The other

My husband and I recently saw Fiddler on the Roof at the Morrison Center. We have seen the show and the movie several times in our lifetime. This time though it took on another meaning. I always saw it as part of our Jewish history, sometimes making fun of our Jewish traditions and how they have changed with time. These were acts that took place in Russia, and the rest of Eastern Europe. This time it took on a whole new meaning. I see the rise of anti-Semitism right here in the US in the last few years. There have been attacks on Synagogues, graffiti on gravestones, and the recent attack during a Hanukkah celebration in a Rabbi’s home in New York. Aside from the Jewish community, there have been a rise in hate crimes among other communities also. African Americans have always faced racism in this country. Now we can add to that the Hispanic community, Muslims, and any other community viewed as an “other”. It is time for all Americans to speak up and fight against the rising hatred that plagues our country!

Michal Voloshen, Boise

Greatest risk

What if Clinton had taken out BinLaden in 1999? Republicans probably would have screamed bloody murder because they hated Clinton, who was just trying to change the narrative away from impeachment. And 911 wouldn’t have happened, or if it did it would have been retribution for Osama’s murder in half the countries minds, and Clinton would have taken all the blame for 911. What if Trump had not taken out Soleimani? Something big may have happened, or many smaller things may have happened, and Democrats would have screamed bloody murder because Trump didn’t take out the terrorist when he could have and takes all the blame. And whatever happens next is just retribution for another terrorist killing. Now Democrats scream bloody murder because they hate Trump who is just trying to change the narrative away from impeachment. The truth lies in the fact that Osama BinLaden should have been taken out in 1999, and Soleimani should have been taken out many years ago. Nobody knows in a what if world what is a win, win, and what is a lose, lose and what would have happened next. But what we do know is that if they had been taken out years ago they would have both been dead terrorists, and whoever chose to be the next top terrorist on the list would be soon to join them in martyrdom, which is the perfect place for all of them. We are never going to be out of the Middle East until we make a decision to be all out, or all in. Both come with risks in a what if world. But which ultimately will be the greatest risk?

Don Towery, Nampa

Big mistake

Trump in 2011 about Obama:

“Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate. He’s weak and he’s ineffective. So the only way he figures that he’s going to get reelected — and as sure as you’re sitting there — is to start a war with Iran.”

Now the impeached Liar King is trying to preserve his presidency by following George W’s model of starting a war to earn support. Are U.S. voters gullible enough to fall for that again? W’s second election is the only one in the most recent 7 where the Republican candidate got the most votes and he won Ohio’s 22 votes to win the electoral college due to cheating by the Ohio Secretary of State.

When asked for her New Years resolution Melania stated, “Peace on the World.” The Liar King agreed saying, ”Peace is right…”. The next day he bombed Syria and Iraq. A few days later he assassinated Soleimani.

The King brags that he has appointed 180 judges. 138 of those are because McConnell would not allow votes on Obama’s nominations. Of course, that includes one of the Supreme Court appointments.

He also complains about the “do nothing” House that has sent at least 332 bills to the Senate that McConnell and Senate committee chairs will not consider. These include several bills protecting our elections from foreign influence.

He takes credit for Obama’s accomplishments on regular basis. On Thursday bragged “One of my greatest honors was to have gotten CHOICE approved for our great Veterans.” It became law during Obama’s term. He also took credit for cleaning 7 Super Fund sites which occurred before he was elected.

The big mistake by the Democrats is that they did not bring at least 10 articles of impeachment.

Leo Faddis, Kuna

Protect school choice

Not everyone fits in the same academic box. As a teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how every student has unique needs. Fortunately, families in Idaho can choose from traditional and online academic options that aren’t one size fits all.

For six years, I’ve been an English teacher at Idaho Technical Career Academy, an online public school. In this role, I’ve seen how impactful an education with the right fit can be. For my students in the virtual classroom, this means they’re able to get personalized support that meets their individual needs.

I firmly believe that the more school choices we have, the better we can meet the needs of all students. We are now living in an online, technology-immersed world. It’s time that our schools match this changing pace and provide students with the tools they need to grow. Thankfully, the online classroom is very adaptive and provides students with a supportive space.

January 26th is National School Choice Week. I urge Idaho’s lawmakers to protect school choice so that all families can choose the best learning environment. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar school or the online classroom, it’s time to give students what they need.

Rozanne Clark, Nampa

Apology needed

“GET WELL GIFTS FOR THE UNVACCINATED” dehumanizes and ridicules parents of injured and deceased children from vaccines.

When I told Boise Weekly that my friend‘s baby died last month and that seeing the cartoon made me cry, I was told “This is a political cartoon.” How is portraying a child, writing their last will and testament, political? Making fun of parents of dead babies isn’t hurtful; its “political”?

Boise Weekly, you cannot justify trafficking in a hateful and hurtful message as “political.”

Pawning this cartoon off as “political” is NOT adequately taking responsibility for this hateful message. How can you justify propagating hate as “political?” Is this “gray-area” hate? Or is this better described as “covert” hate?

Boise Weekly, are you listening? Are you listening to your readers whose children have been injured or who have died from vaccines? Are you adequately taking responsibility for their hurt when they read this cartoon? Do their voices deserved to be heard? Do ALL voices deserve to be heard?

Can the Boise weekly be kind and inclusive to ALL of their readers? Will you continue to excuse your poor choice as a “political” cartoon and deny the damaging, devastating, and widespread effect it has had on your readers? It seems you aren’t listening to ALL of your vulnerable readers or valuing their input.

