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A nation that is in defiance of God and His laws will not long prosper (Proverbs 14:34). History is the best indicator of present and future events. The litmus test of Israel: when Israel followed God’s laws they were blessed and they prospered, when they defied God’s laws they were severely punished until they would turn back to God. Time after time they would repeat this cycle.

America is now in danger of coming under God’s wrath. Congress has sanctioned the murder of innocent pre-born babies that are created in the image of God (more than 60,000,000 since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973 by various forms of abortion). Congress has ‘legalized’ same sex marriage since 2015 in defiance of God’s absolute standard of marriage between one man and one woman ONLY. Read for yourself and see what He says in Genesis 1:27-28, Genesis 9:6, Psalm 139:13-16, Romans 1:18-32 and especially 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

Since we were and are created in God’s image, He has the absolute right and authority to say how we should or shouldn’t live our lives. He knows what is best for us to live healthy and wholesome lives. If we don’t repent and turn to Him and His ways according to His instruction book, the Bible, we will lose this once great nation which was founded on Biblical principles.

God is long suffering and very patient and doesn’t want anyone to perish. A word to the church, we must be what God has called every one of us to be, a watchman, boldly proclaiming God’s word to a lost and dying world. 1 Peter 4:17, Ezekiel 33:1-11

Ray Horrell, Caldwell

Thank you

BIG thanks to our local restaurants

We want to thank owners & employees at following local restaurants for providing my family and elderly neighbor over the last 8-weeks during lock-down period with such great tasting food and take-out service. Blazen Burgers off 1st St. in Nampa “best burgers in valley”, Campos market off the BLVD in Nampa “best street tacos around”, Kilted Cod food truck normally somewhere along BLVD in Nampa “best tasting fish & chips”, Jalapeno bar & grill off BLVD in Nampa “best Mexican food around”, Smokey Mtn. Pizzeria & grill off Karcher Rd. in Nampa “love the Bree bites”, Outback Steak house off Karcher Rd. “got try new blooming chicken”, Pantera Market #4 off 2nd St. in Nampa “very good chili rellenos & street tacos and finally Gino’s Italian off McMillan in Meridian “The best Italian food around”. Also want to thank the anonymous donor who bought all of our food that afternoon from Gino’s. Sincerely the Benson family and Mr. French.

Don Benson, Nampa


Thank you Governor Brad Little. I had high hopes when you initially began treating the pandemic with a message that Idaho will serve the needs of residents and not the mandates of others.

That hope quickly dissipated when you allowed fear to dictate a Boise based; one size fits all agenda. One result of that is my medical care has been thrust back 40 years. In north, north Idaho, we could rely on Boundary Community Hospital and Bonner General and their many departments and outpatient services to fill our medical needs. It was a welcome relief for those in need to be able to stay close to home and not endure the increasingly tedious drive farther south.

Did Boise really expect a 4-6 bed small town ICU to handle the demands of even ONE Corona patient for weeks on end? Common sense would tell you no. Yet the whole hospital and many services were stopped, placed on hold. Those services are now in jeopardy or already cut. How many lives will be lost for lack of preventative care?

Interestingly, it appears you haven’t missed a photo op. We’re told not to travel. You’re still receiving a salary...others can’t get on the DOL website. You still have health insurance, retirement, monthly housing stipend, security detail, driver, vehicle, etc.

Your life and livelihood go on. For many others...it remains to be seen.

Rosanne Smith, Moyie Springs


This is a message to all of you knuckle dragging lemmings who will only vote republican, and would gladly follow Trump off a cliff. You are very concerned about transgender individuals but are unconcerned about property and grocery taxes. This despite the fact that most of these republicans, including our governor, ran for office with the pledge to reduce or eliminate them. Here is a news flash for you people. The many large problems we face in this state and nation can be laid directly at your doorstep. As stated previously many times; “The definition of insanity is continually doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. So apparently you have all been accosted by transgender people, but don’t mind paying outrageous property or grocery taxes. Well congratulations because you have gotten just what you deserve.

Michael Boyle, Boise


I was struck by a recent letter to the editor from veteran teacher Claudia Moberly of Middleton. She compared those who say Governor Little’s orders are “unconstitutional” with her students who say “that’s not fair” when they just don’t want to do something.

The constitutionality of the governor’s orders has clearly been established. No question. Protestors are crying “unconstitutional” when they what they don’t want to do is protect the health of the rest of us by adopting some pretty simple standards and adding a couple weeks of patience.

