertify and keep their credentials current.

Last Friday I was insulted during your press conference. Teachers are not babysitters. We are professionals. We are constantly working to make things better for students. We did not go into teaching to take care of healthcare workers’ children. Don’t get me wrong, healthcare workers are important, but so are teachers.

We go to school everyday not knowing who’s exposed, or even who had it. We work with 20+ students in each class (music teachers see eight to ten different classes a day). Students in my classroom cannot socially distance. I have spacing, I have assigned seats, we wear masks, and I purchased an air purifier. Why did I do this? I’m trying to stay safe. And mostly, I DON’T WANT TO DIE!

I’m a professional, don’t refer to me as a babysitter. I am not a BABYSITTER!

Kelley Smith, Boise

A clue

WOW! It’s amazing that a newspaper would have a weekly political column written by a person that doesn’t seem to have a clue about what is happening in the world.

On Nov. 10 the Idaho Press printed a column by Judy Ferro. She made the statement she hadn’t heard about Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or bringing home the remains of soldiers lost in action decades ago.

Does she know about the three peace agreements in the Middle East, brokered by the Trump administration? How about the three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize? How about the political prisoners he got freed and returned? Does she know anything about the USMCA agreement and the fact that even Biden said it was better than NAFTA?

Now Judy and other Liberals are calling for unity and a peaceful transfer of power. I really hope Biden gets the same treatment as the Dems gave Trump.

I will treat him the same. The Dems said Trump was not their president and fought him every day. In that vein, I do not accept a senile old man as my president, nor will I accept Harris (the socialist) when she takes over in 6 to 8 months.

As for the peaceful transfer of power, what a joke. The Dems were pushing for impeachment before Trump was sworn into office. I guess for a democrat, an attempted coup d’état is considered peaceful!

Rick Brewster, Nampa


When did rancher Governor Brad Little receive his medical license? On March 18 Governor Little banned pharmacists from dispensing hydroxychloroquine for off label use quickly followed by the same rule by Idaho State Board of Pharmacy. The only real investigating news agency “One American News” had a lengthy news article about this drug. A southern California doctor talked at length about his use of hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients early in treatment. He had treated over 2000 patients with this drug, a cocktail using HCQ along with zinc and azithromycin. He has not lost a patient and very few have been admitted to the hospital. HCQ is commonly used worldwide in the treatment of malaria and is considered at essential medicine by World Health Organization and its cost is only pennies. Several other doctors spoke with similar results. A study with bad side effects was quickly withdrawn and debunked. Every drug in my cabinet has a list of bad side effects. So why has the Governor banned a drug that may save my life? I am one of those people with age and medical issues that makes me most susceptible to this virus. Now that Idaho has returned to stage 2, it is time for the governor to give up his medical license and allow me and my doctor to make decisions on my life and the medicine I choose to take.

Paul Braun, Caldwell

Editor’s note: Gov. Little did not ban hydroxychloroquine. To prevent shortages during the pandemic, he limited new prescriptions to patients with diagnoses that support the need for the medication, the Associated Press reported. A National Institutes of Health clinical trial found that hydroxychloroquine does not benefit adults hospitalized with COVID-19.


In reading the letter from Charles Yates of Caldwell in Sunday November 15, 2020. It seems Mr. Yates has forgotten how the Clinton campaign and the Democrat party took to social media and made up stories to disrupt the Trump administration from the time he announced his candidacy to present time. Including the Russian hoax and to impeaching a siting President under trumped up charges and politicizing the Department of Justice. All because they were unhappy with the results of the election of 2016.

Jim Price, Boise

The right thing

To Idaho Senators and Congressmen,

Please immediately pursue a normal transition to the Biden-Harris presidency. The President’s delay is an immoral breach of democracy by failing to act in the national interest.

Over 150 former national security officials from both parties have warned that refusing to begin the transition is a serious risk to national security. With inexperienced, acting personnel at the Defense Department, denying briefing materials to the incoming administration is unpatriotic. It gives comfort to our enemies; they easily may take advantage in these uncertain times.

This is not how the Bush administration behaved during the economic crisis at the end of 2008. President Bush formed a joint task force with the incoming Obama administration to prevent a complete meltdown.

The man in charge of the Trump administration’s effort to produce a coronavirus vaccine wants to brief President-elect Biden, but cannot get permission to do so.

Forty-six people are dying per hour with the 80% Covid-19 nationwide case uptick. It’s urgent that you lean on the Trump administration to start the transition without further delay. Idahoans want to know if you will do the right thing, for our health, our security and our democracy.

Kay Hummel, Boise

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