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Wear a mask

Thank you Governor Little! Your plan has saved lives and will get us back to normal if people would only follow your guidelines. My husband and I are in an age category for concern so we appreciate those who follow the rules and especially those who wear masks.

We are happy to be able to go out and spend locally so our economy will rebound but have found a wide variety in businesses following rules. Louie’s, Costco, IHOP and Express Cafe made us feel safe but other places had unmasked staff and didn’t seem to be able to measure six feet. Kohl’s had hours for the elderly but we found it crowded and even a group of children there.

A local news outlet survey found 88% of respondents agree with the Governor. That is reassuring so I’m puzzled that some elected officials would feel the need to try to take power away from the Governor. I’m also appalled that citizens hiding behind guns feel the need to “protect” this small group of legislators who obviously don’t know Idaho law.

I want to also thank Reverend Len McMillan for requiring masks at Mass. It might be your right to not wear a mask but the Christian thing to do is to wear masks. We are our brothers keepers.

Carol Haddock, Meridian

Hard work

This is why the asymptomatic and the presymtomatic transmit the COVID-19. The first evidence is that you can detect the presence of the virus in the saliva with the Rt-PCR test, that looks for the RNA of the virus in the nasopharyngeal region. Second the virus uses the salivary glands as a reservoir. And third, the transmision occurs when the infected person talks, that spells very small drops of saliva, the smaller the drops the worse, because they can stay in the air for a longer period of time. The person doesn’t have to cough to transmit the disease. All of this can happen when the person is asymptomatic or presymtomatic. Now that we know that this happens, the only way to stop the transmission is by wearing a face mask, glasses (if an infected drop gets in contact with your eye, you can get infected), cleaning your hands and social distance. Now, why is important to test everyone and not just the sick ones. The reason is very simple, because this asymptomatic people are the ones that can transmit the disease more easy and no one knows who they are, because they have no symptoms. Why we should test everyone multiple times, because is less expensive to get them in that stage, than to wait, until they have infected other people. If you know that someone is positive, we can isolate them and track those that that person have been in contact. So we can isolate and test them. If we don’t do this simple but hard work, we will always be behind the infection. We have to isolate the infected and those who maybe infected but not the ones that are not. In this way we can open for business everything.

Mario Pagan, Emmett

The past

In recent days the News is filled with reports

Of tearing down of statues , riots and destruction

Of private and public property.

Removal of statues will not change the past. All it does is inflame the average Joe

Who would just as soon see the participants in such actions marooned away from civilization..

Riots and destruction of property is not free speech it is total disregard for the law. Much as a spoiled child throws a temper tantrum.

Police try and do an impossible job but what happens if they are defunded or worse disbanded?

When one takes away something one must replace it with something better.

Most of the people depicted on monuments are dead and gone are you who destroy property

Trying to get back at them?

Allan Martinson, Nampa


Hard to continously read the slanted, misguided and just plain wrong opinions of this person.

First, he still is convinced that President Trump was playing patty cake with Russia during the 2016 election--it has been proven that he was not---wrong Mr. Jones.

Next Mr. Jones would have you believe that ten military bases in the former Confederate states were named after Confederate Generals by “local officials who wanted to keep the cause of white supremacy alive”. Wow, ponder that Jones misguided assertion for a moment.

In 2015 Brigadier General Frost said ....that every army installation is named for a soldier who holds a place in our military history and that the names represent individuals, not causes or ideologies..... as Jones suggests. Jones again is wrong and he would have us erase our military history by renaming all of these installations, wiping out these Confederate Generals’s names, because he thinks these historical figures are keeping alive his idea of white supremacy.

So, if it doesn’t fit for Mr. Jones, let’s change our history------

Dean Jedry, Eagle

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