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As I sit here, looking at the news feed, I see repeated stories on how the virus is sickening and killing more and more of our fellow Idahoans. I am reminded of when I was in basic training in the early 70’s. I was repeatedly, and forcefully, reminded that my behavior, as a member of my squad, would directly affect the success of the group. We were shown that if a member of the squad was repeatedly failing and we did nothing to help that person help us succeed, we were all at fault. I am certain that everyone who served in any of our armed forces had the same basic experience. Many more of us have participated in team sports where we were taught that the team succeeded when all the members of the team did their best. In Band, Chorus, Scouts, 4H, and so many other group activities, the same logic helped us understand what was required to achieve the success of the group.

Why then, is it so hard, for so many, to understand that if we all do what is needed, we will, as a city, county, state and nation, get this virus under control?

Wearing a mask is a small ask when you consider that ~2,000 fellow Idahoans per day are affected by the continued spread of the virus, simply because there are so many of our “team mates” who think that their comfort is more important than the lives of the other members of the team.

More than that, how is being careless about the lives of others an inalienable right?

We are all on the same “team”. If you a” part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Steve Eisele, Nampa


To Linda Barratt-VanNorwick of Nampa.

It’s too bad you Trump hating folks are so short sighted and uninformed. As soon as you use the term “ false claims “ I know you have no idea what you are talking about. If you take the computer glitch in Missouri alone, it would show you what happened. After they found the glitch, they recounted one county and it changed by over 8,000 votes.( that’s a difference of 16,000 in count) Now with over 40 counties in Missouri alone that use that computer program, and over 20 states — what do you think is going on. Don’t forget they figured out the computer could be manipulated by a low level technician. Also, they have sworn affidavits from observers that a tech showed up the evening of the election.

What about the thousands of ballets that showed up the next day, in Philly, with no post mark, no signature and only had one mark on them — that’s right, Joe Biden — no down ballet markings — suspicious, you think. What about the 20,000 ballets that came off the back of a truck and were 98% Biden – Suspicious ?

You folks are so mad at having a great economy, you want to change to socialism. You need to look at what Biden stands for.

Joe Biden didn’t file law suites because he didn’t need to. He had it rigged to win. He said he had a fraud system in place, and would have used it if plan A didn’t work. Why do you think the Bidens are under investigation for money laundering? ( look it up)Joe Biden is corrupt ! ! He didn’t earn that much money as a 47 year Senator.

Wayne Butterfield, Meridian


America has spoken, joe biden will be the 46th president of the United States on January 20, 2021.

Or, in other words this part of America has spoken; those that want abortion on demand based upon a “woman’s right to do with her own body”, those that desire for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, @$@$@#$ (all in this list are homosexual) to be given rights over and above normal Americans.

The part of America that wants woman power at all causes to the point of being unnatural, the part of America that believes the black lives matter horse manure, the part of America that believe that blacks are oppressed in America, those in America who voted for joe biden because they want open southern borders, the same people want police to be held at bay and to defund their budgets and incomes. Those that wish to have America linked with the Paris Climate Accord again, Those that insist that man-made global warming is true and actual, those that desire that all fossil fuels to be left in the ground and that the USA goes to alternative energy which will in turn save the planet Earth.

Those that want the corporate tax rate returned from 21% to 32%.

Those that believe that America’s success is based upon the degree of government intervention that is applied upon each and every life.

Those that believe that the fewest number of guns in mankind’s possession translates to less murders.

THAT or THOSE are the people that voted joe biden into office. The other half of society.

America does not deserve President Donald Trump.

I believe that it would be hilarious if President Donald Trump, Melania, and Baron flew down to Mar Lago and relaxed till Jan. 20, 2021.

Those that wish to have the USA

Doug Sweaney, Caldwell

Wash your hands

We, the United States, have participated in the greatest super spreader event of the year. No one is talking about it. The election was the event. The result: more cases than ever. Why? Because governors across the country did not mandate mail in voting. Why? Various reasons from money to politics. Every single state had the ability to communicate with states that already do 100% mail for guidance. Every single state had the ability to use emergency measures to temporarily bypass state rules to implement. Every single state was under orders by POTUS to control their own states regarding CV19 because the administration did not want the responsibility of assisting with paying for a truly responsible and democratic election that protected ALL Americans, not one party or the other. Every single governor, regardless of party, is responsible for increasing the cases and deaths now occurring. Every single governor should be mandating safety protocols and every single citizen should be abiding by the mandates. Heavy fines for not abiding will not only incentivise observance, but will help finance medical assistance for first responders. Every single governor, regardless of party, should be insisting their federal senators & representatives do their dang jobs and pass appropriate legislation. They can and should bypass any veto. This is not a virus that distinguishes party. It is indiscriminate. A little discomfort and inconvenience for a while is cheaper than the alternative. Wear a mask, use social distancing, and wash your hands, America!

