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JEERS to the Idaho Dept of Labor. Today I spent 4 hrs trying to help my daughter submit her unemployment application. That 4 hours was two cell phones dialing continuously ...non-stop. All we got was a busy signal. Apparently the governor does not know squat what is going on. Most businesses at least let you wait for the next available person or even leave a call back number. Such a disappointment. News reported they hired so many new people or retired comebacks. Shameful when people are in need of help!!!

Joyce Cuddeback, Caldwell

Border states

As states reopen, they must consider the impact of border states. Without mutual support and coordination, we could see an unmanageable surge in disease, making our weeks of shutdown pointless. As a nation, we must do the same worldwide, to fight COVID19 and to protect our investment in the healthcare of developing nations.

In the latest bill in Washington, the House ignored that this is a global pandemic requiring a global response. It now falls to the Senate to ensure our country does its part in this shared global fight. Such enlightened self-interest keeps us all safer.

The Senate should insist on including support for lower-income countries to deal with the immediate crisis and to strengthen healthcare systems in the long run. It’s the right thing to do, and the only way we get through this pandemic as a global community.

Our government already supports international organizations like the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria as well as USAID’s programs focused on global health. We should build on these efforts to avoid setbacks in our progress, and I’m counting on Idaho’s Senators Risch and Crapo, both in key leadership roles, to help make it happen.

Betsy Dunklin, Boise

Only himself

President Trump claims President Obama didn’t supply his administration a playbook on pandemics. The Obama administration gave the Trump administration a 69 page playbook and went through scenarios of pandemic emergencies. President Trump disbanded the Office of Pandemic Awareness. Trump was unprepared for this crisis and it’s his own fault. There was a slow uncoordinated response to this pandemic and science was ignored. Now Donald Trump is using smoke and mirrors to deflect from this crisis and just blame others for his incompetence. Obamagate that Trump is spouting has no foundation or evidence. It’s just like the Obama birtherism Donald Trump started and his way of going after Joe Biden. Donald Trump hates President Obama because he’s intelligent, respected and well liked. Qualities Donald Trump doesn’t have. If he’s so rich why can’t we see his taxes? If he’s so smart why can’t we see his school transcripts? What should truly worry people is President Trump’s subversion of Intelligence Agency’s and the Department of Justice for his own personal interests. There has never been a strategy to handle the Covid-19 crisis. Saying “There’s nothing to worry about” is not a strategy. Firing those who speak truth, blaming others and ignoring science is not a plan. When Trump says if there’s only 100,000 deaths from Coronavirus it’s a victory. I’d like him to tell that to the 100,000 families who lost their loved ones. Public health and the economy go hand in hand. If you ignore and deflect public health there is no economy. Donald Trump only panders to his donors and his 35% base. I’m begging his 35% base to stop being minions for Trump and get a grip on reality. Donald Trump doesn’t care about you! He only cares about himself.

Jeannie Peterson, Boise

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