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God bless

It is sad all this fighting when we need to help one another because there is to much suffering and pain and one death is to many so we all need to pitch in and help one another because kindness and compassion go that extra mile in helping. We are a nation of many different people as in the military yet we came together as one and work together so we could all make it through boot camp but we need to do the same to rebuild America. We have unsung heroes everyday that are doing their part by making a difference and they don’t do it for money or glory but they do it because it is the right thing to do and we all can make difference. I believe when America is in trouble we all band together to save those in need and you see the greatness in America because you see it in the way they help others and doing their part to help. Our nation has witness so much through war and disasters yet when it happens you see people at their best to help those in need and they rise like unsung heroes coming to the aid of those in need and these unsung heroes go the distance and than some. I’ve been fortunate and blessed to have been helped by West Valley Medical hospital and the Veterans Hospital in Boise because I owe them so much for all they have done for me because they were my angels looking over me and I can’t thank them enough but also they are my unsung heroes who helped me in so many ways. God bless these angels because they gave me hope when I was in despair and I thank them all.

John Landers, Wilder

Keller for Nampa

I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Kim Keller for State House Representative, District 13, Position B. Directly stated, I know of no family or individual that has given back more to the Nampa community more than Kim Keller and the Keller family. Simply stated, Kim Keller walks the walk—he doesn’t just talk about limited government and service, he very much lives it. He is an accomplished business person and job creator--he is involved in multiple business, not just his dental practice--and appreciates what is needed for a strong local economy and the proper limited role that government plays in allowing that growth. He also understands that non-profits, charities and churches, as opposed to government, are key to addressing the needs of our community without creating a dependency on government. I know no individual more involved in charitable work that involves so many different faiths and churches than Kim. His work initiating a program called Serve for Care, coordinating free dental care for individuals that provide service as directed by their pastor or church leader, is just one example of his understanding that caring for the needy in our community is best addressed by our non-profit and faith community and not always by government. Above all else, Kim is a person of integrity--an individual we can trust to move our community and state forward.

Daniel Bower, Nampa

Conservative candidates

The May 2020 primary election has serious implications for the future of Canyon County. Property taxes on our homes grew by 13%+- in 2019 and apparently will do the same during the next year because the Senate killed the House bill designed to freeze taxes at the 2019 level. While once again the problem is being studied. Senator Rice amended the House bill and Senator Lodge voted to support Rice’s amendment both knowing it would then fail. Their action ensured our property taxes will increase again this year.

During 2019 you were also asked to pay for a massive new county jail the Sheriff demanded, which would have raised your taxes by over $27,000,000 per year or $123.00 per each canyon county citizen to pay for the operational costs and mortgage payments. An addition half the size of the present jail at the county campus would have solved this problem. Commissioners Dale and White also previously approved a seven year $12,000,000 lease for a 122 bed steel trailer jail, (scheduled opening June 2019 — still not operational) blocking the site where the addition should have been built.

As a voter you have a choice: If you approve of these actions keep them in office. If not correct these costly mistakes and please elect experienced competent caring professionals to the County and Legislative seats.

Having vetted the four following candidates in regard to controlling taxes, building the correct jail and keeping the interest of the people before and above politics, I ask you to vote for the following competent, fiscally conservative candidates: Retired Executive Chuck Stadick for County Commissioner, Attorney and past Nampa City Councilman Bruce Skaug for Representative of D-12A, Local Businessman Zach Brook to replace Senator Lodge of D-11 and Citizen Activist Mila Wood for D-11A.

Ronald Harriman, Nampa

Keri for 2C

I worked alongside Keri Smith-Sigman at Canyon County Development Services for several years. When I started at DSD, she was the Recording Secretary, but she moved up from there, to being the head of the Current Planning Department. Her desire to uphold the Zoning Ordinance and serve the people of the county was evident in her work ethic and the time and care she put in to researching for and assisting each customer. Her desire to help them to get what they wanted while following the rules was always evident. She not only completed her required work to a very high standard, but also on her own time, attended other public meetings in support of the county, land and the people. There were occasionally disagreements with others as she passionately sought to not only uphold the rules, but the spirit of the ordinance as well.