Brenda Garrett, Nampa

Thank you

Raise your hand if sharing your workspace with 25 to 30 kids is your idea of perfect. I see the Idaho public school teachers out there! Most of us can’t imagine the challenges these amazing professionals are overcoming to do their job during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a retired teacher and school counselor, I was curious how teachers in our community are coping so I asked three neighbors who are teaching during this unprecedented school year.

The good news is they all still love their careers! They are enthusiastic about their students and are excited about learning new techniques to keep them engaged with online instruction.

And they are tired. All three mentioned the enormous amount of personal time they take to prepare for both online lessons and in-person classes. All three miss the daily classroom contact with students. They are concerned about their personal health and the safety of their families due to COVID-19 but hope that smaller groups, mask wearing, and social distancing measures will work well enough to continue to allow a blend of in-person and online learning.

Please join me in thanking our remarkable teachers for the time and effort they give our children.

Kayla Dodson, Boise

The victim

During my 40 years as a journalism and communications professional, I have never before seen the volume of biased, shoddy political reporting that I have observed during the past year in the national media. The victim has been president Donald Trump. His achievements have been downplayed or not reported at all, and the jackals in the liberal media have been nipping at his heels every day to manufacture whatever they can to make him look bad.

His administration’s negotiations that resulted a few months ago in a historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and the normalization of relations between Israel and Sudan are prime examples of biased reporting. These wonderful achievements were barely mentioned in national media.

On the flip side, Joe Biden’s shortcomings have been ignored and a positive spin is placed on virtually everything he does or says. One might think that Joe has hired reporters and editors throughout the country to act as his public relations staff.

I was taught in journalism school that reporting must be factually correct and balanced. Editorials can communicate opinions, but straight reporting must be unbiased. I’m sorry to say that these guidelines have been ignored for the most part, with editorial comment now being commonplace in what should be straight news articles.

I can only hope that this shameful behavior is forced on reporters who are threatened with loss of their jobs if they don’t comply. The alternative – that they are willingly playing along – is too discouraging for me to contemplate.

David Cuoio, Boise


While the threat of COVID-19 is nowhere near over, with testing, and evaluations college sports can continue to be safely played.

College student athletes have trained, studied, and invested countless hours of hard work to compete to the best of their abilities. If athletic departments can monitor athlete’s health through this fall and winter, then college athletics should not come to a halt.

For most schools, College basketball has been announced to start at the end of November 2020. Depending on different state health regulations, Universities have been taking precautions by testing athletes for COVID-19.

As a student athlete at Bushnell University, an NAIA school in Eugene, Oregon; we are taking FDA approved COVID tests at least once a week. Before every weightlifting session, work out, and practice, we are asked several questions regarding if we have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or if we have any COVID related symptoms. We then get our temperature taken and wear masks the entirety of our practices. These precautions ensure that we have safe participation within our team.

While following health protocols and abiding by state regulations, college athletics can continue to safely take place. Athletes at all college levels have devoted countless hours of hard work and training. The benefits that sports have on an athlete out-weigh the potential risk of getting COVID-19. While athletes receive substantial physical, emotional, and mental health benefits, they are obtaining relational and management skills that will stay with them through the rest of their lives. COVID-19 is a serious and real virus, but while monitored correctly University athletics should take place this Fall of 2020.

Sarah Reinecker, Caldwell

Tax credits

Today as we fly our American flags in honor of those who have served, we should not only celebrate but also support our active duty and military veterans who put their lives on the line for our country. Policy makers can reduce the economic challenges many veterans face through expansion of the federal EITC to workers not raising children in the home and to younger adults.

