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No change

Nothing changes except more government control and the war on poverty continues as with homelessness and addiction because ask those in Venezuela and Hong Kong on how human rights are and soon it could happen in America. I think America has become to many laws and regulations and the poor suffer and pay the price for it and our cities will soon look like third world countries in decay and a war zone but than the wealthy don’t have to worry because they live in their ivory towers. The problem is that the politicians, media and Hollywood need to be reined in because they have become abusive in power and allowing America to be looted and burned but also businesses to fail and fall. America’s working class will feel the burden and their communities will be in distress and just look at Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore but look at California and New York also that has become crime ridden and the homelessness. The mental health of America is in dire straits with looting and burning but also riots and communities being literally destroyed and who will fix the problem because I doubt the media will address it or politicians and Hollywood will be partying and dining while many hunger and starve to death. The truth is no one seems to care about suicides , mental health, addiction , poverty or homelessness and our politicians, Hollywood and media have the God syndrome but one day it will all fade away and we will wake up and we will be Venezuela or Hong Kong and my fellow Americans you will do nothing but whine. I believe what goes around comes around and America is crumbling and riots are ongoing and won’t end soon because we are destroying ourselves within.

John Landers, Wilder


What happened to the Legal process for electing Board Members for Boise’s North End Neighborhood Association (NENA)? The “old” Board of Directors of NENA are questioning the validity of the October 27, 2020 annual meeting electing 6 new Board members by stating on the NENA website they have a right to “certify / ratify” the election.The NENA By-Laws provide, and in NENA past elections, once the vote is counted at the annual meeting, the newly elected board members immediately assumed their duties as Board members.This fall, the Board changed the election process beyond the By-Laws. Six new board members, Daniel Forreger, Crystal Allen, Sitka Koloski, Carlos Coto, Sarah Forreger and Tory Spengler were elected. At the end of the meeting an announcement was made that the election would be “ratified” at the November 24, 2020 Board meeting. What a surprise! There is no provision for election “ratification” or “certification” under the By-Laws, This never occurred in the past. At the next NENA Board meeting on November 24, 2020, I encourage the 6 new and 5 old Board members celebrate a new start to advance the stated Mission of NENA.

Susan Graham, Boise


COVID-19, riots, and a hyper-contentious election have really made for a stressful past few months. This has caused a general “funk” to prevail throughout our great country! But thank you Idaho Press! Without intentionally doing so you gave me a hearty laugh, at least for a moment.

Although I really try to avoid the “Letters to the Editor,” just by shear chance I had the fortune (or more appropriately, misfortune) to read your November 12th submissions. There it was...a letter submitted by “Linda Barrett-VanNortwick!” Wow! Kids, this is a text book example of “hypocrisy!”

There is so much wrong with “Barrett-VanNortwick”s” letter I would be at risk of violating your paper’s 300-word limitation policy many times over if I attempted to respond to it fully.

However, let me pick a particular “jewel” from this letter. “Barrett-VanNortwick” self-righteously lectures all Republicans that they should put on their “...big boy pants and get behind Mr. Biden.” I think this falls under the “do as I say and not as I do!” version of “hypocrisy.”

On the first day President Trump stepped into the office of President (which he won as a result of the Electoral College as provided in the US Constitution) the Democrat Party has attacked him unmercifully, throwing one unsubstantiated allegation after another against the proverbial stone wall to see if any would stick. Much to the left’s frustration, none have! However, the Democrat “brain-trust” of Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Waters, Harris, so on and so forth continued on the warpath. Darn...I failed to mention Hillary Clinton who has complained for the last four years about her 2016 election loss!

Being a “hypocrite” is really not easy to hide! This is why the country is divided and will remain divided, perhaps even more so, under Biden.

Randy Poole, Boise

What’s right

Thank you, America, for your votes to elect a President that will represent the United States over the next four years in the manner we had come to expect of our president. No more lying to America. No more working to divide this country instead of uniting it. No more putting science and facts brought forth by true experts in their fields aside, in favor of your own self-aggrandizing beliefs to the contrary. No more fake bible toting to show you as a man of faith and decency, only to turn around and act in ways that are anything but. No more having a President that claims all news is fake unless what is released is entirely in favor of his beliefs, solely. No more America being made a laughing stock on the world stage because of our former president’s antics and lack of common civility and decentness. It is beyond time to put the past four years behind us and heal from the damage that was done. This will not occur overnight. It will require honest leadership at all levels, leadership that has the interest of all Americans at heart. It should be clear to anyone willing to honestly admit it that the President’s apprenticeship was a failure in so many ways. The outcome he received was deserved. He was fired by a clear majority of American people who came together to do the right thing for our great country. Let’s heal together America, and Idaho. Let’s ask of and expect our representatives in Congress....Risch, Crapo, Fulcher and Simpson...to serve the people by being decent and honest, and by working in collaboration with others to do what’s right for all Americans, regardless of race, color or creed. Put the “D” or “R” aside and do what is right.

