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Vote Adams

Call it the Marine in him. He was trained to fight to protect American values — liberty and justice for all – and defend the vulnerable, those who can’t defend themselves. It’s a commitment and instinct he put into practice in Afghanistan.

My husband Ben’s candidacy for state representative is motivated by that same sense of calling to leadership, duty, and public service to our community, state, and nation.

Protect American values. Defend the vulnerable.

As state representative, his vote would represent the common values of families in Nampa.

Limited government, defined by our inspired Constitution.

Lower taxes. Repeal of the grocery tax. Much-needed property tax relief, so families and businesses can thrive, and the most vulnerable – low-income families and senior citizens on fixed incomes — aren’t forced from their homes.

The Right to Life, with which the Declaration of Independence declares we’ve all been “endowed by our Creator,” including the most vulnerable, not yet born.

Our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves — and our families, homes, and property — in our own backyards as much as on foreign battlefields.

Our freedom of religion, speech, assembly – yes, using common sense and respect for others, even during a public health challenge. The most vulnerable among us, living paycheck to paycheck – those at highest risk of losing their jobs, homes, and businesses — must be allowed, with common sense safety precautions, to get back to work.

Please join me in voting for Ben Adams. Help him continue to fulfill a veteran’s sense of duty to fight for our values and defend the vulnerable.

Please visit before you vote, and please read my letter to voters while you’re there.

Thank you. As Ben says, God bless and keep us safe. And free.

Rebecca Adams, Nampa

Not there yet

“We are all in this together.”

No one was able to anticipate the coronavirus pandemic, yet each day we are learning to manage this new reality. We are learning that the best thing we can do for our community is just stay home.

I was saddened to receive the news that Nampa Christian Schools would be re-opening its doors for students. I graduated from Nampa Christian High School in 2017, and I am disappointed to see the school putting its amazing teachers, students, and administrators at risk.

Despite assurances that new policies would be in place to protect the Nampa Christian community, this is an extremely risky decision that puts too many at risk. Resuming face-to-face learning is unnecessary at this point. Nampa Christian should continue with remote-learning just like all other Treasure Valley schools.

I hope they reconsider their decision to re-open. Please consider writing a letter to the Nampa Christian School Board to express your opposition to this decision. We, as a community, need to hold each other responsible—because, after all, we are all in this together.

Life will go back to normal one day, but I fear we are just no at that point yet.

Kedrick Glinksi, Nampa

Adams for 13B

As a former lieutenant governor, attorney general, Republican nominee for governor, chairman of President Reagan’s 1980 Idaho campaign and presidential appointee for Bush 41, I know what leadership looks like, in both the modern era and from history.

Lincoln was elected state representative at 25 years old. Washington became a regimental commander at 21. Idahoans elected Frank Church to the U.S. Senate at 30, and me at age 31, as the nation’s youngest attorney general.

That perspective, in part, compels me to urge my friends in Nampa to support Ben Adams for State Representative, District 13B. Ben is 30 years old, a decade older than former State Rep. Mike Strasser, whom Nampans elected to the Legislature in 1980 at age 21.

Ben, over his three decades of life, has exhibited proven leadership in the toughest situations imaginable. That wins my endorsement!

In the military version of dog years, one year of combat in Afghanistan, discharging responsibilities and duties which most of us can not comprehend, might age a man with a decade’s worth of maturity and judgment. Ben served two such years.

The United States Marines cited Sgt. Adams “high level of maturity and judgment,” in assigning him leadership duties usually held by higher ranking Marines and for successfully overseeing 41 small arms combat engagements. The citation read: His “tactical knowledge allowed him to anticipate potential dangers ..., mitigating potential ambushes and IED strikes and ensuring the safety of the Marines.” Ben combines that background with solid conservative views, fiscal common sense and a fine family orientation.

That’s precisely the kind of mature, proven leadership Idaho needs right now, “for such a time as this.” Send Sergeant Ben Adams to the Legislature in Boise!

Dave Leroy, Boise

Property tax


We’re waiting for Governor Little and Mr. Moyle’s conversation about the personal property tax. It’s even more important since the shutdown. There is a way Idahoan’s could have no personal property tax — EVER. Idaho can be the most prosperous State in the Nation, with world-class education, healthcare, and infrastructure by temporarily storing partly used nuclear fuel IN RETURN for the billions already being spent to store it elsewhere. DOE already paid $8 billion for utilities to temporarily store their own fuel. That money should have been Idaho’s. In the future, DOE will spend another $30-40 billion. That money can be ours. Completely funding Idaho’s needs is our most important issue. Our relatively poor, heavily taxed people, could have 16 years of tuition free education, no fees, and no personal property tax. Yes, the aquifer will be safe.

Used fuel is worth more than gold so it will not be abandoned here. The nation’s 90,000 tons still contain thousands of tons of economically and strategically essential energetic metals able to generate more than $15 trillion (yes, trillion) of emission-free electricity. It’s folly to call these already available, already paid for, reusable metals a waste.

State leaders won’t spend the political capital to make this issue a reality. They wrongly believe it is too controversial. But it’s not as controversial as abortion, gender, common core, marijuana. Unfortunately, most Idahoan’s are unaware of these benefits while paying exorbitant tax rates on very low incomes, all that before the shutdown. Idahoans will accept it once they understand the issue.

So, Governor Little and Mr. Moyle, about that conversation. Let’s eliminate property tax altogether by safely storing spent fuel in return for the billions already being spent elsewhere. And yes, the aquifer will be completely safe.

Paul Blacker, Meridian

Public service

I know many public service employees who work tirelessly to provide us must needed services.

Federal and state employees provide vital services that benefit Americans every day, yet much of this important work goes unnoticed. We see them when hurricanes strike, floods destroy communities and pandemics spread worldwide. We know that they help land our planes safely and perform inspections to maintain a healthy food and water supply. But for every image you see on TV, thousands more work behind the scenes to keep this country running.

They process tax refunds, small business loans, stimulus payments, Social Security checks, and loans for college students fight fires and provide help during disasters. They track biological threats and alert Americans to treacherous weather conditions, among other critical and life-saving tasks.

COVID-19 is the latest crisis during which we expect our civil servants to work tirelessly and often around the clock. I take comfort in knowing that our country is fortunate to have dedicated professionals who continue to selflessly serve their fellow man all for the greater good.

Throughout the year, but especially during Public Service Recognition Week, May 3-9, we should gratefully acknowledge their service. While we remain shuttered indoors to fight the invisible enemy among us, let’s recognize and appreciate civil servants for what they truly are: the heartbeat of America.

Ken DeLong, Kuna

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