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Watch the national news the other night showing the demonstrations by Black Lives Matter. I am also aware they have been demonstrating at the State Capitol.

On the national news it shows them throwing all kinds of objects to maim the law enforcement personnel, burning down buildings and looting stores. Maybe with a little luck they will shortly be able to find a flame thrower and more automatic weapons so they can burn more property, and kill more one year old black babies and 10 year old black girls.

Don’t expect me as a white man to support them until they get their act together. There are far more black on black killings then white on black killings.

Ted Evans, Meridian


I want publicly thank Governor Brad Little for the state leadership, care and concern that he’s shown for the people of Idaho during this pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic has plunged our state and country into uncharted territory. I appreciate that he has been in regular communication with President Trump and followed his lead and policies to make all Idahoans as safe as possible.

There’s no doubt that the temporary policies have created hardships, however Idaho is in a much better position for recovery than many other states of the Union. We’re a resilient people and with his guidelines and our tenacity we will be better for having gone through this.

Thanks, Brad Little, I’m happy to support you!

Di Cluff, Emmett

Simple sense

This letter is to the governing body of Idaho. I have watched the progression of Covid 19 go across our state from its inception…….Wow! We are a small population in comparison with the other 50 states, but now we are competing with the big boys in the number of new and DAILY cases.

After my morning walk, I have tuned into Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefing and watched New York go from the WORST number of cases in the world………down to the SMALLEST. My question is this: why doesn’t Idaho (and other states as well) use New York’s guidelines to lower ours/theirs.

This just makes the simplest sense I can imagine!!

Another idea that comes to mind is that Idaho, Oregon, and California could band together and limit travel between these states as did New York, New Jersey, Connecticut until the curve is flattened.

Paula Brady, Boise


Responding to a 8 July letter:

Have you noticed that

People who DON’T have factual arguments

People who DON’T really trust others to make good decisions

People who think government always KNOWS better than you

People who PROTEST without caring if the reasons are specious

People who think sexual aberration is NORMAL

People who think NOTHING is ever their fault

People who never notice when EXPERTS are repeatedly wrong

People who think thugs RIOTING and BURNING are peaceful

People who protest police as BLM yet don’t CARE about massive inner city shootings

People who think BALLOT STUFFING is a good way to defeat their opponents

People who want to SILENCE anyone who disagrees with them

People who say America is RACIST

Are almost always Democrats and/or Socialists

Ronald Bischoff, Eagle


Idahoans are in peril like never before and NOT from a virus. A surprise attack has been waged upon Idaho liberties, and the true enemies are ignorance and apathy. Idaho citizens must recognize the threat immediately and ACT by signing the petition, then voting to recall Governor Little.

On May 28, 2020, a petition to place the recall decision before Idaho voters was approved by Idaho Secretary of State, Lawrence Denney. Since then, many informed, patriot-minded Idahoans have begun adding their signatures to the document, which will put Governor Little’s appointment again before voters this November through a special ballot.

The petition is the first step at sending a message to Idaho’s political figureheads that voters are mindful and protective of their constitutional liberties. If 183,513 Idaho voters act by signing the petition before the deadline of August 11, 2020, a November measure will be added to the Idaho ballot placing Governor Little’s 2018 nomination back before voters. At that time he can be forced to resign from office, which would allow for the placement of a better guardian of “Creator-endowed” rights.

American civil liberties protected by the U.S. Constitution have been egregiously trampled upon in the gem state, and Idahoans must respond as the concerned and conscientious people they are. America’s founders designed a republican form of government where representatives of the people weigh in on all civic issues, but Governor Little now has had many months of disregarding citizen’s opinions. He has acted as a dictator using the Covid-19 situation to overstep his role and violate his oath of office.

Only the people of Idaho can rectify the situation. Person by person, they can sign the petition to get the recall on the ballot, then they can vote to force Governor Little to resign from his gross negligence.

Ray Reimann, Nampa


My thoughts only I know not everyone will agree.

But thankful there is still freedom of speech for you and me.

I am no longer living in the land of the free.

My rights have been taken away from me.

I have been told what I can and cannot do,

What has become essential to me and you.

Only God knows the plans He has for me.

I put my trust in Him, that’s how it should be!

Think of the countries who so willing gave in,

Now they are governed by evil and sin.

Let’s stand up for our rights and let our country begin!

Joyce Bolen, Meridian


The ID Press needs to print a “POSITIVE” story about racial differences…enough gloom and doom!

Written memories of my daddy when I was four in 1945 living in Chattanooga, TN: Today I wonder how Daddy went from farm boy to his family’s first to go to college. He sold fine furniture in the South, and paid only “commissions.” His weekend favorite hobby was gardening!

Every Spring Joe, a big tall black man would come and prepare Daddy’s garden until it was like face powder as repayment for the money he owed him.

When I was four Mama introduced me to Joe, after she left, he said “Miss Mary Lou, call me ‘Black Joe.’” Late summer Joe would weed and we lunched together. One hot afternoon his beads of sweat on his black face made him glow in the sunlight. I asked, “Black Joe, why are you so black and shiny?” Embarrassed he said, “Miss Mary Lou, you say the darnedest things!” At four I realized I said something “bad” from the expression in his eyes. Joe was sitting, I stood, walked to him, kissed his cheek and said, “Black Joe…I think you are beautiful,” hugged him while he tried to look away but I saw tears on his cheeks.

