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Vote for Julie

Julie Yamamoto, candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives District 10A, is the epitome of someone who transcends political biases. She describes herself as someone who seeks fresh ideas while adhering to her conservative ideals. We can attest to this fact

as colleagues from her past profession as a high school administrator.

She is an Idaho native that understands the viewpoints of her district. Since we have known Julie, she has always upheld her beliefs in liberty, common sense, leadership and fiscal responsibility. As a school administrator, she instilled personal responsibility

in students and staff alike while creating an atmosphere of professionalism, honor, respect, and service to community. Julie is the consummate listener and arbitrator while remaining true to her core values. Julie Yamamoto is someone who lives her words and

faith and yet has a world view obtained through years of education and experience to listen to and understand the adherences of others. She is one who gives back to and cares about her community as a life-long resident.

Her education alone is a testament to her ability to see things through. She holds a Doctorate in Education and studied at three institutions here in our own state. Julie is a leader that understands the collaborative process and one who is able to represent the

people of Canyon County in a way that exemplifies both our ideals of individualism and our variety of backgrounds. In summary, Julie Yamamoto would be a tremendous asset to the Idaho House of Representatives, the voice of our people and the inherent pragmatism and hard work that defines Idaho’s citizens — Republicans and Democrats alike.

We cannot express enough gratitude and respect for our dear friend.

Whitney & Frederick Johnson, Marsing

Vote Wroten

Born in Nampa, Educated by Nampa School District, A.A. Degree from NNU, Bachelor Degree (BBA) from BSU. Perhaps the most civic-engaged volunteer in our City. [According to my tally, Kenny has served as a member and leader in eight important City and County organizations.]

He is among a small list “of the best” members of the Nampa Salvation Army Advisory Board I have known in my 40 years of participation with the Nampa Corps. Include Kenny Wroten alongside SA Board members like Wendell Christensen, Barbara Watkins, Don Brandt and Maxine Horne. He has rendered stellar leadership as Chairman of the SA Board for the last two years. The following words describe his service as a leader: Dependable, Creative, Listener, and Invested.

Kenny will represent District 13B with distinction. Commit the effort to obtain your mail-in ballot.

Jerry Hull, Nampa

Rick for District 12

I am honored to support a friend of mine for over 30 years, Rick Youngblood, for District 12 B House of Representatives Over that time I have come to know him as an individual who is of high moral character, of high integrity, a Christian, community minded, and a strong family man. Rick has served the community in numerous ways including: Chairman, Nampa Chamber of Commerce Board, Idaho Council of Governments, National Oldtime Fiddlers Association, Canyon County Republican Central Committee as well as many others. Among awards he has been awarded are the Community Businessman of the Year and Community Volunteer of the Year.

When Rick first considered running for public office , he came to me asking about placing his name on the ballot first for the Canyon Highway District #4 Commissioner seat and then later the District 12 B House of Representatives seat. Because of his background in the banking business and private sector, I encouraged him to run in both cases. In the case of the Legislative position, I was nearing the end of my time in the legislature and felt that he would be excellent in serving on JFAC because of his background. I have not been surprised at his success on JFAC. He is the House Appropriations Committee Chair (Co-chair of JFAC), This position gives Canyon County a major voice in the budget setting process.

Rick deserves your strong support to continue serving District 12 and Canyon County in order to continue his work for you, the people he represents.

Darrell Bolz, Caldwell

Invisible army

President Trump has made an apt analogy indicating that we are fighting a war against an invisible enemy. My service on the Governor’s Coronavirus Work Group has given me an opportunity to see Idaho’s “invisible army” from behind the scenes. I refer to the amazing men and women who serve in our state’s Department of Health and Welfare and local public health departments.

I refer to them as an invisible army because most Idahoans don’t know who they are or what they do, and are unlikely to interact with them directly. These are incredibly dedicated and passionate experts in their fields who work at our state laboratory, who work as epidemiologists, who trace the contacts of those who become infected, who track disease activity and statistics, who coordinate our responses to public health threats, and who help educate and advise the public and our health care professionals.

These individuals often turn down more lucrative opportunities in the private sector because of their passion for the work of public health and their commitment to being public servants.

I have been amazed at the experience and expertise we have here in Idaho. I cannot tell you how fortunate we are to have these talented individuals who dedicate their careers to promoting the health of Idahoans. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

David Pate, Meridian


President Trump has declared that the meat packing industry is a critical infrastructure industry (itself a debatable conclusion unless your are an executive or owner of a meat packing plant). Consequently he has ordered workers to return to work in what appears to be a job with a high risk of Covid-19 cluster infection largely because the productivity requirements of the job make social distancing sterile procedures impossible. Congressional Leadership could take action to intervene by overriding the declaration or by, at least, providing for hazard pay and for health care coverage and income replacement for infected meat packers, many of whom are likely to be undocumented workers without health insurance or the capacity to qualify for unemployment benefits. But, instead of taking action to protect these workers as well as to provide protection for first responders and other at risk essential workers our “leaders” have decided not to return to Washington and to reconvene. Either this is an admission that neither the President nor the members of Congress consider Congress to be critical infrastructure employment or that, despite the fact that members of Congress have great health insurance and get paid whether they are in session facing a manageable risk of infections or at home staying safe, members of Congress are unwilling to accept the risks and responsibilities of leadership and are not as brave as workers in critical infrastructure or essential industries. Either way the optics are horrible. Kudos to those who have persisted in performing their jobs even when it is very clear that doing so presents a high risk of suffering a Corona virus infection — you all deserve better than you are getting.