David Pisarski, Eagle

Thank you

Thanks to all of the election personnel and all of the poll workers.

This administration, his puppets and some congressmen have called into question all of the different state’s election employees, chief election judges and all of the thousands of poll workers who have come out to provide a true and accurate election for this country. Every person takes an oath to protect a fair election no matter the winner. I ask those people to explain how Republicans can be overwhelmingly voted into office but on the same ballot the president’s is fraudulent.

Every voter signs an oath they are entitled to vote and provides evidence upon registration. Absentee ballots and Vote by Mail are the same thing. There are several states across the country who only have Absentee or Vote by Mail. The ballots can be mailed or dropped off. These states also put into place laws that allow for the votes to be processed prior to election day.

These ballots are safer for the voter, eliminate the need for poll worker and cost less for the states. Ballots are only sent out to registered voters and each one is bar coded with that person’s information. These envelopes can’t be forwarded to another address or used by anyone else. Each returned ballot envelope must be signed on the outside of the envelope. As each ballot is received by the election’s office, it is entered into a special computer that reads the barcode and pulls up the Voter ID card to match signatures. If they don’t match or it’s questionable, it is rejected for further review. Only after this verification can a ballot be opened and counted. This process is the same as ballots cast in person, so the final results of all votes are available faster.

Diane Jensen, Meridian


Dishonest media continues to proclaim Joe Biden “President-elect” even though legally disputed vote tallies in a number states are unresolved and the Electoral College doesn’t vote until mid-December. If the courts through out enough votes in enough of these disputed states, President Trump might still win the Electoral College. If the courts can’t validate the vote, they could choose to throw out the disputed results and through the choice of Electors back to the State Legislatures, which would be entirely Constitutional, given the corruption of the popular vote tallies. In all of the disputed states, except Nevada, both houses of the legislature are controlled by the Republicans, giving Trump yet another potential path to victory in December. As Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has said, let the process play itself out.

Andrew Asdell, Boise


It is obvious by now that there is no breaking through the wall surrounding the cult that Trump has built. And I have finally given up excusing those people and hoping that some would eventually see what they are doing. They support the triad of McConnell/Trump/Putin. Sadly, those individuals will chant simple slogans without the slightest thought given to what they are actually supporting. They happily sacrifice their self-respect in the name of … of what? What do they gain with their blind allegiance to words and actions that destroy many of the things they claim to believe?

Those in the Trump cult are the drivers of all these corrupt, dishonest, dishonorable actions. You have all the power. Our four elected legislators will happily sell themselves just to avoid a tweet from one man. For our four elected corrupt, cowardly racists, servicing Trump is much better than risking losing their jobs.

The COVID pandemic has brought 240,000+ dead Americans! Yet, not a negative word from either cult members or our elected legislators. They are all comfortable claiming that they have no responsibility. The Republican mantra is that Democrats are to blame for starting the virus for political gain. All of the cult members and our leaders have responsibility for those deaths. Do you know someone who has contracted the virus or who has tragically died? I do and it is inexcusable.

Well, obviously, there is much, much more to say about this. I am saddened to have finally given up hope that anything will penetrate your blind loyalty to a dictator.

Charles Tate, Garden City


Jeers to Chris Yamamoto. After volunteering to be a poll worker, I was glad I didn’t get called to serve. Why wouldn’t the Canyon County Clerk protect his poll workers (and voters) by requiring face coverings in the polling places? I think Mr. Yamamoto is smarter than that, so it must have been all about political posturing, like “Constitutional” Sheriff Donahue at the health board meeting. Too bad that means using innocent, civic-minded volunteers as cannon fodder in the war on COVID.

Yes, I know: naked-faced people have a constitutional right to vote, along with other kooks like COVID-deniers, Bundy-ites, QAnon, antifa, and even Democrats. But there are alternatives to in-person voting inside the voting place, such as curbside or mail-in. Other places have required that of naked-faced people, why not 2C?

James Runsvold, Caldwell

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