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Hard work

This school year looks quite different than many teachers and students likely expected. As brick-and-mortar schools closed in response to COVID-19, they found themselves suddenly thrown into the world of virtual learning. As a teacher at Idaho Virtual Academy, I want to applaud them for their hard work and effort.

We’re all living through unprecedented times and being forced to adapt to new ways of life. Making the move to a digital classroom in the middle of the school year is something my brick-and-mortar peers moved to swiftly to ensure students wouldn’t fall behind in their education. Now, they’re quickly adapting to this new way of teaching.

If there’s anything I can share to help their transition, it’s to emphasize the importance of communication. Though you aren’t face-to-face with your students, maintaining a connection with them will strengthen their learning. If they see you care they will too.

As the school year comes to a close, I want these teachers and students to know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. We’re all working towards the same goal of building a stronger, educated future. Their resiliency and determination renew my faith in how we can come together in times of crisis.

Carolyn Fabis, Boise

Thank you

Thank You Nampa and St. Alphonsus

On April 27, I suffered a heart attack which resulted in a quadruple bypass surgery. Initially St. Al’s Nampa on Garrity surgeons wanted to insert stints in my arteries and veins however determined they were too restricted and emergency bypass surgery would be conducted at St. Al’s Critical Coronary Care Center in Boise. The surgery was a success and after a 5-day stay at the hospital I was released and sent home to recover.

Because of the Covid 19 restrictions, I couldn’t have any visitors but spoke with my wife Delsie on the phone regularly. After the news of my heart attack Delsie notified our families, friends and City of Nampa Chief of Staff Rick Hogaboam who prayed for us and notified Mayor Kling and fellow Council Members. Immediately Delsie started receiving calls, texts, cards and emails from many friends and community members sending prayers and offering to help. Delsie said my phone was ringing and buzzing every minute for a week until I arrived home. It didn’t surprise me because Nampa is a loving, caring city who’s always ready to lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed. We are truly blessed by all your prayers we received and Delsie and I will never forget how kind you all are. Prayers are powerful and I truly believe your prayers guided us to where I am today, alive.

A special heartfelt Thank You to Dr. Jones and to all the medical staff at St. Alphonsus Hospitals in Nampa and Boise for saving my life. Our families Thank You because now I’ll be able to enjoy more time with them. It’s been four weeks since the surgery and I’m recovering and getting healthier each day, before you know it I’ll be back to normal.

Victor Rodriguez, Nampa

Wait and see

Will homelessness and eviction be the legacies of COVID-19? If Congress does not act soon, they will be.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs because of the virus. When people cannot work, they cannot pay the rent. Even with some getting unemployment insurance, millions are still falling behind, putting low-income renters under the threat of losing their homes.

Some in Congress want to take a “wait and see” attitude with the economy, but when the country is in crisis, patience is a luxury only a privileged few can afford to have. I urge our members of Congress to push for quick passage of a COVID-19 bill that includes at least $100 billion for emergency rental assistance and a national moratorium on evictions.

If we act now to help our fellow Americans keep their homes, our leadership and compassion will be the true legacies of COVID-19.

Jessica Specht, Boise


Donald Trump promised WE would get tired of WINNING. So, Yes, Mr. Trump has caused the U.S.A. to be the Leader in the COVID-19 Infections {5/22/20 at 1.6 Million} and Approaching 100,000 U.S. Deaths. The next closest “Contestants” are well below 300,000 infections.

The U.S.A. is also “Winning” as the country most PITIED by the World for ineffective and lacking “Leadership”. WE used to be admired by the World, before the “Trump Administration”.

We are winning the contest of the MOST Federal Bureaucrats, Public Servants, Professionals and Scientists, who have been FIRED, Demoted, or Replaced by UNQUALIFIED Cronies.

Trump’s “Economy” is beating the 1930’s Hoover Depression with over 30% of our Workforce idle. Hoover only had 25% of the workers struggling to exist.

WE are WINNING the race to the bottom, by a LACK of Vision and “Leadership”.

Mr. Trump, with his bombast of The World Health Organization, and threats of cutting all U.S. Funding, has allowed China to displace the U.S.A., since China has offered $2 Billion in “Our” absence.

Mr. Trump can not do ALL this Damage by himself !! Mr. Trump has had the wonderful backing of the majority of the Cowardly Republican Party and “Moscow Mitch” McConnell.

AS the Republicans keep giving to the Wealthy {Billionaires & Multi Millionaires} to foster “Trickle Down Economics”, an activity to accelerate towards the Oligarchic “Banana Republic”, which Mr. Trump MUST want. We hurtle faster and faster towards an uncertain end, since the current administration and Republican Senate have utter disregard for “The Rule of Law”.

IF The Republican Controlled Senate had examined the FACTS during Impeachment, Mr. Trump might have been expelled from Office and Our current course might be Different!

PLEASE, Find the FACTS and follow the TRUTH and stop the Republican Criminals and Accomplices in November.

Buzz Beauchamp, Caldwell

Our lives matter

We are just shy of 100,000 dead in three months time while Trump takes a golfing weekend. Sends us the picture of his sense of responsibility, ability, and compassion doesn’t it? 100,000 families reeling as he golfs.

Sad to say this is indicative of the former Republican Party’s ability to govern. Trump is the culmination of decades of anti-government anti-working people themes that started with Reagan. What’s been going on for years? Destroy health care, destroy the social safety net which includes Social Security and Medicare, food stamps, housing, destroy education, let the infrastructure decay.

Destroy government how? First by de-funding it and by putting in charge anyone from total incompetents to totally anti the agency or department or court position. Trump and the Cult of Trump GOP have raised this to an art form.

The CARES Act which helped primarily big corporations and the rich passed. The HEROES Act which helps us, helps protect voting during the pandemic, and helps the essential US Postal Service is being held up by Trump and “Moscow” MItch McConnell so they can get more incompetent judges on the bench.

Vote these callous craven people out and vote Democratic November 3. Our lives matter.

Dallas Chase, Boise


I watch the news and find that the Dept of Labor does not even answer their phone number. There is no other way to contact they regarding unemployment problems. Well I tried to send and email to the Governor and guess what his email will not accept any emails — says there is a problem and to call 208-334-2100. I hope everyone that reads this letter to the editor will call that number and ask why the governor will not take out questions.

Robert Apa, Boise


In regards to the article in your paper with the header “Poll shows 44% of GOP think Gates wants to microchip them” because of the coronavirus vaccine that Bill Gates is working on. It would be interesting to know how this poll was conducted and in what part of the country. If Bill Gates want to track people’s every move, Microsoft wouldn’t have exited the mobile phone business. That is the perfect tracking device. Anyone who carries a cell phone is being tracked, aware or not.

Elaine Carpenter, Caldwell

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