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"We hope to see the foundation take stronger action than that..." -Idaho Press Editorial Board

I hope to see the Idaho Press Editorial Board take strong action too. Like having the so-called freedom foundation finally pay for Wayne Hoffman's advertising space.

Kevin Warnock, Boise

Donahue for sheriff

Re elect Sheriff Donahue?


Kieran Donahue has served Canyon County honorably for many years, including the past eight as your sheriff.

There is a term in law enforcement circles referring to having payed ones dues.

Well Donahue has done just that, working his way thru various positions within the sheriffs office before succeeding me as Sheriff. I have listened to him speak several times about the challenges he and his office must face with the jail being front and center.

Let me assure you from experience that we all need his expertise when it comes to required compliance of jail standards. When I refer to jail standards please understand that they are numerous and complex. Our jail was under a federal court consent decree for several years and under Donahue’s leadership we were able to get out from under that order. However, if we don’t have someone in that position who understands the complexity’s of federal law relating to jail operations and the standards outlined and established by the feds we will again find ourselves operating under a court ordered consent decree. If that happens again for the second time it will likely become permanent until such time as a whole new facility is built with the proper design.

Donahue and his team deserves our gratitude for a job well done and you’re vote for his reelection to this very important position.

Donahue has payed his dues and it makes no sense what so ever to replace him with a new sheriff.

Especially anyone who does not have Donahues background and dedication.

He absolutely has the vote of everyone in my family and we hope he has yours!

Chris Smith, Caldwell

Vote Keller

I am endorsing Kim Keller for the State Representative position in District 13. I serve on the board of Serve for Health, a faith based, non-profit organization

Dr. Keller founded which provides free dental services for those without resources. He truly practices what he preaches in caring for the welfare of others. He is aware of the issue of economic recovery facing our community. He understands the challenges of business and health care. I find him willing to listen to opposing views and makes use of collaboration in problem solving.

Pat Kissell, Nampa


I can go buy a gun but I can't go and get my hair cut. How does this make any sense. The Hair Salons must not donate enough money to our political leaders to get any consideration.

Ronald Panter, Boise


Because of the coronavirus, I’m currently out of work and, thankfully, drawing unemployment, as are thousands more in Nampa.

With time on my hands, I’ve been researching local candidates and was dumbstruck to find that one of them, Kim Keller, supports eliminating Idaho’s unemployment system!

I’ve read about Dr. Keller and his brother, CEO of Priceline, putting up millions for the new rec center. I don’t begrudge them their financial success. I’m a conservative, and that’s what America’s all about.

But I do want a state representative who at least understands and cares what it’s like for the average working family. His lack of empathy for those not as well off was stunning.

In a May 7, 2013 commentary in the Press-Tribune, Dr. Keller complained that “over the last year, I’ve been required to pay over $21,000 to help fill the coffers that dish out unemployment checks.”

“I understand that the money goes into a fund to pay for people who are temporarily unemployed and are looking for work,” he wrote. “…But are long-term unemployment checks paid for on the backs of small business the right way to fix this?”

“My mandatory contribution to the government of over $20,000 per year feels like it’s being stolen from me,” he complained. “If the idea is to give people jobs, stop taking money from me that I could use to hire someone.”

He flippantly added, “Send me some names of people who need a job (people who aren’t working but are receiving money generated from my business). I’ll hire one of them and the state can give me my money back.”

Except, Dr. Keller, where would that leave my family right now, when I’ve not only lost my job, but you’re at least temporarily out of business too, and aren’t hiring anybody?

Jason Bickal, Nampa

Con men

When it’s over!

When the COVID-19 nightmare has finally ended it will be because of the courageous efforts of medical professionals, first responders, grocery employees, delivery drivers, postal workers and millions of other workers who toiled in the fields and factories or from homes to provide needed food, products and services; governors who wisely issued “stay-at-home” orders and found needed supplies where the federal government failed, who shared those badly needed supplies and equipment with other states in greater need; people who followed CDC guidelines; volunteers who made and donated masks and face shields; infectious disease professionals who developed reliable test kits and worked frantically to find a vaccine and our “ask-the-tough-questions” media.

It will NOT be because of our alleged “leaders” who minimized the lethality of the virus and prioritized the economy over lives in their push to end the “stay-at-home“ orders; companies who profiteered by overpricing medical supplies; hoarders who incited panic buying; those who dismissed the virus as a hoax or “just the flu” and ignored safety practices; those who protested falsely that “stay-at-home” orders were against their constitutional rights; and certainly NOT the president who used “press conferences" as campaign rallies and turned the pursuit of test kits, PPEs, ventilators and the power to rescind stay-at-home orders into a petty Trump vs. governors competition.

We are in this crisis because Trump’s priorities are driven by his ego, greed and power. There are far too many suspicious and illogical activities concerning the lack of and mishandling of test kits and medical equipment to delve into in this LTE. But let’s be clear, Trump is not managing the crisis, he is exploiting it for his own benefit. It’s what con men do.

Tex Beauchamp, Meridian

Vote Richards

I am writing to encourage your support and vote for Brenda Richards as Idaho District 23 Senator. I have known and worked with Brenda in various capacities for the last 16 years. This includes her service on the Owyhee Cattlemen’s Association board, Idaho Cattle Association, president of the National Public Lands Council, Owyhee County Treasurer, UI Extension programs, and the Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership.

