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Rick for seat 13B

I am writing to encourage people to vote Randy Jackson for House Seat 13b. Randy is a strong Christian Conservative Republican who has defended Nampa family values in the past, and I know he will do so at the state house as well. Randy Jackson has proven that he will not compromise under pressure, which is the type of person we need to represent us. Please join me in voting for Randy Jackson for House Seat 13b.

Catherine Tedeski, Nampa

Julie for Dist. 10A

Julie Yamamoto deserves your vote as District 10A representative. We have known Julie for over 35 years, and we feel with confidence that she is the right person at the right time for this office. We have been colleagues of hers in education, as a teacher under her guidance as principal, and as secretary. We have seen first hand Julie’s leadership expertise with the best interest of her students and staff uppermost. She always made it a point to visit the classrooms and interact with students and teachers. She really loved to participate!

As an educator and administrator, Julie always worked hard to establish a foundation of success, optimism, and strength. She welcomed all challenges. She will do the same as a legislator. You will find Julie to be a caring person who treats people with respect. She will listen to your concerns and respond with creative ideas and positive action. You will not be disappointed in giving your support and vote to Julie Yamamoto.

Mike & Sue Sasaki, Boise

No vote

Does Sheriff Bartlett fully understand his oath, jurisdiction, and role as Sheriff? Where has Sheriff Bartlett been hiding? Most Ada County residents have no idea what he looks like, but by his absence on the stay-home order it is clear where he stands! He continuously flies under the radar and is more concerned about his paycheck than his oath.

Little says he will consider revoking occupational licenses and other Idaho-issued licenses should a business not follow his phased-in reopening plan.

No response from Sheriff Bartlett again! Sheriff Bartlett is running unopposed, but he will NOT get my vote!

Regina Wildeisen, Eagle

Lodge for Legislature

Senator Patti Anne Lodge is running for re-election to the Idaho State Legislature representing District 11. Since her initial election, she has represented the citizens of Canyon County with integrity and passion. Our state will benefit from her continued leadership.

As a retired educator, Senator Lodge understands the importance of education to our state and our society. In addition to supporting traditional public education on all levels, she supports alternative education, home schooling, and strong vocational education programs. During the difficult times education is currently facing, Senator Lodge believes that the best decisions for school districts can be made at the local level by communities and school boards. With safety as a high priority, she is working to prepare our students to be competitive in today’s work force.

Senator Lodge supports agriculture and small businesses, the back bone of Canyon County. Since she and her husband live on a ranch in rural Canyon County, raising a variety of livestock, she understands the challenges facing the agricultural and business communities. She has received multiple recognitions and awards for her contributions in these areas.

Senate Lodge understands the importance of fiscal responsibility for the State of Idaho. She understands that rising property taxes are jeopardizing retirees and those on fixed incomes and is working for equity in this area. Her decisions are based on what is in the best interests of the citizens of Canyon County rather than the scores given by special interest groups who wish to control our legislature.

Please join us in supporting Senator Patti Anne Lodge for re-election. Her integrity and work ethic have benefitted the citizens of our state and county. We need her continued presence in our legislature.

Rod & Nancy Orrison, Caldwell

Elect Kirk Adams

In the 2018 Idaho Primary Election, I became well acquainted with one of my opponents for the Idaho House of Representatives, Kirk Adams.

I endorse Kirk Adams for District 11, Seat B of the Idaho House. Kirk is down to earth and understands of many of the issues important to District 11. Some of those being property tax, agriculture, education, business and transportation. Kirk also understands the need to represent District 11 and its communities for best interest of constituents with integrity and transparency. Kirk has proven leadership as a Board Trustee in his School District, in addition to experience in international transportation business that is unmatched as a candidate.

Kirk’s conservative views will never be aimed at being disrespectful and without solution. He will make time to listen to concern of constituents. Kirk has demonstrated he can make the best out of situations and is constructively competitive. I believe it is imperative District 11 and Idaho have Kirk Adams seated in the Legislature as we work through the current difficult situation, and toward a positive rebound from the effects of the pandemic.

Kirk Adams cares deeply about Idaho opportunity, business, our resources, and our families. Please join me in electing Kirk Adams as the Republican Candidate for the Idaho House, District 11, Seat B.

David Lincoln, Parma

Holton for 2C

I am writing this letter to recommend Brad Holton for the County Commissioner of Canyon County. He has consistently proven himself to be a loyal and dedicated individual. He has been the mayor of Greenleaf for some time and has done very well for the city of Greenleaf. Having known Brad for a number of years, I can honestly say that Brad leads by example. He is a true servant leader. I have been inspired by his work ethics and dedication to the job. He has taken his position as mayor very seriously.

In both professional and personal realms, Brad is a leader. He is able to communicate with both the old and the young and do it in a positive and friendly manner. Brad is the definition of a “go-getter.”

I highly recommend Brad for the position of Canyon County Commissioner.

Deborah Childs, Caldwell

Yamamoto for Seat A

“Reduce mandates, regulations and reporting to reduce administrative costs at all levels (of our educational system).” “Eliminate state and local government inefficiencies, reduce our consumption funded services, eliminate the tax on food…” “I do not support local option sales tax authority for all cities and counties.” “My intent is limited government and safeguarding our rights as individuals and as a state.”

