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When Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone’s jail sentence, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah was the only Republican Senator to raise a voice. How long can these people stand by their man? Even Trump’s Supreme Court appointees can see where the smart money is. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh’s recent votes were an attempt to achieve some post-Trump legitimacy. Trump casinos, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Water, Trump Airlines, Trump University, The Trump Foundation etc. must have left some human wreckage in the fast lane when they failed, but Trump was never one of them. But the Trump Presidency’s failure will be forever welded to those who enabled him. Trump has no reputation to uphold. He was a well known bunko artist when he applied for the job. But the pre-Trump honorable reputations of these public servants will burn in the dumpster fire of this Presidency. Rarely does a Senator from Idaho make the national news. Sponsoring bills that benefit potato farmers is not that exciting. But our own Senator James Risch went from relative national obscurity to being “That Senator who slept through the impeachment trial”. OK, nobody saw Covid coming then, but when it became apparent that Trump was going to try to lie and ignore this monster away, someone should have stepped up to say “Ok the joke’s over. We need to get ahead of this.” Still they hang on. What is the lowest point before these people put the lives and security of the American people ahead of their desperate desire to retain power? Please remember them on election day.

Bob Madsen, Lava Hot Springs

Wear a mask

July 4th wearing masks in indoor public places in Boise became a legal requirement. It has been a moral imperative for a while. However, you can’t legislate morality. Even if someone is asked to leave a place or is fined for not wearing a mask, if they are in the place and have the virus they have already spread it. Wearing a mask can’t be enforced, but I can choose not to go in a place in order to protect myself and the people I love. However, I do need to go in to the grocery store and I can’t stay 6 feet apart all the time...people pass each other in the isle and get too close in the produce section. Costco mandated that people couldn’t come into their store without a mask. There was groaning and complaining. People said they’d go somewhere else to shop. Costco said they should do that. But they couldn’t shop at another Costco. None of the other grocery stores have mandated masks because people who wouldn’t wear a mask could go in to another grocery store and shop. Governor Little should mandate masks in all grocery stores, that is you cannot go in unless you are wearing one. People complain that the masks are uncomfortable. Really? If you had an uncomfortable pair of shoes, you’d go buy a comfortable pair. A comfortable mask will cost a whole lot less than a pair of Nikes.

Donna Schmelzenbach, Nampa

Simpson a win

Since moving to Idaho eight years ago, I’ve been absolutely enraptured by the vast swaths of stunning wilderness and public land, much of it set aside for all Americans by President Theodore Roosevelt. The amount of public land that Idaho enjoys is unique, and I cannot take national forests and public land for granted again. My value for wilderness is an integral part of my identity as an American.

With that said, we are on the precipice of a historic opportunity to significantly support our public lands, local parks, and America’s recreational economy for years to come through the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The bipartisan Great American Outdoors Act has passed the Senate and needs to go through the House as a clean bill. I know Representative Mike Simpson is a champion for public land, but other representatives need to know the importance of this historic bill. Parks and public land is what sets America apart from other countries, and this bipartisan investment in Americans and our land is very much needed in a time when Americans could use a win.

Dustin Henkelmann, Twin Falls

School choice

Student’s should never sacrifice their mental health to get a quality education.

Throughout high school I battled depression and bullying from other students. It reached a point where I was left out of class group-projects, and had to work by myself. I wanted a school where I felt safe, secure and welcome.

Finally, in my senior year I decided to try online school with Idaho Virtual Academy. This was exactly what I needed. For the first time, I felt confident in myself and no longer afraid of school. Not only could I work at my own pace, but I didn’t have to deal with bullying from other students.

I learned important life skills like how to do my taxes, handle a mortgage, and learned about things such as co-pay with health insurance. This knowledge has helped me in everyday life as an adult.

I can say without a doubt that online school was the best solution for my mental health. If you’re struggling, consider different school options. You don’t have to suffer to get a quality education. Everyone should have a school that works for them.

Lillian Payne-Bullock, Jerome

Constitutional rights

First, I would like to say that as a twelve-year-old I seem to know a lot more about our constitutional rights than quite a bit of adults. I read Vicki McKee’s Letter to the Editor and I was really surprised that she thinks that the government can legally force us to wear masks and stay home. Where in the constitution does it say the government can tell us what to wear and do. She also stated that some people are whining about their rights being infringed upon, which in fact our rights are being infringed upon and she also stated that these people need to get a “Get a Grip” and they need to “Grow up” and act like a responsible adult. I would say you need to stand up for your rights that are slowly going away and may not come back if we do not act soon. Enforcing people to wear masks like Boise Mayor McLean did is just the start of what the government can and most likely will do. Wearing masks and practicing social distancing should be a decision that every American should have. Our nation has stayed free because, of the fact that we are a democracy. If the government forces their will upon the people, the nation will slowly crumble. Since the government has already forced us to wear masks and social distance the government is totally capable of taking some of our other freedoms.

Thomas Marcham, Nampa

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