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Suck it up

As I’ve said to my kids (and myself) many, many times during this pandemic, “suck it up, buttercup!” Masking up and keeping our distance—two actions that we are doing that more than ever now says, “I care about the health of Idahoans and the people who go to work every day to care for us.”

Yes, masking up and socially distancing are not the most comfortable and fun things to do, but it’s not very hard to wear one and step back 6 feet from others during this time. My kids wear their masks all day at school and don’t complain—they get it. Grocery workers, teachers, school staff, food service workers, and, of course, healthcare workers wear a mask every day for 8+ hours a day to serve us.

Hospitals across the state are filling up and medical staff are working around the clock to care for COVID patients. Idaho is running low on healthcare workers, medical resources, and hospital capacity. For us, wearing a mask and social distancing during this limited time is a small ask that makes a world of difference in fighting this health and economic crisis.

Sarah Harris, Boise


In response to the letter appearing in the Sunday, Nov. 15 edition by Wayne Butterfield of Meridian: It states that following a computer glitch in a county in Missouri, “they recounted one county and it changed by over 8000 votes. Now with over 40 counties in Missouri alone that use the computer program and over 20 states-...” This assumes that the ‘glitch’ was repeated in all Missouri election sites and in 20 other states. This is a baseless assumption. It was actually 6000 votes in Michigan. This from KTVB Channel 7 Fact-check: “The Michigan Department of State explained there are fail-safes to ensure ballots are counted accurately. Paper ballots are retained and a totals tape, showing the count for each candidate, is printed from each machine. Had the county clerk not noticed the mistake, it would have been caught when the Board of County Canvassers, made up of two Republicans and two Democrats, reviewed the vote totals from each machine with the overall county figures, according to the Department of State. Also stated: “...they figured out the computer could be manipulated by a low level technician . Also, they have sworn affidavits from observers that a tech showed up the evening of the election.” I have been a poll watcher in several elections and there are always technicians available, in the event of problems with equipment, either on site or on call. These, and other allegations in the letter are undocumented. Where is the information source?

William Brudenell, Boise

Fact check

I have a suggestion for everyone who writes a letter to the editor. How about providing some basis for your opinion? You know, fact check or footnote. The Idaho Press allows its readers the opportunity to express opinions and I think it that is wonderful and responsible of the paper. However, if your letter cites opinion as fact, you should have fact checked the information and noted it. This extra effort will allow readers to better evaluate the information you are sharing. Too many times letters begin with a prejorative statement and then continue with misinformation to support the prejorative statement. An example would be calling people socialists and not saying which socialist programs they support and you oppose. Do you mean Social Security, a Military, farm subsidies, roads or the U.S. mail?

If you wish to praise a politician’s accomplishments, please list them chronologically or alphabetically. When you wish to criticize an elected official, please provide specific instances for your criticism. If you think an election was run improperly, please list exactly what you know to be fact. There is a difference between being a concerned citizen and an agitator. There are issues we need to debate and we should have all the facts before we start debating. Thank you.

Larry Chase, Boise


The Earth is round. The Holocaust did happen. Obama was born in America. Joe Biden is the next President.

REALITY is when one team scores more points than the other team, they win. Oh sure, the losers may question the calls of the officials both teams approved before the game, but the final score is a done deal. The teams accept REALITY, shake hands and move on to the next contest. It’s the American way. It is what it is. REALITY.

REALITY has been the rule in American political elections until 2020. Every president in US history has accepted the REALITY of the Electoral College. Oh yeah, some have taken their time to concede when the votes were close. Al Gore took about 35 days to accept REALITY, but who could blame him when the vote was 271 to 266? Hillary Clinton accepted REALITY the day after the election in 2016, when electoral totals were 306 to 232 for Trump. No massive law suits, no fraud screams, just REALITY.

Within ten days after this election, the world of REALITY knew Joe Biden had won 306 to 232. After state officials from every Republican and Democrat state, plus all the lawyers and law suits Trump and Barr could muster, no fraud that would change the electoral vote was found. Next, Trump tried to con Republican legislatures in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania to alter their official state electoral votes. They have all refused. Meanwhile, Trump continues to endanger America by withholding vital national security information from Joe Biden’s transition team.

When Congress meets January 6 and declares Joe Biden President, we will see if Trump and his Trumpers can accept REALITY, or if they will choose to violate Constitutional Law and attack American democracy. Time will tell.

Steve Shake, Caldwell


There was a time not to long ago that people voted for their preference but felt that the opposing candidate would still protect the country. If you look back to President Obama the conspiracy theories said he would take away our guns. He never did and only the firearm manufacturers and ammunition manufacturers got rich. He was known by the term “deporter in chief” because he set records with the number of illegal aliens that he sent back to their country. President-elect Biden probably has policies that you disagree with, but he will keep the country safe. Presidents take an oath to follow the Constitution and all of them have kept our individual freedoms intact. Your view of how to treat the other guy’s freedoms are often the point of disagreement. The country will survive this. It really will be OK.

Michael Pound, Nampa

Larger cause

A front-page feature article in the Idaho Press (IP) last week described three recent events at the College of Idaho that, in the newspaper’s judgment, qualified as “acts of hate speech or bigotry.” According to the IP, the most egregious of these events was the publication, by some unidentified person, of “photos of a rock that [a CI female student-athlete] had spray-painted in her hometown with ‘#FBLM,’ which stands for ‘F- — Black Lives Matter,’ and messages supporting President Donald Trump.” It appears the female student, to avoid expulsion from CI, was required to sign “a restorative agreement with terms set by the college.” To any informed and rational person, it seems clear the female student’s messages, while perhaps inelegant, were protected speech under our state and federal constitutions, just as BLM’s well-publicized, anti-police messages (e.g., What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!) are protected. BLM’s messages encourage lethal violence against police officers. The worst that can be said of the female student’s messages, which were written on an off-campus rock (size not disclosed) in her hometown, is that some busybody may have found them offensive. Yet, she was punished by an Orwellian-sounding “restorative agreement” while BLM is free to spread its messages of hate and violence with constitutional immunity. Is there some lack of proportionality here? The IP article said that CI recently hired a “multicultural counselor” and vice presidents of “high impact practices” and “inclusive excellence” to deal with events like those described the article. I wonder how those new hires will deal with BLM’s on-campus activities. Finally, the IP article reminds me of an observation once made by columnist George Will about a perceived tempest-in-a-teapot: “They need either a smaller spotlight or a larger cause.”

William Flinn, Meridian

Fantasy Land

I would surely love to know what universe Mr. Charles Yates of Caldwell has been living in. He stated, “Four years ago, Donald Trump became the forty-fifth president of the United States. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton were disappointed but they accepted the outcome.” That’s one of the most hilarious things I’ve heard in a long time. Clinton supporters and the entire democrat party, along with the media, have done nothing but fight Trump and plot against him from the day he declared his candidacy. Russian collusion, impeachment for the phony Ukraine quid pro quo that Biden, by the way, actually admitted to, on camera. The Russia claim is still rampant even though an extensive investigation, done entirely by democrat chosen shills, could find absolutely no proof. Seems the democrats won’t even accept their own investigators conclusions because they were contrary to the remove Trump agenda. Also, does he not recall the fiasco when Gore lost in 2000? Nothing was settled till Dec 13th.

Guess that was okay though since it was the democrats fighting the results. All my life I thought Fantasy Land was at a place called Disneyland, not Caldwell, Idaho.

David Wilson, Nampa

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