We would often talk about her running for County Commissioner so that she could help guide the county to make smart educated decisions. Her background, in-depth knowledge of the zoning ordinance, accomplishments with Destination Caldwell, vast experience, social networks and love for Canyon County will be a wonderful asset to the Board of County Commissioners. Her passion to do the right thing will help guide them to making the right decisions for the good of the people and the land in our beloved county balancing the need for agriculture with planned growth.

Keri has lived most of her life in Canyon County and has sought positions that would help grow her experience and knowledge base, while helping shape, and promote smart growth.

Keri is a team player and seeks to have synergy in relationships with her coworkers to perform at greater than the just average, but seeks excellence in herself and encourages excellence in others!

Connie Lou Aebischer, Caldwell

Dear Congress

As a letter carrier, I urge your office to support direct aid to the Postal Service in the next pandemic response bill.

The Postal Service is facing massive losses as a result of the economic shutdown — just like the airline and hotel industries that have been helped.

Although we have been self-sufficient for decades, we need direct assistance during this crisis.

We serve 160 million American businesses and households every day. It is vital to them that the Postal Service receive sufficient funding to maintain operations and survive.

Nearly a third of letter carriers have served in the military, and the Postal Service is the largest employer of veterans outside of the Department of Defense.

Seven days a week, postal employees are risking their health to sort and deliver medicines, lab tests, online purchases, Treasury checks, public health information, and more.

Once the public health crisis passes, the Postal Service will be more necessary than ever to promote economic recovery — especially for small businesses and citizens in Rural America.

According to the Postmaster General, without immediate Congressional action, the Post Office will run out of funds to fully operate by September.

Please tell your boss we need an immediate and significant injection of money — and secure, regular appropriations for the Postal Service until this crisis is over. Thank you.

John Paige, Pocatello

Vote Adams

As a fellow Afghanistan war veteran, I’ve gotten to know Ben Adams through his nationally-recognized advocacy on behalf of veterans, especially those with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

I’m in no position to tell the people of Nampa, Idaho, who they should elect as their next state representative. As a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, I know that’s the people’s business, not mine.

The spirit in which I hope voters might consider my thoughts is if, in the process of conducting what amounts to a job interview of those seeking your vote, you’ll look at this letter as simply a letter of recommendation and character reference, since I know from personal experience that serving in public office will test a person’s strength of character.

Powerful special interests will attempt to intimidate and pressure legislators to vote as lobbyists want rather than what’s in the people’s interest, with the unspoken and sometimes spoken threat of political consequences if they don’t.

There are many ways in which serving our nation in uniform, especially in combat, uniquely qualifies a candidate to hold public office, but this is certainly one of them. After 41 small arms engagements with the Taliban, combat-tested U.S. Marine veteran Ben Adams will send lobbyists – who may have grown comfortable intimidating or strong-arming politicians of lesser stuff — looking for the quickest exit instead.

That’s not the only pressure elected officials face right now, as we’re confronted by the most serious public health and economic challenge of our lives. Ben Adams was recognized by the Marines for his performance in high-stress situations overseas. I believe not just Nampa, but the country, would benefit from having someone such as Ben in a position to help craft our response to the high-stress challenges we face now here at home.

Pat McGeehan, Chester, West Virginia

Airport funding

I submitted the following letter to Representative Simpson about an excessive funding allocation to the Sun Valley Airport;

Dear Representative Simpson,

Saturday’s Idaho Press contained an article about funds to be distributed to Idaho airports under the CARES act. Since the Boise, Sun Valley Airports and I are in your district, I am writing to you about my concerns. The article indicates that both airports that will receive about 18.5 million dollars. Sun Valley services about 5% of the passenger traffic that Boise does, yet they are scheduled to receive equal amounts of funding. Why is that? Is it because lots of well to do people land their corporate jets at Sun Valley and thus have a lot of influence in Washington? As a taxpayer I object to my dollars going to an entity that based on statistics does not demonstrate a need equal to that of the Boise Airport. The article further indicated the agencies responsible are not forthcoming about why these two airports are receiving equal funding. Please help me understand why this situation exists and why the decision makers in D.C. are secretive about the allocation decision.

