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A fool

So once again we get to hear from Jim Jones, the liberal, socialist, left wing spokesman for the Democratic Party. As usual he continues his Trump bashing with little or no facts. What isn’t an outright lie is generally misleading. He has now become a mind reader since he seems to know what Trump “would have done” if Congress had not acted. Jim has been wrong in most everything he has written or predicted about President Trump. Our world diplomacy has not failed, our economy has boomed, we are not in world war 3, Iran and North Korea haven’t attacked anyone, and our military is stronger than it has ever been. Poor Jim appears to be suffering from TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) and the only cure would be for him to stop watching CNN, MSNBC and the View. Jim wants you to believe he is full of expertise on the economy, the military, diplomacy, international affairs and just about everything else political. He is full of something all right, but it is not expertise. Since retiring he has taken up a new hobby, bashing Trump and the Republicans and drinking coffee with his left wing buddies. If you believe anything he has to say, I have some beachfront property in Montana I would like to sell to you. Jim, if you had any credibility you would point out the faults and abuse of those on the left, but you seem to avoid that completely. Keep writing and making a fool of yourself. And you had better get some medication to take when Trump is re-elected.

Fred Helm, Meridian

Scare tactics

Regarding the covid 19 virus I would like to voice my disbelief at the extreme scare tactics perpetuated by CDC (who’s in cahoots with China by the way which is why Trump has withdrawn funding) and the media. 1st they predicted millions would be dying like flies. Then they padded the number of deaths by counting those with underlying issues who would have died anyway. We have just passed the 100,000 mark of deaths in the USA. Our population is 330 million. That is less than, repeat less than .5%

This is what socialism/communism is like. Controlling the masses. Where we go, what we do. I do not deny the virus exists however I do refuse to accept this as the new normal. What?? No! Every commercial, every page in the newspaper is about the virus. It has truly been hijacked by politics and the media and people are behaving like frightened sheep with no common sense. Seattle is being taken over by socialist/communist because they do not like capitalism. Why we allow communist group (which are really seditionist groups: sedition being against the law) in our country is beyond me. These people are truly trying to overthrow our government, our way of life, our freedoms and the silent majority (is there one anymore?) rest on its laurels. Every preacher should be preaching against this lawlessness and communism every week from the pulpit. That’s what they did before the revolutionary war.

Now back to the virus. The quarantines are suppose to be for the sick not the healthy i.e. those with low immune systems and the elderly who may be feeble. I, for one, will be boycotting businesses who play along with this farce.

Rene McSherry, Meridian


These are difficult times. Personally, I’d like to see the soon-to-be-extinct institution of physical newspaper publishing survive. My grandfather-in-law was foreign affairs editor for the Cleveland Times (now Plain Dealer); my father-in-law was an editor in Escondido; my husband and I both love to read and write.

Two items in last Sunday’s paper were frustrating. We are 13-years-new to Treasure Valley. I miss the trove of information that came from your previous gardening columnist. Laverty is highly educated but not helpful. Two pieces of advice given: That H20 is a chemical (I’ve got to stop watering my garden with chemicals right now!) and that certain organic compounds could be dangerously toxic (Bugs beware!). More common sense and useful information for local gardeners would be appreciated.

Woodward republished a column on public nudity (Perhaps this was wildly popular when first published?). I am a fan of private nudity; a high-walled garden is a delight. But honestly, unless one has an athletic physique, we all do one another a great favor to remain clothed in public, don’t you think?

On the positive side, we appreciate improvement in grammar and spelling (compared to 2018 and prior). “Grammar Guy” and Holstein’s fresh perspective as a “Nampa Newbie” are two favorite columns. You’ve also had some excellent, local reporting. The article comparing actual crime rates in our Treasure Valley cities and police staffing (2019?) was well researched and informative. I am still pondering the article’s assessment that safety is related to police-staff-to-populace ratios. It’d be great to compare that perspective alongside the trending view to defund police.

And please, please do consider retaining at least few conservative-leaning staff. Could the Idaho Press publicly model that ideological diversity also “matters”? That would be impressive.

Regina Manley, Meridian


JEERS to anyone who would vote for an INCUMBENT to our Congress or Senate from either party!! We NEED term limits, no pension or Cadillac health care and since they won’t vote that in, We the People have to take care of it our selves!!!

Judith Nelsen, Nampa

Social justice

Dear Editor,

Before George Floyd, an innocent black man, was murdered by a cop, when I thought of social justice I said to myself, “But what about the bad apples?” smugly maintaining my white privilege. Because of the murder just to see a man die, and because of a passionate sermon by a black Unitarian Universalist minister, I have a raised consciousness and now know there is evil in the world, that humankind is all connected and worthy of Justice.

I am housebound, but I can write and speak to justice, letting the younger ones attend vigils and carry the banner. I can also donate to the ACLU of Idaho, the Idaho Foodbank, the Black History Museum and the Boise Art Museum, to name a few nonprofits working for social and economic justice.

Mary Knodell, Eagle

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