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Our President continues to be ridiculed for asking a simple question about using light or disinfectant within the body at a briefing. His experts were apparently not aware of research at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles using endotracheal administration of UV light nor Japanese investigation into use of inhaled ethanol for the treatment of corona virus. Aerosol administration of ethanol would be cheap, easy, and relatively non-toxic in a controlled setting.

Max Dean, Eagle

Civil war

I’m an 83-year-old escapee from Communist California. Purchased a 110-year-old house in Nampa in 2010 with a VA mortgage — fortunately at the bottom of the market. But I’m horrified by reckless spending and soaring property taxes over the last 10 years. Thankfully, Tom Dale and Sheriff Donahue’s grandiose plan for a huge jail is dead. The school bond issue is also in trouble.

Have you monitored the municipal bond market? The Wall Street Journal said it is chaotic and dangerous. With the economy in free-fall and tax revenues certain to plummet, will Nampa and Canyon County be frozen out of the market?

I voted against the school bond because it would waste money by paying interest on operating expenses, the equivalent to buying groceries on a credit card and carrying an unpaid balance.

And why are leaking school roofs such a recurring problem? Why not build peaked metal roofs over the flat roofs that must be replaced at great cost every 10 years?

All of this begs the question: Who benefits? Obviously roofing contractors and who else?

Several years ago, Nampa schools reported an unexpected $5 million dollar deficit. What happened to the money?

And later, under Mayor Bob Henry where were city snowplows when they were desperately needed?

Mayor Kling is doing an excellent job. I am impressed with her Christian references and appointment of Pastor Rick Hogaboam as chief of staff. I am delighted with Police Chief Joe Huff who, unlike Sheriff Donahue, is a strong defender of the Second Amendment. Most of all I support former Simplot executive Chuck Stadick for Canyon County Commissioner in the May 19 primary. Stopping tax giveaways and runaway urban renewal is his platform.

We may face a civil war. Pray for God’s protection.

Charles Fuller, Nampa

Keri for commissioner

Twelve years as a County Commissioner taught me plenty about county employees that serve the tax payer well, and, those that do not. Keri Smith-Sigman is a special talent well worth your vote!

Several years working with Keri Smith-Sigman taught me plenty about her professional abilities. The ability to work with factual data, to think, to reason, to process ordinance, code, law, and most important communicate that information so that all can understand her presentation. Equally important as all of that she knows when to listen, when someone is deceiving her, and when to stand firm when being bullied. She is different than most in that she has excellent intelligence and recall, remembering necessary facts to make good decisions at critical times. Keri is easily the best, most qualified candidate running for commissioner in Canyon County.

Take it from a guy who did the job for twelve years, do us all a favor VOTE KERI SMITH-SIGMAN for Canyon County Commissioner. I suspect she will one day be our first woman governor.

Steve Rule, Middleton

Vote Youngblood

Representative Rick Youngblood Deserves Your Vote

These are troubled times, not just because of the Coronavirus. As a country, as a state, as a people we are deeply divided and conflicted. More now than any time in recent history we need leaders who recognize the need for, and act to achieve unity, inclusion and respect. We are looking for those with knowledge, intelligence, humility, patience, balance and empathy.

We are looking for the same qualities we have found, and witness daily, in our health care workers and first responders. We are looking for heroes, not just those who talk, but those who also plan and act. That person is Rick Youngblood.

I speak from experience and knowledge. Two years ago, state agencies began an effort to eliminate Work Services as an option. Those people with the most significant developmental disabilities would no longer be able to work and earn a paycheck. They would all be moved to Medicaid services which does not allow paid work. They would no longer be able to share in the value and dignity of work.

All Witco Work Services at our Caldwell location would close, this would include our Popcorn and Trophy business.

Rick Youngblood stepped up and he is to be credited with saving Work Services, not only for his district, but for all programs statewide. Most noteworthy, he did it on his own time. He spent two summers dedicated to this cause. He spent hundreds of hours working for the people who most need and deserve our help.

Vote of the man who served Witco, but more importantly honored and valued Idaho’s most vulnerable citizens.

Mary Niland, Nampa

Vote Keri

It was an honor to serve Canyon County as District 2 Commissioner from 2000 to early 2009.

I first met Keri Smith-Sigman in 2003 when she was hired by the Development Services Department.

She quickly made a name for herself. She primarily worked with the Planning and Zoning commission and Hearing Examiner meetings, recording minutes and taking care of the logistics of those meetings.

Members of the P & Z Commission and the Hearing Examiner commented about what a pleasure Keri was to work with. Her work always went above and beyond and she had a strong desire to keep learning and develop her expertise.

When Keri was promoted to a land use planner we (the Board of County Commissioners) started seeing more of her and hearing from constituents about Keri’s efforts to help them. Every effort was made to support and help constituents to be heard.

When I had a question about land use in the County, Keri was able to help educate me.

When she left the County to serve as Idaho’s State Floodplain Coordinator I knew she was destined for great things. She had already helped start the non-profit Destination Caldwell and was constantly striving for a better community for all of us.

Keri is the type of person that Canyon County citizens needs in their corner. She is an advocate for personal property rights and is the fiscal conservative that will look for ways to spend less not more.

I encourage you to vote for Keri in the May Primary!