The EITC and the Child Tax Credit (CTC) make a difference in the lives of millions of working families across the country, including many service members, veterans and their families. The EITC and CTC boost incomes, help working families make ends meet and help veterans put their valuable skills to work when they return home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought enormous damage in our nation. While there have been some recent signs of progress, many Americans are suffering from severe financial distress. The coming months will be very difficult for many Americans and their families as they try to regain their financial footing after an unforeseeable blow. It is crucial that our government play an ancillary role of providing support to those most in need, including the 20,900 veterans or active military families in Idaho who would benefit from the expansion of these tax credits.

Tax credits for working families are one of the most effective policies available and the right thing to do for our veterans, their families, and the great state of Idaho.

Nora Carpenter, Boise


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now our President-elect and Vice President-elect. May they be in God’s will. Those of you who voted for them, get ready for these things:

  • Reduction in fossil fuels and $5.00 gasoline. No more energy independence.
  • Higher taxes. Joe can’t fund all his projects without it. “only those who make over $400,000”. I will be surprised if it’s only the rich. How about capital gains and inheritance taxes?
  • Increase in support for Planned Parenthood and the murder of more babies that have no say in the matter.
  • Gun control that will lead to only the criminals having free access to weapons.
  • Free passage for illegal immigrants to vote in our elections and displace jobs of legal citizens.
  • Government run health insurance paid for by taxpayers. Those who work hard and take risks get the same coverage as those who don’t. Good luck on the feds running it well.
  • Foreign countries taking advantage of America in regards to economic trade again. And more businesses and factories moving out of the US.

When any of these things happen, remember who you voted for.

Rick Church, Parma

On track

As virtually everyone knows, this pandemic has affected our country and the world in many ways. There have been 10.2 million cases and 239,000 deaths nationwide. One of the easiest and most effective ways to slow the spread, and save lives is to wear a mask. For some reason this has become a political football. I do not enjoy wearing a mask for several reasons. I enjoy smiling a folks as I pass by them. If someone speaks to me, it makes it more difficult to understand them if I can’t see their lips. Here is my advice. I purchased a group of three different Seattle Seahawks masks. I am positive there are masks available for most sports teams: baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey...including college teams like BSU. I have a neighbor who has an art-themed mask; the one she was wearing was “Starry, Starry Night.” I imagine there are hundreds of different choices. If you are Christian, you are asked to love one another... perhaps wearing a mask would be part of that. I know many people who are not particularly religious who wear masks because it makes common sense. I am sure that Donald Trump would sell you a MAGA mask. Then, of course there is the economy. We need to wear masks so that our small businesses can get back in the game. Please wear a mask. Please encourage family and friends to wear a mask. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get back on track.

Bill Buckendorf, Caldwell

House divided

Four years ago, Donald Trump became the forty-fifth president of the United States. Those who voted for Hillary Clinton were disappointed, but they accepted the outcome.

Last week, Joe Biden became the forty-sixth president of the United States. Those who voted for Donald Trump were disappointed, but instead of accepting the outcome, they took to the streets, crying foul and threatening disruption.

Those who voted for Biden could now say what Trump voters said to Clinton voters in 2016: “The election is over. Your candidate lost. Get over it.” Instead, the president elect has called for an end to bitter divisions, asking us to stop seeing our opponents as enemies.

In 1630, a new immigrant told his companions, “we shall be as a city on a hill,” but he warned them that could happen only if they were willing “to do justly, to love mercy, to walk humbly with our God, [to] entertain each other in brotherly affection.”

More recently, quoting no less an authority than Jesus, the very first Republican elected to the presidency said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

If we hope to continue standing, we must stand together, in justice, mercy, humility, and affection.

Charles Yates, Caldwell

‘Hick town’

Cheers to Linda Jedry for her November 5 very appropriate response to “Newcomer” Martin Dale’s letter telling us how fortunate we are that all the Newcomers have caused us to no longer live in a “hick town”. Prior to reading Mr. Dale’s letter. I didn’t know that previously I lived in a hick town, and now I don’t. I don’t think that many hick towns have the equivalent of a Morrison Center, ballet, philharmonic, Shakespeare Theater, etc.? These venues, along with our many outdoor recreational opportunities, have existed for a number of years, long before most of you newcomers arrived. So, Mr. Newcomer, I think we would all be better served if you just pack up your attitude and return to where you came from.

Jack Keifer, Boise

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