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Youngblood for 13B

I am proud to say I am voting Randy Jackson for House Seat 13b. He believes that all life, from conception to death, is precious and worth defending. Randy Jackson is the only candidate in this District 13 race that is actually endorsed both by Idaho Chooses Life AND Jason Herring, who is the president of Right to Life Idaho. Randy Jackson has a proven history of standing for life- so I will stand with him. Please vote Randy Jackson for House Seat 13b.

Dawn Haggerty, Nampa

Dear millennials

PLEASE VOTE in the upcoming May 19th primary. As the next generation of leaders, our voices matter! Our voice cannot be heard unless we vote. I’ve heard many individuals say they won’t vote in this election because it is just a primary. Although we aren’t voting for President or Governor this go around, this election is vitally important. On the ballot, are your local legislators and county commissioners. These are people that make a big difference in our every day lives. For this election, Idaho is voting by absentee ballot. Please visit this website to request yours TODAY:

For those that live in District 12, I highly encourage you to consider re-electing Representative Rick Youngblood. Rick has done a great job representing Canyon County as the co-chair of the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee. He has been a strong advocate for Canyon County issues such as securing more funding for transportation and local infrastructure. You can count on Rick to continue working hard on our behalf!

It is more important than ever that our generation is heard so we can elect leaders that will continue to improve our great state. Please don’t wait to have your voice heard.

Samantha Parrott, Nampa


Max Dean of Eagle, in his letter published on May 6, seems to argue that the President should not have been criticized for suggesting people may be able to ingest disinfectant as a treatment for Covid -19. I wonder how upset he is finding out that Mr. Trump was just being sarcastic?

Ron Tucker, Boise

Vote Youngblood

I’m writing in support of Rick Youngblood for state representative. Rick is a genuine leader who cares not only about the residents of Canyon County but all Idahoans. Rick is a skilled and distinguished leader who is respected by the collective legislative body.

Rick serves as the co-chair of the state’s powerful Joint Finance Appropriation Committee. As a former employee of the Idaho Department of Correction, I’ve experienced firsthand as he wrestles and navigates through the complex budget setting process. The Idaho Department of Correction is one of the most varied agencies with a complex budget. Rick works hard to understand these complexities. He regularly visits the state’s prisons to see how our tax dollars are spent and further understand the dynamics presented by the department. Rick understands the importance of public safety and works hard with the leadership team at IDOC to ensure that public interests are upheld.

Rick Youngblood has earned and deserves our support and vote.

Henry Atencio, Nampa


Many creatures pass through transformative phases of life. Tadpoles become Frogs, Butterflies from Cocoons, Gadflies spontaneously generate. Idaho’s senators and representatives pass through similar phases. Stage 1 : The Bull — The Bull is magnificent, virile, self assured and righteous of constitution, but the bane of china stores due to unintentional breakage. Fortunately, most honorable bulls pay for what they break. Stage 2: The Steer — After congressional gestation, Bulls submit to procedures, selecting the blade of Norquist or the Kentucky twirl and bite. This enlarges their stature within the herd at the loss of directional acumen. Without the true north of a swinging constitution, the Steer can only follow the herd and loses concern for unintentional breakage (obviously the fault of liberal Bulls). Stage 3: Transgender — Steers occasionally notice a loss of slapping sensation near their back legs while Cruzing the Halls of Congress and compensate by bellowing Rubionics to remind the herd that they were once bulls. Its confusing when their Transgender emergence into congressional life places them in thrall to a New York City-cum-Florida lactation extractor. Stage 4: The Eunuch — The final stage of development is the Eunuch. This state is reached when Congressional Bulls become rosy cheeked Butterbeans who no longer have the bark of a good flatulence release but instead gather in dark recesses to release a rose garden hiss when passing legislation generated on a Mar-a-Lago bar napkin. This brings me to the point of this writing: Idaho needs to bring our Butterbean Senators and Representatives home and put them out to pasture as their self indulgence no longer serves the needs of the residents of Idaho. In deference to our Idaho traditions, this letter was spontaneously generated by a Conservative Idaho Bull who remains unconnected to the lactation extractor.

Mark Peterson, Eagle


The economy can’t come back as good as it was before for many years. There will be no tax breaks that gave many of the benefits to business and blew a hole in the deficit. There are few regulations left to make the water and air less clean. Whoever is the next President is, will raise taxes. You cannot borrow trillions of dollars and not have to pay it back. You can stop all general safety net programs and still does not have enough money to help pay the debt. Our country is not done writing checks on future revenue. In other words, the easy fix of low taxes and weakening of regulations will not work going forward. Fighting with China will generate no billions paid to our farmers due to the last trade agreement. The companies who are leveraged due to stock buybacks and buying other companies will have trouble paying back their debt. The tax cut that was to pay for itself, did not. The spending of trillions of dollars is important. The businesses who got a tax cut and used it wisely will do fine in the long run. The business who did not will have an extremely poor picture in the long run. We will not be able to bail out business this time around. It will take a leader to get the country going in the new economy. Raise taxes and cut costs are the only two ways to get the budget back on track. With the election soon, which party will have a balanced program to dig out of this problem and which party has a history to make the business section the home team?