John Keifer, Boise

Vote Keller

This as a recommendation for Kim Keller who is running as a candidate for State Representative. I have worked with Kim for several years on the Nampa Ministerial Association and Serve for Health. While a member of the Nampa Ministerial Association Kim has served in a variety of leadership positions. The main thrust of the Nampa Ministerial Association is to help facilitate and participate in a variety of services within the community. Kim has excellent connections with community leaders and has his finger on the pulse of the needs of Nampa. Serve for Health is a not-for-profit organization that provides dental care for individuals in financial need who do not have insurance. The main idea is that individuals receive dental care in response for community service they provide; it is a hand-up rather than a hand-out approach. Individuals assist in their own care by serving in a variety of service agencies. Kim is the driving force, innovator, and chair of this organization made up of community volunteers. He has enlisted the help of local dentists to assist in this program. Kim is a leader in his local church community where he has served in many capacities and has provided excellent leadership. Kim is easy to work with, is a gifted leader, and is an excellent communicator. He is creative and entrepreneurial. He has great vision for Nampa and the State of Idaho. I highly recommend Kim and endorse his candidacy to serve in this position for the State of Idaho. Kim will provide ethical and clear headed leadership. Your vote for him will send a highly qualified individual to represent you at the state level.

Gary Waller, Nampa

Brenda for State Senate

It is an honor to write a letter of support for Brenda Richards for the Senate Seat of Legislative District 23. I had the privilege to work with Brenda for over ten years in the Idaho Association of County Treasurers. I have always known Brenda to be honest, intelligent and forward thinking.

Brenda served as Chair of the Idaho Association of Public Lands Steering Committee and was Idaho’s Delegate to the Western Interstate Region, as well as serving on the National Association of Counties Public Lands Steering Committee. She has served as the Owyhee County Treasurer and has been involved in several organizations and leadership roles within these organizations.

Brenda will listen to the needs of the people of Idaho and stand strong for the values she believes in. Her proven leadership and conservative values are a perfect fit for the vacant Senate Seat in Legislative District 23.

It is because of these strengths and qualities I am encouraging the voters in Legislative District 23 to vote for Brenda Richards.

Don’t forget to go to to request your absentee ballot-

Christina Wines, Gooding

Vote for Chuck

As a former County Commissioner, I am supporting Chuck Stadick for commissioner District 2. He is a man of wisdom and integrity. The past six years our county property taxes have increased 20 million dollars. We need someone who has the ability to look at budgets and make necessary cuts. The next few years could be very difficult and we need good leadership at the county level.

With the huge increase in taxes there has only been five hundred thousand set a side for a jail. There will need to be an on going payment for the trailers of over one million a year. There has been no planning for the future by the present County Commissioners or a source of revenue for the jail.

Chuck has been in the private sector and understands budgeting and the need for sensible impact fees, for growth to help pay its way. I hope you will join me in supporting the best candidate for District 2, Chuck Stadick.

Kathy Alder, Melba

Vote Youngblood

Idaho legislator, Representative Rick Youngblood, has my support and deserves the support of all voters in District 12. Representative Youngblood is a common-sense conservative Republican who gets things done. His actions in the Idaho Legislature reflect his conservative social and fiscal values. He is honest, hardworking, and effective in his role as a lawmaker. As voters know, Representative Youngblood is co-chair of arguably the most important legislative committee: Joint Finance-Appropriations (JFAC). Because of Representative Rick Youngblood’s extensive understanding of Idaho’s economy and the state’s budget, it is imperative he be reelected so he can successfully usher us through the current economic challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Rick Youngblood is a lifelong Idahoan who cares deeply about Idaho and all those he serves. Let’s keep him at the Idaho Legislature working effectively for our welfare and the welfare of our children and grandchildren.

Timothy Rosandick, Caldwell

Vote Keller

Recently, I read a letter to the editor critiquing Kim Keller who is running for District 13 State Representative. The letter suggested Kim is not “conservative enough” to serve in the Idaho legislature as he may be flawed by a possible liberal streak. As a friend who has worked beside Kim in a number of community oriented efforts, I would like to comment: The key word in Idaho state politics from anyone that wants to be in our state government Is the proud proclamation, “I am running for the Idaho legislature, and I am a conservative!” Conservative is a self-limiting word that can smother open ended consideration of alternative reflection and sensitivity. It is a term that can become close mindedness, self-righteous and self-justifying. I have benefitted personally working with Kim on community efforts and have been impressed with his integrity. I suspect he has some faults but I suspect only his wife and children would be able to clarify what those might be as would my own wife about me. But in what I have experience in Kim is what I would like to see in our state conversation, a balanced consideration of the issues of justice for us all. I have experienced him as someone who is able to take into consideration issues that might be uncomfortable from his perspective, but he has the willingness to listen and consider the other side. I’m voting for him.