The candidate who said all of those things is Caldwellite Julie Yamamoto, who is running to represent District 10, Seat A. Julie not only understands what the people of our community desire – but is the epitome of the type of person we want to have working for us at our state capitol.

For those who have had the opportunity to meet her (which has been very difficult in this “shelter-in-place” era) you know that Julie does her homework and works extremely well with others. She has proven leadership qualities as a former school administrator and service on a local hospital Board. In her role in education, she worked to streamline educational programs to provide quality education to the young people in-and-around our community. She worked to create a prioritized need that satisfied essential needs without the frill. In addition, Julie is well-respected throughout the education community statewide. Julie supports the elimination of the need for supplemental levies through savings gained by reducing in the bureaucracy that has become so prevalent in education at all levels. She is absolutely opposed to tax reform that simply shifts the tax burden from one group to another.

In Julie, you’ll find a true fiscal conservative who understands, believes in, and will defend the Constitution. Julie isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions or do the right thing.

I am confident that your vote for Julie Yamamoto is one you will never regret!

Kent Marmon, Caldwell

Hill for District 14

As a gun owner, I am supporting Ted Hill for the Senate Seat in District #14. His opponent, Scott Grow, was only a handful of Senators who voted in favor of SJR101 (Red Flag Law), which would have jeopardized your gun rights by confiscation of your firearms without due process. In addition, Grow put forth a bill (SB1159) that would have made it more difficult for Idahoans to get an initiative on a ballot. It appears that Grow has a record of wanting to limit citizen’s rights; whether as a gun owner or as a citizen with an idea worth getting on the ballot. I support Grow’s opponent, Commander Ted Hill, a conservative who has served in the U.S. Navy for 27 years, and who is a proponent of our constitutional rights. Ted is also a strong advocate for first responders, firefighters, law enforcement, and veterans.

Curtis Thaden, Boise


Most taxpayers are smart enough to know that if you give the government more authority to raise our taxes, they will.

I was surprised to read Kim Keller and Ken Wroten say in Sunday’s paper that if elected to the state House of Representatives, they would support legislation giving Canyon County and the city of Nampa the authority to charge residents new local sales taxes.

Whatever the politicians say now, we all know where that would lead. We’d be forced to keep right on paying the gas, income, inheritance, property, and sales taxes we all pay now to the federal, state, and local governments, plus be required to pay a new Canyon County sales tax and a new Nampa city sales tax.

Bottom line. Less money for our families to spend. More of our money for politicians to spend.

It’s even worse since we live in a border county.

People would start calculating all over again whether it’d be cheaper to pay the extra gas and gas tax it costs to drive to Ontario – where there’s zero sales tax — in order to avoid paying the new city and county sales tax on top of our 6% state sales tax, especially on big ticket items such as cars and appliances and electronics.

Which would further damage our economy and cost people jobs at a time we can least afford it.

Only one of the candidates in that race – Ben Adams — clearly stated he opposes giving city and county governments new taxing authority to take even more money out of our pockets.

He’s also the only veteran in the race, and the only one who’s signed a pledge promising not to raise taxes, period. Check out before you vote.

Lee Ferrari, Nampa

No on Rhoades

I am writing with my opinion of Kevin Rhoades running for House of Representatives.

I am a third generation Idahoan and it displays me when I see someone running to represent all of Idaho but is only willing to represent the most conservative Idahoan.

If you are running to represent Idaho you have to be willing to represent all different people in your district. Not all Idahoans are conservative, right leaning Trump supporters. What about someone who has a different opinion who is their voice? Are you willing to listen to them as well, are you willing to represent them within the Republican party?

Today our representatives it appears only represent the few who believe as they do.

As our elected representative you must be willing to listen to all opinions and make the best decisions for all your constituents, not just those who hold the same view as you.

I am very upset with the total Idaho delegation who only follow the majority and don’t think of who they are working for. However I respect Simpson as at times he tries to listen to all voters and do what is best for Idaho.

I will not be voting for Kevin Roades as he represents the dismissal of anyone who is not a part of the “me only” mindset.

Susan Puga, Caldwell

Vote Adams

I am writing this letter to extol the attributes of Ben Adams. Ben and Rebecca were our neighbors for a few years while we were both stationed aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Ben was well respected among his peers, superiors and subordinates alike. In my many interactions with him, I never heard him speak an unkind word. He was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. Ben and Rebecca were the kind of neighbors you wish could live next door forever.

This may seem like an insignificant matter, but the following story says much for his character. While I was deployed to Afghanistan, Ben had some car trouble. Since I was away and not driving my truck, I told my wife that Ben could borrow it for as long as he needed. Upon my return, my truck was sitting in my driveway, freshly washed and the interior was spotless. This spoke volumes to me about the kind of person Ben was and the kind of family from which he came.

As a current high school teacher, I wish more people would take the time to raise their children to be the kind of man Ben Adams is today. He has represented himself, his family, and the United States Marine Corps with pride, honor and integrity. Nampa County, Idaho would be beyond blessed to have him as a representative as well.

Rodney Royce Boerm, Marion, Texas

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