Bruce Bistline, Boise

Keller for Nampa

We have known Kim for the last four years as members of the steering committee for Learning Peace; a Camp for Kids. Kim has been instrumental in the development of this free summer day camp. His energy and thoughtfulness towards Nampa’s youth is evident in each meeting. In addition to Learning Peace, Kim and his brothers have built Mettle Sports, a facility to offer youth recreational opportunities. It’s evident from these investments that Kim supports the youth of Nampa, and we support Kim. Vote for our youth and vote for Kim Keller for State Representative on your Republican absentee ballot.

Michael & Candi Ciscell, Nampa

Response to Lon Wolff

Enlightening Mr. Wolff from his Letter on April 29, 2020

My reasoning for supporting Ms Beecher for Caldwell City Council was twofold. First, her opponent’s objectional indiscretion with female employees throughout his career in Washington D.C and the Idaho State Legislature was a concern I had regarding our female employees at the City, in the event that kind of behavior resurrected itself again. I have read ISP’s investigation reports to back up the facts. I did not want to directly or indirectly expose our City’s female employees to that situation. I took the high road during the election so family would not be dragged through this embarrassment again. Second, I had several phone conversations with Ms Beecher and an eyeball to eyeball meeting with her about 3 concerns I had. They were; will you be a conservative when it comes to budgeting; will you advocate for our taxpayers and not what the city hierarchy wants; will you NOT promote your current lifestyle while on the City Council. She firmly promised me she would support all three of my requests. Now, if you feel my reasoning is not honorable in trying to protect female Ciity employees and supporting taxpayer advocacy, then I’m not your candidate. If you feel my reasoning was worthwhile, I hope to gain your vote in the upcoming primary and November election.

Chuck Stadick, Caldwell


Trump, Risch, and Crapo have stuck it to us again. According to the news magazine “The Week”, 5-1-20 edition, the “Relief bill includes boon for millionaires. Senate Republicans inserted a provision into coronavirus relief legislation that will help millionaires avoid $90 billion in taxes this year alone, the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation reported last week. Last month’s $2 trillion relief package included more than $500 billion in tax cuts – some with little link to the pandemic. Among those is a rule suspending the cap on losses taxpayers can deduct from “pass-through” businesses to reduce their overall tax liability. The organization’s analysis found that 82 percent of the benefits of that change will to 43,000 taxpayers who earn more than $1 million annually – giving each of them about a $1.6 million break – less than 3 percent of the benefits will go to Americans earning less than $100,000 per year.” While we had hoped the relief measures passed by congress was aimed at helping individuals survive the economic catastrophe of the pandemic, Republicans were secretly passing another massive tax reduction for the wealthy. While thousands of Idahoans were losing their jobs, shut out of any income with which to pay their mortgages or rent or putting food on the tables for their families, and were focused on their survival, Republicans Risch and Crapo were quietly giving their wealthy contributors additional tax breaks. Which is greater, their personal greed or their thirst for power? Meanwhile, the Republican lead senate refuses to give financial aid to State, County, and local governments with which to pay the salaries of law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders. Republican Senate leader McConnell says let the states go bankrupt. Why? So, they escape liability for wages due law enforcement, firefighters, and other first responders?

Tom Newton, Caldwell

Vote Machele

Regarding Machele Hamilton

Idaho desperately needs involved, knowledgeable conservatives.

Machele has proven her commitment and her awareness time and again.

I fully support Machele’s candidacy.

Paul Willingham, Caldwell


At a forum sponsored by the Make Ada Great Again group, available online through their Facebook page, candidate Teri Murrison twice claimed to have been a county commissioner. These claims are not true.

Murrison has never been elected to office here in Idaho and has never served as a county commissioner.

Murrison was one of five county supervisors in Tuolumne County, California, for four years. Although some of the responsibilities are similar to those of county commissioners in Idaho, each state and county has its own laws and processes and the experience is not identical.

Tuolumne County, California, has a population of about 54,000 people, compared to 503,000 people in Ada County.

Tuolumne has a paid, full-time, county administrator. Prior to 2019, Ada County commissioners did this work themselves. Regrettably, now with a Democrat majority on the three-member Commission, they have also hired a highly paid administrator to do the work for them.

Teri Murrison could easily have stated she had similar experience to the position for which she is running, but instead chose to make a deceptive claim. If Murrison is willing to misrepresent herself while she is running for office, what can voters expect if she gets elected?

Joseph Coones, Meridian

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