Brenda Richards is a strong conservative voice for rural Idaho. She is a person of high integrity with a broad understanding of the issues in Idaho and beyond. She has experience working on local, state, and national levels. Willingness to take a stand is important however knowing when to take that stand is just as important. Brenda has the wisdom to choose the right battles.

Brenda is a supporter of your second amendment rights, has strong family values, and is pro-life. She believes in the value of education and is a supporter of local control for our schools. Brenda has also been a supporter and collaborator of University programs and research. She is fiscally conservative and understands the importance of budgets and accountability.

I believe that Brenda Richards is the best choice for Idaho District 23 Senator. Please join me in voting for Brenda Richards.

Scott Jensen, Marsing


To all of the people that are unhappy with Gov. Little's ban on male trangenders from particapating in female sports, here are some FACTS, according to an article in the book "Exercise Physiology" by: Brooks, Fahey & Baldwin.

VO2 max, is a measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen your heart & lungs can deliver to your muscles. On average VO2 max, is 40% greater in males, than females. Men have larger hearts then women. The male's left ventricle is larger than a women's. This means a man's heart is capable of holding, and pumping more blood per beat. This ability makes it possible to deliver more oxygen & produce larger amount of energy.

Gender affects lung capacity, not just by size of lungs & torso, but also because of hormones estrogen & progesterone found in women. They can REDUCE ventilation & function, specifically during exercise. Men and women differ in their cardiovascular fitness abilities. Women ARE NOT ABLE to achieve as high a heart rate as a man.

A article by Sam Grover 4/22/2020 states women have more body fat than men, so even if their body fat is similar, women's fat is distributed differently than men's. Women tend to have more fat on thighs than man, so they have less mussel mass in their thighs then a man. Men have the capacity to develop more muscle mass.

Considering all of these FACTS, how can anyone believe it is fair for them to compete at the same level? It does not matter HOW you identify, you are still physically the gender you were born as, and should only be allowed to compete as such. It is not a matter of discrimination, it is a fact!

Glenda Watts, Homedale


Editor: An article in your April 17 issue dealt with a complaint filed with the Idaho Human Rights Commission by a public library employee who felt aggrieved because her co-workers did not address her by her preferred pronouns ... they/them. I have no doubt her personal concerns are genuine, but what about the desires of her co-workers to communicate within the structure of the English language they have spoken for their entire lives? Honestly, it would be difficult for me to carry on a normal conversation with someone who insisted that I refer to him or her with plural pronouns. In fact, it was difficult for me to read your April 17 article because of its use of such pronouns when referring to the singular claimant, a use no doubt intended to exhibit the author's wokeness. Ironically, in several quotes the article attributed to the claimant, she used only singular pronouns, e.g., I and me, when referring to herself. Why not "we" and "us"? It seems the voice of the LGBTQ community would draw more listeners and more respect if it acknowledged that the other 95% of the people in this country also have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed in any productive discussion of personal/group rights. The complaint filed with the human rights commission does not acknowledge those concerns.

William Flinn, Meridian

Van Beek for 2C

Leslie Van Beek for District 1 Canyon County Commissioner. I support Ms. Van Beek because of her honesty, integrity, and commitment to bringing values into local government. I have seen her at public public hearings and she is concerned about the people's business and the future of Canyon County. She is objective and bases her decisions on facts. She has a strong faith in God and country. I am an original Women's Army Corp Veteran, and I endorse Leslie because People Matter to Her.

Jaye-Jaye Johnson, Nampa

Social responsibility

For all their talk about Liberty, Ammon Bundy and his collection of so-called freedom lovers never consider that people are obligated to exercise social responsibility, or consider that their freedoms can mean unfreedom for others, especially the most marginalized and vulnerable. Their freedom means a complete lack of restraint for the individual. No concern or responsibility for a community or society beyond their personal realm.

Governments around the world are trying to save the lives of their people. The actions required to do so include personal sacrifice. The Bundy’s of the world see those sacrifices as an infringement of their ‘liberties’.

This virus will highlight just how selfish and dangerous their ‘me first’ ideology is.

What they need to understand is

“Freedom is freedom from delusion. So long as one does not have the intellectual humility to listen to others (in this case the health and science experts), and verify to the best of one's abilities their recommendations, one will remain but free for oneself. But that’s not freedom. It is narcissism. And it is incompatible with trust in society and the possibilities, across a wide range of human relations, of love and respect”.

Rick Parrott, Caldwell

Keri for 2C


Some have mostly talked for a living.

Some have mostly became educated but never gotten there hands dirty.

Some simply need a job and thought what the heck I can do that.

Keri Smith Sigman is running for Canyon County Commissioner for what I know are all the right reasons. I have watched her passion as she pursued the revitalization of downtown Caldwell since 2012. Her energy is contagious and she has had the ability to help inspire a can do attitude that made locals believe positive change can happen.

Keri has always worked from the moment she could. From food service in her early years to working at the courthouse in planning and development and IT then on to being the Flood Plain coordinator for the state of Idaho. From there Keri passed up opportunity’s that would have taken her out of state but at the request of Mayor Nancolas came back to Caldwell and worked

in economic development before becoming the CEO of Destination Caldwell.

In the middle of all of it she got a college degree and became the mom of two beautiful girls.

Determination and tenacity got Keri where she is in life today and she is not done making things happen.

There are several characteristics that elected public officials should possess and being honest to a fault is at the top of that list. Honesty has always been at the top of her list as well.

I ought to know, I’m her mom!

Give Keri your vote for commissioner and watch for great things to happen on the county level for a few years then who knows after that!

Becky Smith, Caldwell

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