Richard Schauer, Boise

Richards for District 23

Voters in Legislative District 23 need to make an informed decision in the race for Senate. Brenda Richards does not have a Legislative voting record so one can’t make a direct comparison there. However, Brenda does have years of experience, serving as Owyhee County Treasurer for 12 years. Also serving with the Owyhee Cattleman’s Association, Idaho Cattle Association, Owyhee County Farm Bureau, Idaho Association of Counties and Owyhee County Republican Central Committee. Contrasting Richards’ record of public service with that of her opponent there is no comparison. Her opponent, does have a voting record with some votes that should make the people in the district shudder, let alone vote for her. Examples include a 2019 vote against continued Wolf Depredation Board (S 1039). This vote should make the hair on the back of the necks of livestock operators everywhere stand up and especially those in District 23. In 2019 she voted against (S 1145) the bill funding education and agriculture research and extensions.In the recent session Richards opponent voted against (H5230), a bill that builds long-term career path so educators can remain in the classroom, particularly experienced and effective educators. This bill had broad support and ultimately passed providing critical investment to assist districts and charters in recruiting and retaining quality and experienced educators. This is especially a problem in rural areas of our state. Castleford and Grandview districts are both in District 23.The opponent in this race voted against horse brand inspection structure changes requested by the Idaho horse industry. If this rule would have failed it would have jeopardized the solvency of the state brand department, an essential service for Idaho’s livestock from theft and corruption.

Dan Shewmaker, Kimberly

Jackson for seat 13B

I ask that you consider voting for Randy Jackson, House Seat 13b because I have found him to be an honest man. One thing I do not like is dishonesty when people run for office. The allure of power and desire to win makes people compromise their values. I have been around long enough to know that some candidates are willing to deceive and misrepresent their positions or endorsements. But I also know Randy Jackson, and know he is trustworthy. If a candidate is not honest in campaigning, how can we trust them when elected? Please vote Randy Jackson for House Seat 13b.

Karen Stewart, Meridian

Brenda for District 23

I am supporting Brenda Richards in the Legislative District 23 senate race.

Brenda has a record of proven leadership. She has been involved in several organizations. The Owyhee Initiative and The Boise District BLM Resource Advisory Council She has ascended to leadership roles in these organizations. Chairman of the board for four years on the Owyhee Initiative, Vice chair for three years on the BLM Resource Advisory Council and President for two years of the National Public Lands Council.

Brenda is no stranger to public service. She served as the Owyhee County Republican treasurer for 12 year. She was elected to office three times and managed the treasurer’s office. For three years she served as Chair of the Idaho Association of Counties Public Lands Steering Committee and was also elected to the Western Interstate Region delegate from Idaho and on the National Association of Counties Public Lands Steering Committee.

Brenda is a perfect fit for the Idaho Senate. She has a long history of representing Owyhee County, the State of Idaho, agriculture and the cattle industry in the most professional manner.

Brenda is a commonsense conservative please join me in supporting her in the May Primary election.

Rick Pearson, Buhl

Vote Adams

Ben Adams, a Marine who served two combat tours in Afghanistan, is the only veteran running for state representative in District 13. Adams knows the value of life and risked his own to protect ours.

On the issues page of his campaign website, Adams writes: “We are created by God and have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, the first of which is the Right to Life. Every life is valuable, and I am an outspoken advocate for the unborn and for the expectant mothers who are caught in difficult circumstances.” He then offers a quote from President Ronald Reagan: “We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life — the unborn — without diminishing the value of all human life.”

But in 2012, Keller signed a letter from the Idaho Health Exchange Alliance encouraging legislators to create a state health insurance exchange.

“A state insurance exchange is the fundamental building block of ObamaCare,” Idaho Chooses Life said at the time, warning it would “help President Obama expand his attack on the sanctity of human life,” including a federal “mandate to provide free abortifacient drugs under a health insurance exchange.” ICL said the exchange posed a “grave threat to the sanctity of human life,” including federal funds to “subsidize the abortion industry” in Idaho, “as well as abortions themselves.”

Thankfully, Congressman Russ Fulcher, Sen. Curt McKenzie, and Rep. Brent Crane heeded those warnings and voted against creating the exchange. Keller favored creating it.

Pryce Robinson, Boise

Vote for Keller

I am writing to support Kim Keller for Idaho State Representative in District 13. Kim was one of my youth leaders and I have known him for 20 years. He has always been engaged and someone that is willing to listen, offer advice, or just show support. He truly cares for the people around him and offers a helping hand however he can.

Kim Keller is someone that uses a measured hand when working to find a solution and shows that he is willing to listen and understand what people are concerned about or why they support a certain issue. He shows that he wants to be honestly engaged and find solutions to issues facing our community without compromising his values and beliefs.

Whether you agree with it or not there are special interest on both sides, left and right, that try to get candidates to be locked into a position before they’re even elected. While Ben Adams and other candidates claim they aren’t beholden to special interest groups they also proudly show that they sign pledges or surveys meant to lock candidates into a position before they are elected. Let’s be clear, the Idaho Freedom Foundation and 2nd Amendment Alliance are special interest groups. While I understand and agree with some of what they stand for they do not encourage honest discourse or civility. I am grateful that Kim is committed to listening to the people of Nampa instead.

As a small business owner Kim will push to get people back to work and fight government overreach. He is a strong supporter of the second amendment, pro-life, proudly supports our military and veterans, and will push for the proper role of government. I grew up in Nampa and am proud to support and vote for Kim Keller.

Bryan Ricker, Nampa

Richards for State Senate

As we vote to elect a new Senator for District 23, we have an important decision to make. Do you want a Senator from District 23 to just make a statement or do you want one who will make a difference? Brenda Richards will make a difference. Voters of District 23 have a clear choice between a show pony making a statement or a work horse who will make a difference.

Vote Brenda Richards for Senate

Bert Brackett, Rogerson, on behalf of Patti Anne Lodge, Huston; Jim Patrick, Twin Falls; Lee Heider, Twin Falls

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