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Editor’s note: Five-year-old Kenny Lee of Nampa wrote a Letter to the Editor to let us know about a surprising thing he observed. You may have heard that a cat always lands on its feet, but Kenny is setting the record straight: “The cat landed on her side.” Thank you for writing in, Kenny. We appreciate you reading the paper and we hope your cat is OK!

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Parole office

Jeers to the Canyon County Felony probation and parole office staff. Anyone who walks into the office is ignored and treated like a nobody. I have also experienced close friends and relatives having multiple appointments made by their parole officers in which upon showing up they were not in the office. A number of parolees are without transportation and either walk or ride bicycles long distances, or prepare rides from family or friends, and it is unprofessional and inconsiderate to not be there for those who are counting on people of authority to be good examples. Shame on you.

Lacie Ward, Caldwell

Response from Jeff Ray, public information office for Idaho Department of Correction: The allegations contained in Ms. Ward’s letter are troubling. They do not reflect the level of dedication and commitment we know the vast majority of the men and women in our District 3 office demonstrate every day and often under difficult circumstances. We will contact Ms. Ward to determine the specifics of her complaint and follow up with staff appropriately.


The division in this country has been building for many years. In my opinion, some blame can be spread among both parties. Listed below are some verifiable points (facts) gleaned from various reports from different sources that helped me see this division is propagated by the current administration’s actions and words.

After House impeachment, the Senate dismissed charges of “Abuse of Power” against President Trump. Since then:

- The President has named several loyalists, with little to no experience, to senior roles in government, including the position overseeing 17 intelligence agencies

- He commended his “warriors” in congress who spread Russia propaganda during the hearings

- He retaliated against several government employees simply because they responded to the call of duty, via subpoenas, to testify under oath to the House or made truthful statements contradicting the President

- He is breaking many of his “promises” made to America, including having Mexico pay for that wall, no cuts to SS or Medicare, giving us a “better” alternative to Obamacare, or making an economy better than previous administrations

- Many in his administration lie to America; notably AG Barr and his Mueller Report summary to Congress, is being challenged by a GOP appointed Federal judge as “distorted” and “misleading”

- Verbally attacks federal judges, congressmen, and ordinary citizens with impunity because they disagree with him

- Pardons white-collar criminals who are, or have connections to, major campaign donors

- After hearing that Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign, he gets mad at his own intelligence community, not Mr. Putin An interesting fact: The Russians stole both Democratic and Republican Party emails. There are several more comments but I am at the paper’s limit. My point is that every voter should on their own learn the facts before completing their ballots.

Thank you,

Ray Polzin, Meridian


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