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Caldwell elections

If Caldwell and other localities want to save money on runoffs, yet still have the winner get over 50% support, why not go to an “instant runoff” system? Each voter could vote for multiple candidates for each office by preference. If there are 5 candidates for mayor, for example, and no one crosses the 50% threshold, the 5th place candidate is eliminated and that person’s votes are redistributed to each voter’s 2nd preference. If still no candidate gets over 50%, the 4th place candidate’s voters are redistributed, and so on, until someone gets more than 50%.

Andrew Asdell


Interfaith Sanctuary

Jodi Peterson-Stigers taught an OSHER Class last month titled: Homelessness in Boise: It’s Complicated. During her presentation, she discussed the work of Interfaith Sanctuary, their innovative programs and solution-based approach to serving the homeless, and Boise’s housing market. She also described efforts to move their shelter to a new location and their quest to turn Not in my Neighborhood to Yes in My Neighborhood. This lecture convinced me that the proposed State Street site is the only viable option for them. It’s reassuring to learn Our Path Home agrees. This public/private partnership is comprised of more than 40 agencies working to end homelessness in Ada County. Their Executive Committee recently voted, unanimously, to approve this siting. Furthermore, this knowledgeable coalition has committed to support Interfaith Sanctuary’s Second Chance project as a necessary and important part of our community’s response to homelessness. That’s why I’m asking Mayor McLean, and members of both the City Council and the Planning & Zoning Committee to approve Conditional Use Permit CUP21-00026. Let the remodeling begin ASAP. The clock is ticking!

Gwynne McElhinney


WWII comparisons

Adams County Commissioners and County Prosecutor Christopher Boyd should visit Germany at their earliest convenience to tour a concentration camp. I suggest Buchenwald, Dachau, or Auschwitz in Poland. It’s clear from Boyd’s comments in a recent interview that neither he, nor the Commissioners, have any understanding of the horror the European Jewish population suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime during WWII. To compare a mandate by the Federal government for health care workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to the deaths of six million adults, one million children, hundreds of thousands of homosexuals, Romani, Jehovah Witnesses, physically and mentally disabled, and others is insulting to the souls of the dead and the survivors. No one is taking away your choice concerning vaccination. The Federal government simply says, “if you want our money, you will do what we are require.” So, outlaw the mandate and find a different source of funding or suck it up and the healthcare workers get vaccinated, and you continue to get federal money. See, you do have a choice.

Barbara Condon

Garden City

Idaho Legislature

Vito Barbieri. Judy Boyle. Brent Crane. Gayann DeMordaunt. Barbara Ehardt. Greg Ferch. Karey Hanks. Ron Mendive. Jason Monks. Dorothy Moon. Mike Moyle. Ron Nate. Heather Scott. Bruce Skaug.

If you are concerned about the far-right turn our Idaho Legislature is taking, cut out this letter, tack it to your refrigerator for the next elections, and if any of these names appear on your ballot, vote against them. I don’t care which party you vote – just vote against them.

This list is not exhaustive, and it doesn’t include candidates for higher office, like Ammon Bundy, Priscilla Giddings and Janice McGeachin, but it’s a start. If we can get rid of these people, we can begin to return sanity to our state. Thank you.

Jean McNeil


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