Your readers have asked for and deserve an apology for printing a cartoon (which you continue to defend) which ignores the parents that DID vaccinate and now are suffering the effects of injury and death. They deserve a Boise Weekly that is thoughtful about its actions and above all accountable.

You erred in printing a cartoon that harmed your readers and justified a covert hate message as “political.” Please stop defending this hateful cartoon and apologize. Thank you.

Sara Brady, Meridian

Attention Jim Jones

I have to agree with your guest commentator, Mr. Jim Jones, in that we should help the refugees of the Middle East region. BUT, if we are going to empty the pockets of the taxpayers for this worthy, humanitarian effort, I discovered a way we can get more bang for those bucks, perhaps getting us closer to, as Mr. Jones’s quoted from the Bible, “inherit(ing) His kingdom”!

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, studies have discovered that for the same amount of dollars it takes to support one refugee brought into the U.S., 12 refugees can be given sanctuary, clothed, fed, and hydrated, if they are kept safely in a neighboring country (I’m assuming by the U.N.), and the U.N. officials believe they can take care of many more refugees, by using this cost effective method (61 for one year in Lebanon, Jordan, or Turkey). Even more phenomenal, if we fund the U.N. with dollars it would cost us to bring 39,000 Middle East refugees here, it would allow the U.N. to cover the funding gap in taking care of 4 million Syrian refugees. Just WOW to that!

I’m sure Mr. Jones, as a Christian, was ignorant of these studies, and would fully support this outstanding program. By adopting this type of help for the refugees, if they want to immigrate to the U.S. in the future, they can then get in line with the rest of the foreigners wanting to immigrate to the U.S., and not get an unfair advantage.

I hope Governor Little, and the Idaho communities, who just agreed to bringing more refugees into this state, jump on this bandwagon. Just imagine how much we can do for the refugees using this humanitarian program, if we throw Idaho’s money into the pot!

Robert McLean, Meridian

No law shall impose

Judy Ferro has once again used her column to demand that our legislature pass a gun control law that is expressly prohibited by the Constitution of the State of Idaho: “No law shall impose licensure, registration or special taxation on the ownership or possession of firearms or ammunition.”

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “license” as “a permission, accorded by a competent authority, conferring the right to do some act which without such authorization would be illegal.” That is the definition of universal background checks: any person who takes possession of a firearm must first get permission from the government.

Eighty-two percent of Idaho voters approved the amendment to our constitution that prohibits licensure for possession or ownership of firearms. We expect our legislators to vote against any bill that would enact universal background checks, thus honoring their oath to support the Constitution of the State of Idaho.

Don Fleming, Pocatello


I am writing in response to Jim Jones’ article in the Jan 8th issue.

As usual, Jones follows the Never Trumper rhetoric, with the following quotes: “I fear that there is no over-all strategy and that we will end up being less safe. We are all in for darker times because we seem to be marching to the brink of war. The President has no idea how to deal with the situation, except to up the ante of military force against Iran and threaten our Iraq allies if they don’t go along.”

The President has shown unusual restraint and good judgement (not retaliating against the downing of our Drone, the provocations in the strait of hormuz etc.) He has proved to have wonderful instincts and a great strategy! It’s time for Jones to get on the band wagon, become a LOYAL American, or go to Iran where he would fit in better and presumably be happier!

Dean Robertson, Nampa

Protect children

Did you know that Idaho is one of only six states that allows certain parents to let their children to suffer, become disabled, and/or die by withholding medical treatment in the name of religion--and do this without fear of prosecution?

When I think of the right of freedom of religion, I am aware of its importance; it is a hallmark of America. Nevertheless, it is in the same Bible that Followers of Christ and Christian Scientists use wherein Jesus teaches about the love that God has for each of us. Jesus calls on us to care for and protect the weak. There can be none more defenseless, precious, and worthy of our protection than our children.

Bruce Wingate and others have attempted to bring about the change that 44 of our other states have made in order to save children. So far, our state legislators have not yet opted to repeal or change our religious exemption laws to protect our vunerable Idaho children.

The Protect Idaho Kids organization is working again this year to get these laws changed. Please visit the website ( where you can email your legislators and let them know that this issue is important to you. The site also notes an upcoming discussion at the Idaho State Capitol 4:30-6:00 pm on Thursday, January 16, that you may participate in and help us move this issue forward. Please come and bring others. The more people, the stronger the message is to save these children.

Christine Sugg, Nampa

Reclaim responsibility

I and my family appeal to our Congressional representatives to reclaim their Constitutional responsibility and not allow the president to get us into war with Iran.The fast moving events of the past few days and weeks leave me and I imagine many Americans feeling scared and powerless in the face of escalating tensions between our country and Iran.We ask that Senators Risch and Crapo and Representatives Simpson and Fulcher, following the lead of Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, support the War Powers Resolutions and other measures which would require a full debate on the floors of Congress before the U.S engages in any acts of war.

I am a Christian with family members currently serving in the U.S military.The best way to support our troops is for our elected representatives to have the courage to call for and engage in a full debate on the floors of Congress before allowing the president to commit acts which could put our troops and other Americans in further danger.

I and my family echo your appeal to our Congressional representatives to reclaim their Constitutional responsibility and not allow the president to get us into war with Iran. The fast moving events of the past few days and weeks leave me and I imagine many Americans feeling scared and powerless in the face of escalating tensions between our country and Iran. We ask that Senators Risch and Crapo and Representatives Simpson and Fulcher, following the lead of Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, support the War Powers Resolutions and other measures which would require a full debate on the floors of Congress before the U.S

Anne Hausrath, Boise

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