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Watching all the turmoil that pops up frequently about our system of the free mass news media, give some thought to this:

With today’s mass communications, news comes to us almost the instant it happens from next door and from around the world, and that holds true for both the good news stories and the bad news stories. Our media resources, and those working on bringing us the news, be it via the internet, TV, smartphones, radio, and even the newsprint, are doing their very best to report the news fairly and accurately. Yes, some may consider some outlets as being biased, while others believe some outlets only report the truth, or at least, somewhere in between the two. Either way, they are practicing the right of a free press and free speech. Without the free press and the freedom of speech, like it or not, it is what ties us all together. Without it, our freedoms as we know them would cease to exist in very short order.

Donald Oremus,


Public lands

Wolves have become a cash cow for out-of-state extremists and those out-of-state extremists who have attempted to influence Idaho wildlife management. A recent Sun Valley letter claimed that 23,000 out of 27,000 Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) wolf management respondents were against the recent proposed changes to wolf management regulations, yet almost 18,000 did not live in Idaho. In 2016, a public opinion survey by BSU said that support for the wolves has plummeted as people have seen the impact of the wolf introduction and 72% wanted the wolves better managed and their damage lessened.

The mileposts for Idaho management of wolves was 150 wolves and 15 breeding pairs, but in 2019, a Fish and Game study confirmed that there are now 1541 wolves in Idaho. That is more than 10X the target population, yet the extremists continue to claim that wolves are being exterminated. Then they ask for more money from their faithful and misinformed followers. That’s their cash cow.

The letter asked who will speak for wolves, but a bigger question is, who will speak for the 1000’s of moose, elk and deer which are being killed by wolves? Some elk herds have been drastically reduced since the introduction, such as the Lolo herd which has dropped from 16,000 elk to less than 2,000 and other herds have left the mountains and have taken up permanent residence in valleys and farmland to escape wolves.

Idaho’s Constitution mandates that IDFG works to conserve our wildlife for Idaho. Let’s let them to do that and, thankfully, they saw through the out-of-state extremist comment blitz and are working for the benefit of Idaho residents and the enjoyment of our public lands

Bill Beck,



Why do so many folk seem to believe the coronavirus test kit shortage is in some wild way the Presidents fault? Did he act in some way so as to prevent the government or the private sector from buying or building them? Did the President supervise the drafting of the thousands or regulations created over the last half century that resulted in tester kit numbers being inadequate to deal with a disease that didn’t exist 6 months ago. Was he responsible for all the decades old procedures that insured the mass production of test kits was nearly impossible?

No, he didn’t do any of that. What he did do was look outside the box and instead of trying to fix the problem through the normal government ‘we’re here to help’ procedures he chose to cut the red tape, talk to the private sector and actually get things done.

No, Trump didn’t do anything wrong. The folk pretending he did are simply slapping their old, tired, ‘Orange Man Bad’ hysteria to the new world wide disaster and hoping no one notices.

Remember “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.” – Franklin Roosevelt

Jim Verdolini,



Saint Patricks day produced the following observations. An Irish bar on State st. had a Saint Pattie’s day party complete with pop up tents and outside activities. When the rainstorm started, people bunched up under the tents and inside the bar. Not good for social distancing. Another establishment down the street that serves burgers and drinks was packed to the max.

This morning I listened to our spineless Governor still refusing to shut down bars and restaurants. He is doing great harm to the people of Idaho, promoting the spread of Covid-19, and making Bar and restaurant employees ineligible for the recently announced Federal assistance program. Grow a spine Mr. Little.

Steve Gant,



Gas Gouging: Crude oil has hit an eighteen year low, the 52 week high was $66.74 and today’s close is $22.39. Yet prices in the Valley remain at $2.65 per gallon in many gas stations. Our elected officials will give us the same old “tired” explanation. Personally I don’t buy it!

Nicholas Cioffi,



School closings, sports event cancellations, food hoarding... We live in a new Coronavirus-induced world. Yet some personal health facts remain unchanged.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offer good advice for preventing community spread and personal infection: apply social distancing, sanitize surfaces, wash your hands, don’t touch your face. But, there’s more...

Does anyone wonder why uncounted numbers of infected people develop no symptoms and only 20 percent of symptomatic people require hospitalization? It’s because they have an effective immune system able to fight off the virus. But the CDC does not talk about that, perhaps for fear of offending powerful animal food industries.

Fortunately, good advice on boosting our immune system is readily available on the internet from trusted sources like WebMD and Healthline. And the advice is always the same:

  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits and leafy greens
  • Refrain from dairy, other fatty animal products, and sugar-laden foods
  • Maintain daily exercise of 30-60 minutes
  • Minimize your stress level and get adequate sleep

Did I mention that this advice works great for all other nasty bugs as well?

Efron Indico,



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