Bruce Swanson, Nampa

Keller for District 13

I’d like to endorse Kim Keller as Idaho State Representative, District 13. Many years ago, Kim offered to give me a ride to our local dental society meeting. I was new to the area and had just started my own dental practice. On the way home he asked how my practice was doing. I mentioned numerous problems that I had with starting a business. Kim then shared with me numerous solutions to my concerns that had proved successful in his office. I wondered, “Why is this guy sharing information with me? Doesn’t he view me as a competitor in the same community?” I soon realized why Kim is a successful businessman and is so well-respected. It’s because he gains great satisfaction from the success of others around him in his community.

Kim is a dedicated husband and father. Our children participate in some of the same activities, so I have seen him serve our community as an UNPAID volunteer in numerous capacities. Kim volunteered as the emcee for the Idaho Open Fiddle Contest. He and his wife, Sheree, have welcomed exchange students into their home from the countries of Italy and Brazil. Kim served as bishop of his ward for 5 years, and continues to serve as a counselor in the Nampa South Stake Presidency.

Kim served the dental community as president of Western Treasure Valley Dental Society, and later as a Trustee for the dental society. He instigated “Serve For Health,” a volunteer organization of dentists, pastors, and community members who coordinate dental services to individuals who are willing to provide community service in exchange for free dental care. He participates in “Free Dental Day” every year before Mother’s Day.

We need more people like Kim Keller in public office! He will be great asset to the Idaho Legislature.

Shaun Christensen, Nampa


I had to get up and vomit after reading Jim Jones’s latest tirade against President Trump. All of his articles have him imagining himself as the President of the United States. He has considered himself Commander and Chief of the United States in his previous articles criticizing The president for his military decisions in Syria and Iraq and his dealings with Iran. None of the catastrophes he predicted about the President’s decisions have come true. Now he claims that he is smarter than the President and his advisors on the pandemic. He spouts the mass media messaging. The New York Times, CNN, and every other mainstream mass medium—except Fox News, The Wall Street Journal (editorial and opinion pages only), and talk radio—have served the cause of state control over individual Americans’ lives just as Pravda served the Soviet government. In fact, there is almost no more dissent in The New York Times than there was in Pravda. And the Big Tech platforms are removing posts about the virus and potential treatments they deem “misinformation.” He makes no mention of the World Health Organization as a Chinese enabler and the misinformation they provided the world. He makes no mention of the role the Chinese played in hiding this virus from very early on nor when they “vacuumed up” masks and other protective gear in the weeks between learning that a deadly virus had emerged in Wuhan and notifying the World Health Organization (WHO).

Jim Jones is just an enabler of the far left media which is profiting from this virus through their unbalanced reporting.

Jim Graham, McCall


Canyon County decided to cancel free dump day on Saturday the 25th because of the pandemic. The line waiting to get in the gate was a extremely long. I’m guessing most of them like me didn’t get the cancellation memo. So, instead of no contact social distancing, payment was required with hand contact for payment. Made perfect government sense.

Richard Church, Parma

Vote Adams

I’m writing to give my support to Ben Adams for State Representative. I was born & raised in Nampa & the only time I left was while I was in the Army for 12 years, so as a fellow enlisted veteran, I wanted to meet with him & find out his views. I met with him a couple weeks ago & I agree with his viewpoint & vision for Idaho, less government overreach, & more personal accountability.

I was invited to his home where I saw firsthand his interaction with his wife & son. I could immediately see that he puts God & family first. He admitted his wife is his rock & she is very kind, calm, & soft spoken. His son is very attentive to them & you could easily see his love toward his parents.

He’s very proud of his service to his country as a former Marine & that carries unique experiences that very few can say they have. I’m proud to say that he’s a friend & someone Nampa can rely on in the legislature.

Jim Pfost, Jr., Nampa

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