Matt Beebe, Bokeelia, Florida


A few days ago I was at a store in Ontario,OR. It was very busy, very few people were observing social distancing, and very few people were wearing a mask. Mostly, the attitude of everyone at the store was, “the hell with this, I don’t want to wear a mask, I don’t need to “social distance”, because it’s my RIGHT not to”. Of course, they don’t think they are being unreasonable. I know that wearing a mask may not prevent ME from getting COVID19. However, WEARING A MASK shows that I CARE about my community. Science shows that if the WHOLE COMMUNITY wears a mask AND practices social distancing, the overall transmission of COVID19 is reduced. To me, that means FEWER PEOPLE WILL DIE if I wear a mask. Sure, wearing a mask feels silly, wearing a mask looks funny, and wearing a mask acknowledges my vulnerability to this disease. But that’s okay. Because I know that wearing a mask is BETTER FOR THE COMMUNITY. Why are so many people convinced that they must show their independence by not wearing a mask? Why are so many members of our community willing to risk the DEATH of family members, friends, and neighbors because they think wearing a mask is silly? I just don’t get it. Go read the John’s Hopkins University Corona Virus Resource Center website. Look at the numbers. Almost ONE MILLION people in the United States have COVID19 and MORE THAN 56,386 people have DIED in the U.S. Those deaths have happened in the last 60 days. Not the past year, just the past 60 days. And thousands of people in the U.S. will die today. For the good of ALL of us, OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING and WEAR A MASK

Deborah Schmid, Fruitland


The April 24 issue of The Idaho Press Tribune carried an article regarding crowds slamming some Idaho state parks, written by Jerry Painter of the Idaho Falls Post Register. Notable in the article was information regarding northern Idaho parks “packed with out-of-state visitors ignoring the governor’s orders to self-isolate for 14 days”.

I read the paper Friday evening, after my husband and I took a little drive, just to get out of the house. We drove south from our home in Oregon to Succor Creek Road and headed toward the campground, which we knew was closed. Vehicles we encountered, as well as campers, camp trailers and motorhomes, toy haulers and ATVs overwhelming carried Idaho license plates. There was a small town just north of the park comprised of individuals camping. There was no social distancing evidenced.

From the article an Idaho State Parks rep stated, regarding the Washington plates, “As you might expect, some Idahoans have issues with that.” Well, the same holds true for Oregonians who see Idaho plates. Up until the boat ramp was closed and Oregon Fish and Wildlife prohibited out of state anglers on the Owyhee River, there was a steady stream of vehicles with Idaho plates headed to the Owyhee. What part of “stay home” don’t people understand? Will the Idaho people self-isolate once they return to their home?

Susan Barton, Nyssa, Oregon

Youngblood for 2C

I am writing to comment on Rick Youngblood’s candidacy for re-election to the Idaho Legislature. Rick is one of those legislatures who restores hope for the function and efficacy of the Idaho House of Representatives specifically and the Legislature generally. He is a wonderful businessman, a great Christian, the very definition of a servant leader. I have watched him as he has been exceedingly supportive of Canyon County institutions, including Northwest Nazarene University and others. This is a man whose values are admirable and who works to make Idaho better everyday. He has proven his value to us all. You cannot select a better person in whom to invest your vote. For Canyon County. And for Idaho.

William J. Russell, Eagle

Moon for Dist. 8

I strongly encourage the voters of District 8 to support Representative Moon for House Seat B. Representative Moon is a champion for her constituents and for all Idahoans. During the last session she sponsored legislation that ensured that people with significant disabilities could continue to have the opportunity to experience the dignity of work. Without her support many of the people I work with would have not been able to work in our training program. It would have been devastating for them and for their families. Representative Moon is honest, transparent and willing to stand up for the underdog. Her commitment to her word, her hard work and knowledge make her an exceptional legislator. I urge you to support her.

Maureen Stokes, Nampa

Protect renters

The Idaho Supreme Court order halting non-emergency evictions is set to expire on April 30. There is no indication as of yet that it will be extended. As of today, there are 32 evictions scheduled for a hearing next week in Ada County alone. That is an incredible number, especially given that we are still in the midst of a pandemic.

Boise Renters United (BRU), as well as other groups, have repeatedly called on Mayor Lauren McLean to use her statutorily granted police powers to cancel rent, cancel evictions, and open housing to the unhoused. Now, facing a deluge of evictions, we are once again calling on her to take bold action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health, safety, and well-being of Boise’s most vulnerable citizens.

It is time for Mayor McLean to recognize that all other levels of government have not provided solutions to the problems faced by tenants. Again and again, she has chosen not to use her statutorily granted police powers, claiming that it “takes a lot” to invoke them. Coming from a mayor who campaigned on affordable housing, such words are frustrating and disheartening to those facing imminent evictions and who are struggling or unable to pay rent.

Nonetheless, we still hold out hope that Mayor McLean possesses the political courage to take bold action during this crisis. We recognize the gravity of our demands, though we emphasize their urgency and necessity in this evolving crisis. As Idaho “rebounds”, and the City of Boise likewise begins its reopening process, the Mayor has the opportunity to ensure that every Boisean can remain in their homes and help slow the spread.

Cameron Scott, Boise, on behalf of Boise Renters United

Youngblood for Dist. 12

Representative Youngblood is a Proven Leader

Representative Rick Youngblood has a proven record of effective and collaborative leadership. He engages in constructive dialogue, listens to his constituents and upholds the values of our community. His character, integrity and commitment to service are hallmarks of an effective leader. I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Youngblood to continue to serve as our District 12 State Representative.

Jean Mutchie, Nampa

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