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Here’s a preview of fall in America 2020. We’ll witness the nastiest presidential campaign of our lifetime and there will be numerous lies coming out of Donald Trump daily. The dear leader will tweet falsehoods about mail-in votes and viciously attack anyone who dares disagree with his stable genius.

We’ll also witness the continuing capitulation and cowardice of the GOP in Congress. They will NEVER stand up to this lying bully who debases our democracy. This is pathetic and treasonous behavior but we will see it on a regular basis. Congressional sycophants will cower in fear of his next scurrilous tweet that might include their name.

But here’s the big prediction. If, as I believe, he loses the popular vote and electoral college vote, he will refuse to leave office. He will detonate the American concept of a peaceful transition of power as he looks out for his own interests yet again. Bank on it. He has destroyed every other American institution that he’s touched. And America will suffer for his shamelessly selfish and untruthful behavior once again. All with the support of the spineless GOP leaders who will do anything he demands.

Watch for it. This trainwreck is coming.

John Lodal, Boise


ATTENTION: Idaho Retirees. At the January 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump told CNBC that he plans to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid “toward the end of the year.” At a Fox News town hall on March 5, 2020, in Scranton, Pennsylvania Trump said he planned to propose cuts to government benefit programs like Medicare and Social Security in his second term. In just three years, Trump has proposed federal budgets that would have cut more than $2.5 trillion from our earned benefits had they passed. Remember the promise in 2016 to not do this?

If Social Security/Medicare are important to your future, I urge you to contact and support the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (www.ncpssm.org) and/or www.SocialSecurityWorks.org. They are both independent of Congress and will keep you updated on legislation and what is happening behind the scenes. You and your employers have paid into Social Security/Medicare your entire working life through the FICA tax. These are earned benefits. For the record, Social Security doesn’t add a dime to the federal deficit. Politicians incorrectly like to refer to Social Security/Medicare as an entitlement to justify cuts or raising the retirement age. Social Security is fully funded through 2035 and with changes benefits could be expanded/extended for future generations. With trillion dollar federal deficits and the $1.76 trillion dollar CARES Act which was recently passed to address the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic in America, it is a real challenge for politicians to ignore and keep their hands off the ~ $3.5 trillion dollars sitting in Social Security. The politicians can only take away our benefits if we let them.

Tom Lorentz, Boise

Thank you

Mr. David Cuoio’s letter on Sunday, June 14, is right on. I’m 100% in agreement. I, also, believe there are another 1,000,000 Idahoans who would join us in taking our hats off for our wonderful uniformed men and women who faithfully and graciously serve us. Thanks, officers!

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise


The Idaho police and esp. the Boise police should conducted themselves with decorum and expertise in manipulating the crowds during the recent protests. That decency has not always been practiced in Boise. Several years ago, I was pulled over for not using a blinker and was made to feel like a criminal. I was gratified to learn, years later, that when Bill Bones became chief, he hired an expert to work with police in crisis situations. Training in working compatibly with the community, esp. the homeless community, was also provided. As we have recently seen nationally, I believe, overall, we are very fortunate to have a respectful and respected police department.

Lois Morgan, Boise

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