In 1958 Daddy died. Our family was at the funeral home when the director told us there was a black group outside that wanted to pay their respect to ”Mr. Charlie.” Daddy had quietly helped them by paying their rent, food, and medicine, whatever they needed. Charlie LOVED no matter your color! My happy memories of a caring Southerner!

The Southerners I know, see statues/carvings as “Celebrating the South” as reminders of times past and lessons learned. It is pathetic many PAID RIOTERS destroy without knowing any history and…ALL LIVES MATTER!

Mary Lou Schmitt, Boise


Universities are becoming less tolerant. In early June the University of Alberta fired an anthropology professor, Kathleen Lowrey, for stating her views in class concerning men and women. Students informally complained to the University’s Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights and the Dean of Students that such statements made them feel “unsafe.” Similarly, a law professor from the University of Pennsylvania, Amy L. Wax, was denied teaching privileges for expressing her views that cultures with traditional values provide better preparation for modern society. These values included: work hard, be civic minded, avoid idleness, get married before having children, etc. After an outcry from students and fellow faculty, she suffered retribution from the administration. Readers may want to watch her lecture online: “The Perilous Quest For Equal Results,” which highlights her experiences with the administration and her colleagues. Years ago universities were hailed as environments for the free expression of opinions. Professor Wax has noted that our system of government is designed for citizenry to have open and frank dialogue based on facts and logic with the freedom to disagree, and even the freedom to be offended. Yet our society will not flourish where tomorrow’s leaders are taught that it’s appropriate to quash speech and punish speakers based on offense taken.

Tom Donovan, Boise


Joe Evans, what “rallie” did you attend? All of the inciting and violence was on the shoulders of the blm people! They shouted obscenities, slurs and challenges to all including the police using a bullhorn from the podium! The main speakers were vulgar using the f word as every other word. They were peaceful if you don’t count getting in people’s faces within inches and shouting and challenging! They were peaceful if you disregard the intentional bumping others violently. No arrests as the counterprotesters held their tempers as they were provoked in many ways.

Chris Wood, Nampa

Despite concerns

Last year, you approved a plan to place a large number of homes, septic tanks and wells on 90 acres at the southwest corner of Karcher and Farmway roads, along with 36 acres of commercial property and unspecified associated underground water and septic systems for the commercial development.

You did this in what appeared to be a capricious, uncaring manner, seeming to ignore the advice of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the opposition from the City of Caldwell, the anticipated impact on traffic in the area, and the potential impact on already overcrowded schools.

You also ignored the very serious concerns of nearby residents about the underground water table and the advancing plume of nitrate pollution, relying instead on the opinions of persons who said that there would be no problems, but who had no facts to back up their statements.

When it became apparent that you were going to approve the project in spite of all the concerns, a list was submitted of possible Conditions to be applied to the project – conditions which would protect the County as well as nearby and future residents against potential costly problems with the water, and other issues. You ignored this as well.

With that, the group filed a lawsuit with the Third District Court in Caldwell, seeking Judicial Review, for which Judge Duff McKee issued a decision on May 20, 2020, vacating all of the decisions you had made concerning the development.

Now you are holding a new meeting on the development, in which, it is hoped, you will finally act as good stewards of the County, and good defenders of the rights and opinions of its residents, most of whom are strongly opposed to the arbitrary placement of large new developments in the remaining rural areas of the county.

John Kernkamp, Caldwell

One term

Why is Lauren McLean trying so hard to become a one-term mayor? She trounced the incumbent, Dave Bieter, in part because voters were discontent with his dictatorial overreach. McLean promised transparency in governing and an eagerness to foster citizen feedback. Instead, she continues to issue unilateral edicts without first consulting with constituents, her latest decree being the cancellation of Boise’s Independence Day fireworks. C’mon Madam Mayor, don’t go Portland on us. Act, but don’t overreact. If you were so worried about people gathering at Ann Morrison Park, all you had to do was shut down the park the night of July 4. Believe it or not, the fireworks can be enjoyed most anywhere in the city, simply by looking up.

Robert Atkinson, Boise

Not a coincidence

Lilburn of Boise has it backwards. People of faith who understand the sacrifices that it took to make this country great, and continue to do so through their military and public service to protect and defend us, have the support of President Trump who was elected by us to maintain the United States as the world leader of religious and personal freedom, economic independence, and a light to all other nations.

The Pledge of Allegiance declares that we are One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all – all that follow our laws and enter legally into a country full of promises.

The Constitution states that the laws of nature and of nature’s God, with a respect to the opinions of mankind, that all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Bill of Rights and additional Amendments gives us the ability to exercise our right to practice our religion, express ourselves peaceably, keep and bear arms, vote only if a citizen of the United States, and be represented in the Congress and Senate.

People of faith believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, that life begins at inception, and that we have the right to make personal decisions that affect our home, health, and personal finances. God has made us in His image which means all of mankind is precious to God, and therefore precious to each of us.

Because God guided our Founding Fathers based on their writings, laws were made to protect us as individuals and as a country. People are not perfect, mistakes have been made, but as patriots and believers, we continue to grow and prosper, no matter who leads us as President.

Sue Hoffman, Nampa

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