It has been amazing that bars were the first to proclaim they themselves “essential”. The first one was in Kendrick, Idaho—where Lieutenant Governor McGeachin and Republican chairman Raul Labrador joined the protest. Then followed bars in Nampa and Idaho Falls.

Protesters must be saying that if bars should be open, everything should be open. But really? Bars? Where are the protests over 20 deaths at a Lewiston retirement home or the 23 workers sent home from a Kuna meatpacking plant?

How many times have we agreed when someone said “We are all in this together”? McGeachin (who owns a bar) and friends seem to be saying “We are in this for ourselves. Too bad if the rest of you get sick.”

SARS-CovV-2 has been determined to have come from a single source: horseshoe bats in Wuhan, China. Imagine that. What if, instead, a single source of love had spread as quickly all over the world, like the virus. Imagine that too. A lot of love has indeed come alive during this time. May it extend to everyone, protesters included--with special gratitude for those who wear masks for what they truly are: a sign of caring for all of us--all of us in this together.

Jerry Brady, Boise

Whole herd

Regarding Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin’s ‘Guest Commentary’ on May,19th. It seems to me a little self serving for small business owners. (She and her family apparently own at least three). No concern was mentioned or implied about the health or financial difficulties of others, etc. She seems so irritated about Governor Little’s “heavy hand” regarding the COVID-19 procedures which protects EVERYONE, whether they own a business or not.

Thank you Governor Little for doing a great job in very difficult circumstances. (Just in case Janice does not understand, Governor Little is trying to protect the “whole herd”). Now, I think it would be nice to know if Janice qualified, applied for, or received a PPP or SBA. She talks about losing sleep at night because of Governor Little’s decision to close some businesses. Quite frankly I am losing sleep at night just knowing she is a “heart beat” away for being in the Governors chair.

Nancy Sheets, Boise

Education and privilege

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of news stories about colleges panicking over potential dropout rates due to the Coronavirus.

Can you blame college students, many of us already thousands of dollars in debt, and ineligible for federal relief money, for not wanting to pay thousands of dollars for another year of online college?

I’m a senior theatre major at BSU. What am I supposed to do, perform Hamlet into a webcam, and pray that prepares me for the industry? A degree in theatre is a degree in presence, in storytelling, in collaboration. There is so much lost when this learning moves online.

When classes inevitably transition online for this fall, people will still get degrees. But most of those people will be students who have money set aside for college, homes with consistent wifi, students with laptops of their own, their own study space, somebody to help them if they get stuck, access to online resources, etc. The people who get degrees in an entirely online learning environment will be the most privileged of us. They will enter a job field with a leg up. All those without the many privileges it takes to be successful in an online classroom will not.

There has been so much focus on reopening our economy but I ask you this: when are we going to start supporting our educational systems? Students need support more than ever right now, and you need us too. You need our brains, our ideas, and our innovation.

As we move forward, let us be mindful that education has always been about privilege. If we want to see change, all of us must embody it.

Grace Ward, Boise

Apples to oranges

I just finished reading the guest commentaries in the May 19 edition of the Idaho press from Luke Malek and Janice McGeachin. I read Mr. Malek’s first and it was shocking to me how aggressive and antagonistic and somewhat hate filled his commentary was towards the Lieutenant Governor. His main claim was that she was not protecting Idahoans. She was also being irresponsible, cowardly and incompetent apparently. I did not see any attempt by him at all to communicate in a respectful way his disagreement with her. Then I moved on to the McGeachin’s commentary. Her entire commentary focused on protecting Idahoans and reducing the influence of the government in their lives. Besides focusing on those who are most at risk which is a very very small slice of the population pie she wanted to focus as well on helping the many Idahoans who are suffering because of the heavy hand of government. How that is incompetent, cowardly and irresponsible is beyond me. One commentary was written from an angry and hateful perspective and the other was written from a very caring and loving perspective.

By the way, comparing a war to a virus is apples to oranges. If anybody wants to compare the Vietnam War to something then compare it to the Korean War. If you want to compare COVID-19 to something then compare it to Spanish influenza. The comment by Mr. Malek that 75% of Idahoans approve of the Governor’s handling of the virus did not mention that only 400 people in a state of 1.7 million were polled. Hardly representative of the feelings of the state of Idaho.

Allan Oney, Meridian

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